10 Easy Eyeliner Tricks Every Woman Should Know

Real Simple

It's all in the eyes. Even on a plain day, most ladies rely on liner for quick definition. Keep these easy tips in mind to perfect your peepers.

#1: No Smudging

Use waterproof eyeliner on the lower lash line to avoid having unflattering dark rims beneath your lashes.

#2: Try color

Instead, try shades that would match better with your eye color. Blue-eyed girls, for example, highlight their color best with mauve colored liner.

#3: Gel alternative

If you like the ultra-dark color and flawless look of a liquid liner but don't have the steadiest hands, get the same effect using a gel pot and an angled brush for easier application.

#4: Improvised liner

If you forget to pack a liner on your next vacation, wet a thin makeup brush and dab it in your black or navy eye shadow. Apply it to your lids as if it were liner.

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#6: Baby steps

Don't think you have to get liner right in one swoop. Get it perfect by using a brush or pencil and drawing smaller dashes or dots against the lash line for a flawless straight line.

#7: Beat Irritation

If you find yourself constantly reaching to scratch itchy eyes, keep the germs away by applying eyeliner  with a disposable applicator. Liner should be replaced every three months. Also, don't share your liner with friends!

#8: Lasting results

Get your liner lasting longer by lining your eyes with a pencil liner, concentrating the color at your lash lines, and laying on powder shadow in the same color to "set" the liner.

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#9: Go bold

Don't shy away from vibrant, bright colored liner. For a fun party look, try lining the upper and lower lash lines with two different, complementary colors (like pink and green or teal and red.)

#10: Freeze it

If the tip of your eyeliner pencil crumbles and smears on your lids, store the liner in the freezer for 15 minutes before use so the tip is  firm and goes across your skin smoothly.

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