Your Winter Beauty Questions Answered

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Dear Bobbi,

My skin is super dry in the winter and I feel the need to be applying moisturizer throughout the day. What is the best way to keep my skin hydrated during the day without ruining my makeup?

Thank you,


Dear Jessica,

The key is to make sure you are using the right moisturizer for your skin type before you put your makeup on. You may just need a richer moisturizer. Also try a hydrating foundation or tinted moisturizer. If you still want more moisture during the day, gently pat on moisturizer or face oil over your makeup, just be sure to do it sparingly. 

Xo Bobbi

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Hi Bobbi,

I’ve just started using a face oil this winter, what step in my routine should I be applying it? Does it come before or after I apply a serum or spot treatment?



Dear Beth 

I love face oil because it has so many different uses. It is great on dry cuticles and for taming flyaways. On your face, you can layer it over your serum for extra moisture, or on top of your foundation for added glow. But it really is the most beautiful on clean skin. 

Xo Bobbi

Hi Bobbi,

What foundation formulas are best for dry skin in the winter? Should I start using a tinted moisturizer or can I keep using my liquid foundation?



Dear Anne, 

Switching your foundation when you skin is feeling dry is a good idea, especially in the winter. Look for something that has a creamy, moisturizing texture and skip the powder. 

Tinted moisturizer is always a great option as they are infused with moisture and feel good on the skin. You can also do your own mix with a facial moisturizer and regular foundation. To give skin a healthy glow, add a gel bronzer to the mix.

Xo Bobbi

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Dear Bobbi-

Should I switch my regular cleanser to different one in the winter? My skin seems dry after I wash it now. 



Dear Marisa,

You should absolutely switch your cleanser when the weather changes. Try swapping your current formula for a cream or oil based cleanser that will get your skin clean but also add moisture. 

Xo Bobbi