‘Yellowstone’ actor booted from flight over masked seatmate

“Yellowstone” actor Forrie J. Smith, after some “drinkin‘,” said he was tossed off a flight because he didn’t want to sit next to a masked passenger.

The cowboy actor known as the senior ranch hand on TV’s Yellowstone Dutton Ranch posted a video to Instagram Sunday, where he complained about being booted from a plane and winding up in a Texas airport

“I just got kicked off a plane, and, uh, where the hell am I at?” the 65-year-old performer asked.

After being told he was in Houston, Smith said he told airline staffers he didn’t feel comfortable having a seatmate who “had to” wear a mask, which led to his being grounded.

“Yeah, I been drinkin’,” he confessed. “I’ve been sitting in the airport for three hours. Yeah, I’m drinkin’, (but) I ain’t drunk.”

It’s not clear where Smith was headed or with which airline he butted heads, but he blamed the public for not sharing his anti-mask sentiments.

“They throwed me off the plane because I’m drunk — because you people won’t stand up and tell everybody what bulls–t this is,” he claimed.

The actor declined to attend the 2022 Screen Actors Guild Award ceremony with his castmates because COVID-19 vaccinations were required. Smith boasted at the time he doesn’t vaccinate his dogs either.