Young moose falls into backyard pool in Canada, video shows. It wasn’t a relaxing swim

A young moose got more than it bargained for when a wrong step landed it at the bottom of a backyard pool.

In a video shared May 9 on Facebook, homeowner Mireille Vienneau and others watched as the moose walked around in the pool, looking for a way out.

Vienneau told Radio Canada they tried to help the moose out of the pool when her husband came home from work, but to no avail. They tried for more than an hour before deciding to let the young moose try on its own.

Vienneau said the moose became angry and was kicking the water, Radio Canada reported.

The moose’s mother watched from a distance as the animal tried to escape, CBC reported.

In a comment on the video, Vienneau said the moose eventually got out of the pool on its own, but it was exhausted from the struggle.

The moose didn’t leave without a mark. Vienneau said in a comment that a large part of the pool and fencing was destroyed, and she hopes it will be fixed by next summer.

She told Radio Canada that moose are common in the area, but they are normally not so destructive.

Vienneau lives in Le Goulet, New Brunswick, Canada, four and a half hours from the Maine border.

Google Translate was used to translate the Facebook posts and the CBC.

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