Yara Shahidi is 'really drawn' to 'androgynous silhouettes'

Yara Shahidi is 'really drawn' to 'androgynous silhouettes' credit:Bang Showbiz
Yara Shahidi is 'really drawn' to 'androgynous silhouettes' credit:Bang Showbiz

Yara Shahidi loves "androgynous silhouettes".

The Black-ish star, 24, typically opts for all black ensembles, but some days she likes to wear a "pop of colour" and is "really drawn" to styles that could be worn by anyone regardless of their gender.

Speaking to Harper's Bazaar UK, she said: "I really do like to play around – I find myself in all black a lot of the time because all black is extremely chic, but when I pop something bright on, I do actually feel that lighter energy so now I do often like to have at least a little pop of colour somewhere in my looks. And then there are other things that I am really drawn to like androgynous silhouettes, which I turn to a lot. There is just something really fun about that, wearing something that is typically considered to be a masculine silhouette. That’s why tonight’s look really speaks my language. And away from the red carpet, that is what a wear – a lot of trousers and white button-downs. For my Ted Talk, for example, I had to turn to what would make me feel so comfortable, and it was very obvious that I wanted to stick to that sort of vibe."

Yara also spilled that her style icon is Solange Knowles, 37, sister of Beyonce, 42.

She said: "I always point to Solange – she just has this authenticity. She never lets the dress wear her and she changes the entire energy of the space with how she shows up. I always love that – people who are fun and playful on the red carpet."