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Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Studios has been at the horror night game for 27 years, amassing a cult-like following with true horror buffs queueing its lines year after year. Meander through nine haunted houses and mazes (these aren't for the faint of heart!), including five original Universal creations and four based off beloved horror TV/films, like American Horror Story, Saw, and Blumhouse films (The Purge, Insidious, etc.) Be sure to check in at the Overlook Hotel to jumpscare your way through The Shining and watch as Danny slowly descends into madness. As you make your way from one house to the next, you'll pass through scare zones filled with extraterrestrials, clowns wielding chainsaws, and Trick 'r Treat's cute-yet-vengeful-Sam. Horror nerds, keep your eye peeled: Easter eggs are strewn throughout, including a peek at a scenes from the Saw franchise's upcoming JIGSAW.

Another bonus: Hit the non-Horror Night rides (Wizarding World of Harry Potter, anyone?) at this time to breeze right to the front.

Tickets from $59.99. Runs Sept. 15-Nov. 4

10 Best Halloween Horror Nights

Come nightfall, many theme parks and resorts around the world play host to "haunted" happenings—from the Grady twins there to greet you inside Universal Orlando's The Shining-themed maze, to the undead lurking around every corner in tk'a haunted house. Whether it's family-friendly Halloween fun you're looking for, or thrills that make even the bravest of souls jump, these are the Halloween destinations to get your scare on.

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