Yes, you can wear a claw clip and a hat at the same time — here’s how

Claw clips are a popular hair accessory, but in addition to being a potentially dangerous hazard while driving, they are also difficult to wear with a hat.

However, TikToker Ashley Wheetley (@mycomfortgear), who works for a company that sells claw clips and Disney mouse headbands, came up with a solution that allows wearing both a claw clip and a baseball hat simultaneously.

In a TikTok with over 3.5 million views, Wheetley demonstrates how to successfully pair a claw clip with a hat for two hairstyles in one. While wearing a hat, she pulls a portion of her hair through the opening of the baseball cap to form a mini bun, then twists her remaining hair up and over the back of the cap to secure the two parts of hair together.

“No neck sweat and it looks SO cute,” Wheetley describes.

“A bit of sun protection? yes. cute claw clip too? Yes,” summarized @thesapphirelady.

Commenters were deeply impressed and expressed how useful the hack was.

“THANK YOU FOR THIS OMGGG,” gushed @kellibarnes2.

“You’ve changed my life with this,” added @lucyy_809.

Wearing a hat is helpful and practical for some people when spending time outside, from offering protection from the sun to keeping dirt, bugs and debris out of the hair.

“THIS IS GENIUS!! I work outside most of the day so I need this”! said @lexxiii_98.

“Just saved my life before my lake trip,” noted @carlymbeckham.

Some commenters offered their own twists on the claw clip and hat combination.

“When I do mine, I wrap my hair up like that then use the clip and have it sideways and have it connect to the strap on the hat,” explained @kaleygonzalez21.

Wheetley also demonstrated a “really cute” variation of the same method for combining a claw clip and hat but letting the hair spill freely over the clip instead of twisting it all up.

“It was so nice being able to wear a hat and a claw clip at the same time,” Wheetley describes.

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