Yahoo Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month Logo

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Designed by Lee Delgado
Designed by Lee Delgado

In honor of Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month, Yahoo invited product designer Lee Delgado to re-explore the Yahoo Logo. The design was inspired by real moments, experiences and sights from Lee’s own life that he considers to be common or shared among the community.

“The inspiration came from Latin album cover art from the 1940’s-1960’s. They are some of the most sophisticated and elegant designs I’ve seen. They captured what the culture felt like and sounded like. I fused that to today’s Yahoo brand tone of joy and optimism and their commitment to diversity, inclusion and education.”

However, Delgado’s inspiration and passion for the design was born from a deeper place. Growing up as a Latino in the NYC public school system, he was never taught about the contributions to America made by Latinos.

“Latinos weren’t in any of the history textbooks and representation is still low. It wasn’t until adulthood where I started to educate myself on my history and was blown away by the advancements, innovations and concepts we helped pioneer. I feel I have an obligation to contribute to the narrative and help tell our story.”

While underrepresentation remains an important issue for the Latinx and Hispanic communities in the United States, Lee hopes that this logo and recognition of the month will help to push other companies to acknowledge the culture and contributions of his community.

“Other companies are going to come out with their versions of illustrations but our perspective is going beyond the stereotype of what "Hispanic" signals in America. I hope the LatinX community feels well represented but most importantly feel good about themselves.”

His personal message that he wants people to take away here? He wants to continue advocating the excellence of the LatinX culture and heritage through sophisticated design.

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