Zendaya Is the Kween of Paris Fashion Week

Zendaya Coleman, the outspoken Disney star who slays with her fashion-forward sense of style, ever-changing wigs, and amazing words, is at Paris Fashion Week and her presence isn’t just a breath of fresh air, it’s the missing piece, the thing you didn’t even know you needed until it made its spectacular grand entrance. The Kardashian-Jenners are overexposed (the Hadid sisters as well), Rihanna is cool but also cool, and Elizabeth Olsen is beautiful and has sisters who make amazing clothes but — let’s be honest — kind of boring.

Then comes Zendaya, walking through Charles de Gaulle in athleisure, appearing like a beacon of hope. She dresses in outfits many wouldn’t dare try, cozies up to the kooky Vivienne Westwood and even wears her equally out-there designs, changes her hair from cornrows to a pixie to a topknot based on her mood, and doesn’t hold back from saying what’s on her mind. When she opens her mouth and words come out, they’re poetic and prophetic, whether she’s responding to a paparazzi asking if she has any advice to young girls “who think they’re ugly and stuff,” or tweeting explainers regarding the technicalities behind wigs. All hail Zendaya.

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