YouTuber goes viral for recreating Kim Kardashian's $263 look with a $25 blanket

Kheumani Stevenson (Image via Facebook) and Kim Kardashian West (Image via Facebook/SKIMS).

A YouTuber is giving Kim Kardashian West a run for her money with her latest headline-making video.

Kheumani Stevenson has built an online following with an impressive library of beauty and fashion tutorials. The Chicago-based student and social media influencer teaches women around the world how to get their their favourite fashion brand looks for less - and recently set her sights on the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” reality star.

Kheumani Stevenson. Image via Facebook.

On December 11, Stevenson shared how she recreated the look of US$263 loungewear set from Kardashian West’s fashion line SKIMS using nothing but a $25 blanket.

Earlier this year, Kardashian West launched her shapewear brand SKIMS, and recently expanded her collection to include expensive lounge and sleepwear.

Stevenson told the Insider she was a fan of the comfy-looking loungewear, but wasn’t feeling the hefty price tag. The Cozy Knit collection includes a knit top (US$52)knit pant (US$88) and knit robe (US$123).

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“The SKIMS pyjama set reminded me of a cozy blanket, so I knew that would be the best material alternative,” the self-taught seamstress said. Stevenson added the easy-to-follow video look took two hours to create, and will be a go-to for cold Chicago winters.

Kim Kardashian West wearing the Cozy Knit collection from SKIMS. Image via SKIMS/Facebook.

Social media instantly fell in love with the look, with Stevenson receiving more than 320,000 likes and nearly 56,000 retweets.

“Have seen Kim’s set up close and let me tell you..from your pic, yours is more rich and luxurious looking made from a $25 blanket!!” one Twitter user wrote. “At the end of the day, you’ll be having the last laugh while everyone will be broke trying to be the Kardashians.”

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“Kim’s prices are outrageous! Like she isn’t rich enough? Most people cannot afford the prices of her clothing products. You just changed a lot of lives lol! This is amazing! Thank you so much for posting!” added another.

Stevenson even inspired others to take on the blanket challenge for themselves.

Stevenson is now receiving order inquiries from followers looking to purchase their own set.

While the vlogger says she’s “excited” for what’s next, she did offer some advice for anyone looking to get into creating their own clothes for less.

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"My tip for anyone who wants to recreate designer clothes is to add your own flair - so that it's an inspired look versus a replica," Stevenson said. "And always give credit to the designer that provided you with the inspiration."

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