10 Winter Nail Ideas You'll Want to Copy This Season

From wintry midnight scenes to cozy sweater nails.



Crisp white snowflakes floating through the air, icicles catching the light as they drip-drip away, and cozy cashmere sweaters in pastel hues—all elements of a perfect winter. Capturing the essence of the season in your beauty routine is the perfect way to lean into winter—and is maybe even a way to enjoy it a little more. These winter nail ideas, which range from cute snowflakes to holiday greens, will help you do precisely that.

Winter Midnight

Take your nail inspiration from a wintry midnight sky complete with sparkling stars. Start with a deep, midnight blue base and then use a nail brush to create white, 4-point starbursts. Finish by dropping teeny crystals into the center and add a couple top coats to seal it all in.

Snowflake Magic

You can’t go wrong with snowflake nails in the cold months, but this winter nail idea makes them feel extra special. Apply a sheer base, then draw on white snowflakes with a fine nail brush and dotting tool. Layer on chunky, multi-colored glitter and then apply a glossy topcoat.

Cute Polar Bear Nails

Polar bears have to be one of the cutest winter animals out there, so why not put them on your nails to admire? Opt for a paint chip nail effect by painting each nail a different shade of blue, then draw on a cute polar bear face as an accent nail. 

Rose Gold Shimmer

Keep your winter manicure super simple—but still memorable—by leaning into rose-gold tones. To recreate this look, start with a sheer glossy bass, then create a gradient effect with a rose gold sparkle polish.

Holly Wreaths

This delicate winter manicure showcases bright red holly berries on snow dusted evergreen pine needles, which are placed like a typical French Manicure. A hint of green shimmer at the tips elevates the magic factor.

Sweater Nails

Cozy sweater nails are a definite do this winter, and they’re not as hard to recreate as you might think. Start with a gel polish base in your preferred hue; pastel tones, earthy neutrals, and saturated gemstone colors are all great. From there, use a nail brush tool to draw on sweater-like texture, then dust with acrylic powder. Finish with a matte top coat.

Icy Lavender Haze

A little chrome action makes perfect sense during the winter months, too, and there are tons of choices to choose from. Classic silver is a sure bet and gold works, too, but consider opting for the unexpected with an icy lavender haze, as pictured here.


Blue and silver tones work well during the chilly months, but don’t write off green so fast. This hue evokes a peaceful forest of swaying evergreens. For a little pinch of drama, use a magnetic nail polish and create a cool design with a magnet, as pictured here.

Gilded Micro Sparkles

Calling all manicure minimalists. It doesn’t get much simpler than this gilded winter nail design. Start with an opaque or milky sheer base, then apply a top coat filled with tiny micro sparkles. The key in recreating the subtle shimmer is using the finest glitter particles, so pick your polish wisely.

Rudolph Nails

If the holidays are nearing, lean into the festivity by incorporating a cute, red-nosed reindeer on your nails. This beautiful wintry design features rudolph against a powder blue base and incorporates 3D snowflakes and sweater-inspired texture, too.

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