My 1-Ingredient Upgrade for Better Smoothies

I love that I can reach for one single jar instead of eight little containers in my pantry.

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During my last pregnancy, I was very sick. You may know it as morning sickness, but it was more like all-day sickness for me. This went on for months, and as a result of the nausea, I had a hard time getting enough protein into my diet. Meat was very unappealing, and one can only consume so many eggs.

When I started to feel a little better, well into my third trimester, I tried incorporating protein powder into my morning smoothies. Let’s just say that went terribly. I’ve never been able to stomach the chalky aftertaste of protein powder, so trying to do so while already a little queasy created a "hold the nose and drink" situation. Not ideal for someone who loves food!

I kept at it because, after all, moms will do anything for their kids, and I needed that baby to grow! I stumbled upon a solution while wandering (OK, maybe more like waddling) the aisles of Costco that completely changed the smoothie game for me: NuttZo Mixed Nut & Seed Butter.

<p>Simply Recipes / Getty Images </p>

Simply Recipes / Getty Images

What I Love About NuttZo Nut & Seed Butter

In my local warehouse, this product costs about $15 for 26 ounces, which at first glance seems high until you see all the amazing ingredients packed inside. It’s chock full of organic almonds, macadamia nuts, cashews, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and Celtic sea salt.

One scoop took my smoothie from barely edible to incredibly enjoyable. The rich blend of nuts and seeds provided buttery flavor, creaminess, and richness to my smoothie and made the taste of the protein powder unnoticeable.

Now that my normal appetite and taste buds are back, I still use NuttZo in my daily smoothies even though I’ve dropped the dreaded protein powder. I love that I can reach for one jar and drop one scoop of NuttZo into the blender instead of reaching for eight different little containers in my pantry. It makes my morning routine quick and easy while adding protein and healthy fat to my smoothies. Plus, what you see is what you get: it contains no random oils, sugars, or fillers.

A little goes a long way; I use about one tablespoon per smoothie, so one jar lasts almost a full month. That said, I have difficulty not eating it at almost every meal. It’s amazing on top of English muffins with fresh fruit for a quick breakfast, and I love it drizzled on Greek yogurt with a few chocolate chips for dessert!

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