10 Tips for Getting Sexy Summer Skin

From advances in SPF to celebrity faux glow secrets, we show you how to get and care for perfect summer skin.


#1. Sunscreen 101

How much is enough? Choose a formula with no less than SPF 30. Slather one tablespoon over your face and about a shot glass worth of lotion or foam over your body. Reapply every two hours and after swimming.

#2. Ouch! You're Sunburnt. Now What?

The best thing to do is pop an aspirin (to help with inflammation), smooth on aloe vera, and wear loose-fitting cotton clothes and undies. Synthetic fabrics will irritate your burn.

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#3. Drink Smarter Water

Sipping on eight glasses of water a day has a multitude of benefits that include glowing, healthy skin. Kick the benefits up a notch by adding a drop or two of an antioxidant-enriched tonic to fight free radicals and early wrinkles in one go.

#4. Scrub Your Way Smooth

For your silkiest skin ever, try this DIY exfoliator from celebrity makeup artist Joanna Schlip. Mix one cup of sugar with half a cup of olive oil and scrub in circular motions from neck to toe. Allow the mixture to soak in for at least five minutes before rinsing off.

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#5. Cut Back on Cocktails

Speaking of drinking, imbibing even one less serving of alcohol a day will make a noticeable difference when you're looking at the scale or staring in the mirror. Alcohol dehydrates skin (this causes wrinkles) while inflaming tissue (hello, puffiness). Prevent this by watering down wine and liquor with club soda and alternating alcoholic beverages with glasses of water.

#6. Avoid a Makeup Meltdown

When the mercury rises (and humidity levels soar), loading up on moisturizer, sunscreen, and makeup can lead to a slippery mess on your gorgeous mug. Use a multitasking primer with SPF to cut out extra steps and leave your skin with a soft, dewy feel.

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#7. Find Your Zit Zapper

Finally, a grown-up version of the acne pads you used in high school. To clear up breakouts, pick up salicylic acid-enriched pads that also contain good-for-your-skin ingredients like argan oil to reduce irritation. In a pinch combine aspirin and water to create a paste, and apply it directly to your blemish.

#8. Make a Balancing Mask

To fight last-minute inflammation, Richa Purohit of KeSARI beauty suggests applying a thin layer of cold yogurt over your face for five minutes in the morning. The probiotics will cool skin and help restore a natural pH balance to your mug.

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#9. Add Avocado to Your Salad

Woman with avocados

One of the most beautifying foods, avocados contain healthy fats and vitamins C and E to keep skin plump, vibrant, and hydrated. Slice one up and keep it in your work fridge for an easy meal-booster.

#10. Cool It

Stash a face toner or mist in your poolside cooler to calm stressed-out skin in a hurry. After a long day in the sun, one spritz will soothe irritation or set your evening makeup without smudging your dolled up face.

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