A yellow penguin has been photographed for the first time on South Georgia island

Photo credit: Yves_adams/Instagram
Photo credit: Yves_adams/Instagram

A "never-seen-before" rare yellow penguin has been spotted by wildlife photographer Yves Adams on a South Georgia island for the first time ever.

Sharing the images on Instagram, Yves said that the beautiful yellow king penguin walked straight up to his camera in the "middle of a chaos full of sea elephants and Antarctic fur seals" on the remote beach — and his images are just stunning.

"Winning nature's lottery with seeing the most beautiful King penguin and being able to take pictures! While unpacking our rubber boats merely after landing on a remote beach on the island of South-Georgia, this leucistic King penguin walked up straight to our direction," he wrote in the post. "It seems we are in desperate need for some mellow yellow news."

While the images were first taken in 2019, Yves released them this week to bring a little joy to his followers during lockdown. Among a colony of over 120,000 king penguins, you can see the sweet yellow bird (who also has bright yellow eyes) standing and swimming on the shore.

In other wildlife news, wildlife photographer Andrew Fusek Peters has been using lockdown to photograph the birds who visit his garden in Shropshire. From hungry robins to bickering goldfinches and graceful blue tits, Andrew's images capture a single moment in time which allows the viewer to engage, connect and relate to the birds.

Isn't nature amazing!

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