10 Best Hot Drinks if You're Tired of Hot Cocoa

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10 Best Hot Drinks if You're Tired of Hot CocoaBRIAN WOODCOCK

When the weather outside is frightful, there's nothing better than cozying up with a warm mug of something tasty. Of course, a steamy cup of hot cocoa is never a bad idea, but don't limit yourself — there's an exciting array of hot drinks out there that are perfect for enjoying when the temperatures dip!

If you're ready to broaden your horizons by adding some new warm winter drink recipes to your arsenal, keep reading. From cranberry-infused mulled white wine to homemade eggnog served hot, we've rounded up a list of unique warming drinks you can enjoy all season long. Looking for a boost of caffeine? Check out our favorite coffee recipes.

Homemade Eggnog

If you've never tried warm homemade eggnog, you're missing out. This easy-to-make drink combines simple ingredients, including milk, egg yolks, heavy cream, cinnamon, and nutmeg, to create the ultimate winter beverage.

Get the Homemade Eggnog recipe.

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Easy Homemade Latte

In addition to our Good Housekeeping Institute experts' first-hand experience making many lattes in the Kitchen Appliances Lab, we also consulted with Kaleena Teoh, cofounder and director of education at Coffee Project New York, to uncover the best way to bring the two key components of a latte — espresso and milk — together. The results? An out-of-this-world latte recipe.

Made with two shots of espresso and eight ounces of whole milk, the secret to perfecting this caffeinated drink is to use one of our top-tested milk frothers to get that "just right" consistency.

Get the Easy Homemade Latte recipe.

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Mulled Wine

This mulled wine recipe — whipped up using bottled red wine, cinnamon sticks, and cloves — might become your new cold-weather go-to. It's perfect for sipping around the fire on a chilly winter night.

Get the Mulled Wine recipe from Delish.

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Hot Buttered Rum

Hot buttered rum for the win! This hot cocktail, which dates back to colonial times, is excellent for serving after dinner parties or during holidays, and takes just five minutes of prep time.

Get the Hot Buttered Rum recipe from Delish.

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Hot Toddy

Hot toddies are another fun drink you can enjoy all winter long. This recipe is made with bourbon, honey and fresh lemon juice and served with a slice of lemon and a few cinnamon sticks.

Get the Hot Toddy recipe from Delish.

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Traditional Wassail

If you've never tried this old-schol winter drink before, you're in for a treat! It's made using a mixture of cored apples, brown sugar, sherry, pale ale beer, eggs and hard cider. Be sure to garnish each serving with a dash of nutmeg for the full effect.

Get the Traditional Wassail recipe from Country Living.

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Cranberry Mulled White Wine

If you're looking to try something different than traditional mulled red wine, give this warm mulled white wine recipe a shot. It features fresh cranberries, pure honey, sliced lemon and cinnamon sticks — yum!

Get the Cranberry Mulled White Wine recipe from Country Living.

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Slow-Cooker Pear Cider

You can make so much more than just soups and stews with your slow cooker. This easy, breezy pear cider recipe gives you a wonderfully hot winter drink with little to no effort.

Get the Slow-Cooker Pear Cider recipe from Country Living.

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Hot Toddy with Charred Oranges

Give this recipe a go if you want a hot toddy with some added zing. The charred orange slices give this cocktail its signature smokey yet citrusy flavor.

Get the Hot Toddy with Charred Oranges recipe from Country Living.

hot toddy with charred oranges
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Warm Tea-and-Cider Punch

This innovative hot drink combines two of winter's most popular beverages — soothing tea and warm cider. It's made with fresh apple cider and English tea, but you can easily incorporate other tea types, such as peppermint or Earl Grey.

Get the Warm Tea-and-Cider Punch recipe from Country Living.

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