25 of the best hen party games, perfect for whatever vibe you're working with

best hen party games
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In between the best house party games and the best drinking games, there are so many ways to make your bride's weekend extra special. But if you're looking for hen party games in particular, we've also got you covered.

And no, we don't mean 'pin the penis', but rather hilarious opportunities to share ridiculous anecdotes about the bride, and games that will encourage the whole hen or sten party to get to know each other a little better. Whether that's 'True or False', 'Hen Party Head's Up' or even drunk Jenga, these 25 of the best hen party games, are here to help you have a weekend to remember.

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1.True or False

Everybody in the bridal party writes down one true story about the bride, and one that's made up, and puts them all into a pot in the middle. A bit like Would I Lie To You?, the bride then pulls the stories out one at a time, and must convince the room that they're true - revealing hilarious stories about her, and whether she's any good at keeping a straight face - at the same time.

2. Who am I?

Each member of the bridal party writes down five facts about themselves (anything from 'I have a freckle on the bottom of my foot' to 'We once got trapped in a portaloo at Glasto together'), and puts them in a pot. The bride must go through each one and figure out who it's about, meaning the bridal party can make this as hard or easy as they like. How well does the bride really knows her hen party?

3. Fun drunk Jenga

At the beginning of the game, divide the Jenga pieces amongst the party and ask everyone to write a rule on each piece of wood. This can be anything from 'Tell us a funny story about you and the bride' to 'If you use anybody's first name for the length of the game, you have to drink'. Build the Jenga tower and get going.

4. Hen party Pictionary

We all know about Pictionary, but make it hen party. That means getting hold of a pack of themed cards (or making your own!) that are as hilarious and hard (oi oi) as your mind can conjure up. Because what is there not to like about someone attempting to draw the quietest sex toy from Ann Summers?

5. Prosecco or gin pong

We've all heard of beer pong, but why not take things one step further with Prosecco or gin pong? You can either buy dedicated party kits, which involve incredible plastic coupe glasses or themed shot glasses, or just use any available cups. Split into teams at either end of a table, and organise eight Prosecco / gin filled glasses in a triangle position. Take it in turns to try and throw a ping pong ball into the other team's glass - if it goes in, they have to drink. Keep playing until one team erases all the other team's glasses.

6. Mystery word

At the beginning of the party, put everyone's name into one pot, and then ask each member of the party to choose a hen-related word to put in another pot. This could be anything to do with the bride, or the typical hen stuff (winky wink). Each member of the party then takes out one name, and one random item, and must try to create a conversation about that item with the person they pulled out. This is great if people don't know each other - before you know it, Sally will be discussing her 'favourite anal beads' with 'Anna' (and trying not to get caught out).

7. How well do you know your S/O?

Before you head on the hen do, send a bunch of questions to the bride's future S/O about them and the bride. This can be anything from 'What's your favourite crisp?' to 'Who said I love you first?' Then sit your bride down in the hot seat, and ask her the same questions, to see if their answers match up. Word of warning: questions that are too hard could end up with upset bride and an awkward situation on your hands.

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8. Challenge the S/O

A bit like 'How well do you know your S/O', but with video challenges. When retrieving the answers from your bride's partner, challenge them to do various hilarious things (think downing a pint as quick as they can, thinking of as many swear words as possible in a minute or as many star jumps in 45 seconds). Get it all on video. During the hen do, reveal what the challenges were to the bride, who will then pick a member of the party to do the same challenge and try to beat her S/O's score, before playing the video on a big screen. Amazing.

9. Most embarrassing memory

Every member of the bridal party writes down an embarrassing story about the bride in less than six words, and puts it into a hat. The bride must then read out each six word stories and try to work out who wrote what, while also explaining what actually happened.

10. Hen do dares

If you're heading out out on a hen do, compile a list of dares that everyone in the party must try and partake in. Either get your hands on pre-made dares from the internet, or compile a list unique to your weekend. If hens aren't willing to complete their dares, you can even come up with a list of forfeits that they have to do instead (and you can make them even worse).

11. The After Eight challenge

An oldie but a goodie. Each member of the bridal party has to put an After Eight chocolate mint on their forehead, and attempt to get it into their mouths using only their facial movements. Yep, no hands! The winner is the person who does it the quickest (or actually, anyone who doesn't smear chocolate all over their faces while dropping the After Eight, tbh.)

12. Hen party Head's Up

If you're after no fuss fun, the Head's Up app will definitely do the trick. But if you want to put a hen party spin on it, create your own options. Every person in the group puts 10-15 things relating to the bride and her S/O into a pot. Each person in the group then has 45 seconds to pull as many pieces of paper out of the pot to put on their heads (without looking at it) while the rest of the group must act it out / explain it without saying what it actually is.

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13. That's Not Me

This is a simple one that also involves a bit of bride-related decor too. Essentially everyone brings as embarrassing a picture of the bride as they can, and then you all lay them out either on a table or up on the wall (depending on the venue's blu tac policy...). Then the bride has to go through the pictures and guess who brought each one. This game is pretty much guaranteed to lead to some hilarious anecdotes.

14. Famous Last Words

Similar to 'How well do you know your S/O' but with a different slant, this game also involves the bride's partner to be. All you need to do is ask them ahead of time to finish a bunch of sentences. For example, "her worst habit is...", "the thing she thinks I don't know about her is...".

Split the hen party into teams and have everyone write down what they think the groom will say for the end of each sentence. The winner gets a prize of your choice.

15. Wedding film charades

We all know the classic game of charades, but what about a wedding film special edition? Create a list of wedding related films (Bridesmaids, My Best Friend's Wedding and Bride Wars are a few of our favourites) before heading to the venue. Once there, split the party into two teams and have each team take it in turns to guess the wedding film charades.

16. Hen party scavenger hunt

Ok, so this one is going to require some planning before you head out on the hen, but we reckon it's worth it. Compile a list of either objects you want the teams to find or a list of things you want the teams to take selfies with. It could be taking a picture with someone with the same name as the bride's S/O or finding a coin from the year the bride was born.

Once you have your list of items or selfies they need to take compiled, divide the party into teams. You'll need to give them their lists, a bag to collect the items in (if that's the route you're going down), a location within which to find them in and an end meeting point and time.

If you've picked the selfie route, ask the hens to send the adjudicator selfies once they've got them. Happy hunting!

17. A hen party piñata

Give a bridal themed spin on the classic piñata by asking the hens to add in slips of paper that contain marriage advice, wedding messages or dares, alongside sweets and chocolates.

18. Bridal bingo

As the name suggests this is the hen party version of bingo, except for scoring your card when a number is called, it's a wedding related item or thing.

It's similar to a scavenger hunt, but without having to race around or meeting a time pressure. Instead it's ideal if you're heading out to a bar or restaurant but want to incorporate a game that won't take up too much space or precious Prosecco drinking time.

Just remember to call BINGO!! when you win.

19. Where were they?

Want to know which of the hens is the most clued up on the bride and her S/O? This is a fun and relatively straight forward game to play.

Ahead of the hen do, stalk your bride's Instagram or Facebook for plenty of pictures of her and her S/O from various locations - holidays, birthdays, nights out - that kind of thing. Print them out onto A4 size paper.

During the hen you can then have the rest of the party guess where the couple are in each photograph. The winner is the person with the most correct scores and now holds the bragging rights to knowing the couple the most.

20. Life drawing

Do not be put off by the word "drawing", this game requires as little or as much artistic skill as you like.

Before going to the hen get all the guests a canvas and a set of paints and paint brushes, or you could opt for some art card and crayons if you prefer. You'll also need to print out a picture of the hen's S/O.

When at the hen, challenge all the guests to recreate the image of the S/O on their canvas. Set a time and get ready for some (questionable) masterpieces to be created. Top tip: a glass of prosecco will usually get the guests' creative juices flowing.

21. Mr and Mrs

Mr and Mrs is a classic hen party go to for a reason, as it's easy to do and often results in some hilarious answers. With the game you can either ask the bride a selection of questions about her significant other or if you've got both parties together, you can ask them who of the couple is most likely to do something. See all our Mr and Mrs question ideas here.

22. Pop the partner

This a hilarious break the ice game, all you need is some balloons and pictures of celebrities and the bride's spouse to be. Blow up the balloons and put a small picture in each one. You then need to have the bridal party race to pop all the balloons (however they see fit) and the winner of the game is the person who find the picture of the partner. You could either do this in teams or as individuals, depending on how competitive you are.

23. Cocktail making competition

Upgrade a classic cocktail/mocktail making session by making it competitive. You could challenge all members of the bridal party to make a cocktail that best represents the bride. You just need to provide the mixers and spirits. Shakers at the ready!

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24. Pass the parcel

Why should this fun game just be left to kids? You can either buy a premade bridal pass the parcel package, or make it yourself and customise it with little gifts that represent the bride and her significant other. You can also add in fun dares or challenges in between each layer to elevate this from a kids party game.

25. Guess the dress

For this game you'll need a stack of paper and a bunch of colouring pens or pencils. The bride sits this game out and the rest of the group must quickly draw what they think the bride's dress or wedding outfit looks like. The bride can then pick her winner as to who is most accurate, or they can keep things interesting and pick their top three but not reveal which is the most similar to their dress, saving the anticipation for the big day.

Consider your hen party games, sorted. All you need now is a house to go to.

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