Zach LaVine gives opinion on NBA In-Season Tournament, new Bulls court

The NBA is trying something new this year. They are introducing the In-Season Tournament, and to go with it, they are debuting new courts for every team in the league, which will be used whenever they are playing their tournament games. This means the Bulls will be playing on a new court for the first time ever.

This new idea has been met with skepticism around the league. Some don’t think it matters, and others barely know what it is. But for the Bulls, it’s just another chance to compete. Zach LaVine is hyped for the tournament, as well as the new court.

LaVine said the tournament will give them another reason to “get up” during the long 82-game regular season.

“With 82 games, you almost look for something to get you up and ready every game,” LaVine said via Julia Poe of the Chicago Tribune. “This is just another opportunity to have some fun in the season. Obviously during those times you want to have a good game or put on a show — and win, obviously.”

LaVine also expressed his excitement for the Bulls’ new court, which will be entirely red.

“The new court is actually getting me kind of excited,” LaVine said. “I just want to see what it looks like. When we saw the court, we were definitely like, ‘Oh, man, look at this.’ It’s going to be really fun.”

What do you think of the new tournament and court?

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Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire