Your 50-Something Beauty Questions Answered

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Dear Bobbi,

What is the best way to cover up and treat surface veins and red blotches on your face?

Thank you!


Dear Jennifer,

The important thing is to only cover what has to be covered. You don’t want to wear a foundation that is so thick it obscures your real skin completely. For the most natural look, apply normal foundation and then choose a second formula that is denser to apply with brush, pencil or crayon over veins and spots. 

Choose a foundation shade that cancels out the redness or blueness of your veins. A foundation with peach undertones will help. 

You may need to add another layer of foundation on top to blend in what you’ve covered up. Make sure you set everything with powder to avoid smearing. 

Xo Bobbi

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Hi Bobbi,

Should you change your foundation as your skin ages? 



Dear Melissa,

The biggest mistake I see, is women who have really dry skin continuing to use an oil-free foundation. Most women will need more hydration as they get older so they should look for a moisturizing foundation. I’m a big fan of something less cake-y and less dense in terms of foundation as you get older. Try a tinted moisturizer or tinted balm. 

Xo Bobbi

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Hi Bobbi,

I have a lot of wrinkles around my eyes. What is the best way to do my eye makeup so that it doesn’t draw extra attention to my lines?

Thank you,


Dear Sandy, 

The key is to make sure that you keep that area hydrated by moisturizing so that lines look smooth. 

Stay away from shimmery eye shadow that could flake and fall into the lines and enhance them. Instead, use a matte eye shadow, eyeliner, and couple coats of mascara.

Xo Bobbi

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Dear Bobbi,

My hair has started to turn gray. Do I have to adjust my makeup?



Dear Ellen, 

If you are brave enough to be one of the beautiful women with gray or silver hair, often you need more color in your makeup. Stronger and brighter lipsticks and blush are good choices and will prevent you from looking washed out. 

If you are someone that wore more nude lipsticks, switch to something more pink or rose. Add a pinker blush and stay away from any kind of purple or blue eye shadows—they really don’t look great with gray hair. 

Xo Bobbi