Youtuber shows off her vulnerable side with surprise makeover

Youtuber Christine Sydelko’s latest beauty transformation shows off her “softer” side. (Photo: Instagram/csydelko)

Goofy and no frills Youtuber Christine Sydelko recently surprised her fans with a makeover and rare vulnerable post.

Sydelko partnered with Manny MUA, one of YouTube’s fave makeup artists, for a series of videos posted between their pages. Of course, Manny did Sydelko’s makeup, and he had a friend come do her hair.

She shared a photo of the beauty transformation on Instagram. In the pic, Sydelko shows off her beautiful features, which were accentuated with nude lipstick, smoky eyeshadow, and false eyelashes, applied masterfully by Manny. Her usually frizzy and bunned-up hair was loose and curled. “[L]ol thanks for the makeover @mannymua733,” she captioned the post.

As much as her fans were shocked by the photo, Sydelko was even more shocked by their response. Later that day, she posted a photo of herself crying on Twitter, and the caption shows a side of the Youtuber you’ve probably never seen.

“I posted a photo of me wearing makeup on instagram today and there are TWENTY THOUSAND comments on it and almost every single one is positive,” she shared. “As someone who has been made fun of for their looks their entire life that means so much to me I’m literally crying lol thank you.”

Sydelko is referring to comments like, “love it!! but you’re also pretty without it,” “F*CKING SLAYING WHAT A QUEEN,” and “WowzerS how can someone be so stunning ???” Some compared her to a Kardashian. “Omg yesssss sllllaaaaaayyyy queeeen my lifffeeeeee immmm onnnnn a stretcher Kylie is QUACKING the Kardashian’’ ARE SHOOK.”

Others pointed out that while she definitely looks beautiful with the makeup, she doesn’t need it. “[S]he was beautiful before it, and after it. most of you commenting saying how beautiful she is, didn’t tell her that before all of the makeup. she is beautiful both ways and will always be” one fan wrote. “OMG GURL YOU LOOK EVEN AMAZING (you always look amazing with or without makeup but the pose is on point),” said another. “Omg, you look soooo beautiful, as always.”

Sydelko makes it clear constantly that makeup is just not her thing. “I know it’s a huge industry and I’m all for people wanting to feel confident but for me, I’m kind of indifferent,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle.

The 23-year-old hasn’t worn makeup in a few years. “One time in college some friends of mine tied me down and gave me a makeover,” she said. “That was the last time I wore makeup before this.” But the look didn’t leave lasting impression. “I felt a little more confident, but not enough to put in the effort of doing it myself.”

So, it’s safe to say, Manny and Sydelko aren’t the most obvious pairing, but she actually wanted to have her makeup done. “Going into this I wanted to see what I would look like in makeup done by a professional,” she explained. “Manny and I have followed each other for a while on Twitter and I have always been a fan of his,” Christine said.

She added, “When I was thinking about collaborations for my YouTube channel I just dmd him asking to do a video on my channel to give me some makeup tips.” That video showed basic makeup tips, but her fans wanted more. “The response was great so we decided to do my complete makeover for his channel. We’ve become really good friends now.”

As you can see in the video, Sydelko was out of her element. When Manny told her it might take an hour, she responded, “That’s disgusting.” She then attempted to plug a NARS palette as “different beiges.” She revealed in the video that she’s only worn mascara five times, and could not handle the fake lashes. And when Manny let her put on her glasses to see her complete made up face, she was speechless. Until she compared herself to a Bratz doll.

“It was uncomfortable at first because I’m really not into makeup. Manny helped talk me through it though. I guess you can say it taught me to push my comfort zone.”

And while Sydelko thought it looked good and “loved the experience,” don’t get too excited. “I’ll never do it myself,” she said. “It’s so much work. If anything I think this made me more determined to never do it again.”

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