Yes, the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato Can Handle Big Jumps

lamborghini huracan sterrato jump
Yes, the Huracan Sterrato Can Handle Big JumpsMark McCann / YouTube

Deliveries of Lamborghini Huracan Sterratos have begun. As it is a Lamborghini ready for off-roading, many of those Sterrato buyers are people with YouTube channels. Naturally, those people with YouTube channels have already begun putting the car through its paces by challenging trails meant for trucks and fording small rivers. One owner went one step further.

Supercar collector Mark McCann already took his Sterrato over a small jump in a video posted three weeks ago. This was deemed too small a jump to impress the YouTube-commenting masses. Since that is, apparently, a major concern, McCann posted another video earlier this week with a larger jump. A significantly larger jump.

After some brief off-roading through a quarry and a lap of a rallycross route, McCann takes the car to a mound of dirt designed to get the car more substantially airborne. He proceeds despite an ABS warning light, soaring through the air at heights nobody should ever intentionally reach in a road car they own. The car starts to nose down awkwardly, but it lands on the right-front corner, absorbs the impact admirably, and continues, seemingly without any new damage.

The landing shakes a few internal cameras loose, but the Huracan Sterrato otherwise seems no worse for wear. A slightly larger jump may have caused the car to nose into the dirt, but the benchmark for Lamborghini jumping has been set. For YouTubers with a lot of money, a new sport is born.

McCann is done jumping here, though. After the landing, his daughter asked him to do one more jump. His response was simple:

"Definitely not. Definitely not doing it again."

Via Motor1.

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