You'll want to see Marshawn Lynch sharing Skittles with senior citizens

Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch went to a senior living center to share some Skittles. (AP)

There’s nobody else like Marshawn Lynch in the NFL.

The ever-entertaining Oakland Raiders running back can be hilarious, and doesn’t mind being in unusual situations like riding camels in Egypt.

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So it’s not surprising that Skittles set up an outing for Lynch at a senior living community to give them some new spicy Skittles Sweet Heat. The idea had a 100 percent chance of being funny, and it delivered …

It’s worth it just for watching Lynch try out pickleball (and not looking anything like a world-class athlete doing it) or for him dancing with the senior citizens. Lynch riding around in a Skittles golf cart is also top notch.

The Raiders are still trying to figure out if Lynch will return for 2018, given his contract. Hopefully he sticks with them, just for the entertainment value alone.

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