Yankees give everyone another reason to hate Twitter's expansion to 280 characters

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Give the New York Yankees an inch — or in this case 140 extra characters — and they’ll take the whole Internet.

With 280 characters to work with now, Twitter users have been mostly using the extra space to show why less is more, especially when it comes to sharing opinions and information on social media.

As for the Yankees? They used the extra space to remind everyone that they’re the Yankees and they rule the world.

For those who might not follow our beloved game closely, those years represent the Yankees 27 World Series championship seasons. It’s a not-so-subtle reminder that the Yankees have the richest championship history in MLB, more than doubling the next closest franchise — the St. Louis Cardinals with 11.

Most people could have lived without that reminder. It might even fall under the category of trolling. They’ve heard it time and time again when debating Yankees fans on the same social media platforms, and perhaps even more so when watching their favorite team play against the Yankees. It’s a reality that’s always present for Yankees fans to fall back on and it works on everyone, even fans of teams with more recent championship victories.

By the same token, who among us wouldn’t absolutely love it or do the same thing if our favorite team shared that same rich history? If you’re saying no you’re lying to yourself. That’s why we can’t be too mad at the Yankees for taking advantage of the situation.

As for Twitter’s decision to double its character limit and leave the door open for such non-humble bragging and/or trolling, that’s not one bit cool.

Well, unless it’s being used to troll the Cleveland Browns.

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