12 Leo Celebrities Who Exude Big Lion Energy

Leo Celebrities
Leo Celebrities

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Let's be real: Optimism, positivity, and a sunny outlook haven't always been right at our fingertips over the past year. Going months without seeing people we love and stepping out into a world where smiles are shrouded by masks has been tough on just about everyone. But if you're looking for someone to help you look down the road and spy a glimmer of light, joy, and hope, you'll want to connect with a Leo.

Leo, the fifth sign of the zodiac, is ruled by the big, luminous sun, which oversees self-image and confidence. Because the star at the center of our solar system exudes warm, vitality-bolstering vibes, so too will those born under the sign it governs. Fixed sign Leos — generally born between July 23 and August 22 — are self-assured, natural-born leaders who have no trouble commanding the spotlight, clawing their way to the top of whatever industry they have their hearts set on dominating. Just like the feline they embody, they're regal and proud, but also warm and fuzzy and endlessly loyal. And as the ruler of the Fifth House of Romance and Self-Expression, they tend to be super-creative, fun-loving, big-hearted flirts who are brimming with positivity.

Like their fellow fire signs, these sunny stars have no problem pursuing whatever it is they desire. And it bears noting that as a fixed sign, they're resolute and determined to follow through on whatever lofty goal they've set for themselves.

That said, there's much we can learn from the sign of the Lion, under which a whole cast of magnetic, driven, and joie de vivre-filled celebs were born. Consider unstoppable multihyphenate lioness Jennifer Lopez whose storied career has been brimming with signature Fifth House themes: creativity, pleasure, dance, fun, romance, children, and youth. Or the radiant Viola Davis who has racked up an Academy Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, and two Tony Awards to become the first African-American to achieve the "Triple Crown of Acting."

Here, we're celebrating some of our favorite Leo celebrities who are all about expressing themselves, relentlessly pursuing their wildest dreams, finding the silver lining of any situation, and prioritizing pleasure, joy, and love.

Leo Celebrities
Leo Celebrities

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1. Meghan Markle

Before meeting Prince Harry, the former Suits actor, born on August 4, ran a lifestyle blog called The Tig, in which she used her platform to create a "community of inspiration, support, fun and frivolity." She hit pause on her passion project in order to pursue what many Leos would see as a dream come true: not only exuding regal vibes but becoming an official royal. Of course, no Leo would be pleased with having their roar silenced — or feeling unprotected by the people she had vowed loyalty to, so it's no wonder the naturally outspoken, feminist Californian had to step down from working Windsor life. But these days, she is still bringing her Leo compassion and shine to the public stage through streaming deals and the 501(c)(3) she and Harry are running called Archewell.

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2. Mila Kunis

The Golden Globe award-winning actor, born on August 14, has been in the spotlight since she was 14 and played Jackie on That '70s Show. She also lent her voice to Meg Griffin on Family Guy. The public fell in love with her and Ashton Kutcher when the former That '70s Show costars began dating back in 2012. These days, she's dedicating most of her time to raising their two children, but she recently found time to crack audiences up with a Super Bowl commercial and an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show in which she spoke about mom guilt.

Leo Celebrities
Leo Celebrities

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3. Jennifer Lopez

Since the '90s, the dancer, actor, singer, and all-around badass entertainer known as JLo has been breaking records and taking Hollywood by storm. (And leave it to Leos to go by just their first name or a catchy nickname. Madonna's another example!) Born on July 24, JLo is a fiery force to be reckoned with. And fans and followers aren't only captivated by her nonstop work ethic, movies, shows, albums, and creative, entrepreneurial projects galore (hey, JLo Beauty). Her starry love life has also been a major focal point for the public. These days, the mom of two is happily head over heels with fellow Leo, Alex Rodriguez (ARod — see what we mean about those nicknames?).

4. Jennifer Lawrence

The Hunger Games star, born on August 15, is pretty much the embodiment of Leo star power, being that her films have grossed over $6 billion worldwide, and she was named the world's highest-paid actress in 2015 and 2016. Unsurprisingly, the charismatic, outspoken Kentucky native was scouted at 14 years old. Now, at just 30, she's garnered an Academy Award for Best Actress and multiple Golden Globes. Occasionally referred to as "JLaw," she's also made headlines for being an outspoken feminist, advocating for Planned Parenthood, founding the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation — which aims to positively impact the lives of young people, artists, and the organizations that serve them — and forming a production company of her own.

5. Demi Lovato

The "Confident" singer and actor, born on August 20, started out as a child star, appearing in Barney and Friends when she was just 10 and later in Disney Channel's Camp Rock. She then went on to have a super-successful pop music career and appear on shows like Glee and The X Factor USA. She's also used her assertive Leo voice to work as an LGBT rights activist and raise awareness around mental health and anti-bullying issues. She has also spoken out against gun violence and racial injustice and is known for always finding new ways to blend her art, fashion sense, and activism.

Leo Celebrities
Leo Celebrities

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6. Viola Davis

Born in South Carolina on August 11 and raised in Rhode Island, Davis has been an actor ever since graduating from Juilliard in 1993. Davis went on to become the first woman of color to obtain the "triple crown of acting": an Emmy, an Oscar, and two Tonys. In addition to being a brilliant, lauded performer, she's a mom and a philanthropist who works to eradicate childhood hunger. Davis also couldn't have sounded like more of a self-assured Leo when she told InStyle, "It's only until you reach about my age, 55, that you have the powerful understanding that ownership is about owning yourself. It's owning your failures, owning your insecurities, and understanding that it's a part of life. A lot of times we have those hiccups in the road, and we spend an awful amount of time — years — trying to sweep them under the rug instead of understanding that they're a part of the joy."

7. Kylie Jenner

It might be easy to get lost in the shuffle when you're born into a family of reality stars-turned-entrepreneurs, but Kylie Jenner's Leo wiring has clearly helped her become a natural born leader. The media personality, socialite, model, and businesswoman, who founded Kylie Cosmetics, has been the subject of much buzz and awe for being "the most influential celebrity in the fashion industry," according to the New York Post. She's also a social media icon who can make up songs off the top of her head that turn into a viral track and a doting mom who showers her daughter Stormi in all the love and sparkles. Talk about a lioness.

8. Halle Berry

Born on August 14, Berry started her career as a model and beauty pageant contestant. Her breakthrough role was in Boomerang in 1992, and she'd go on to become a superstar with a bevy of comedies, dramas, and TV films under her belt. In 1999, Berry won a Primetime Emmy Award and Golden Globe for her portrayal of Dorothy Dandridge and went on to win the Oscar for Best Actress in 2001 for Monster's Ball, becoming the first woman of color to do so. A radiant, charismatic Leo who has frequently appeared on Most Beautiful Lists, the mom of two is also known for her activism around environmental causes and awareness of women's issues related to education, health, and justice.

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9. Maya Rudolph

Born on July 27, the actor, comedian, and singer first hit the national stage by joining the cast of Saturday Night Live in 2000, and after leaving the ensemble cast in 2007, she racked up roles in hit flicks like Bridesmaids and shows like the NBC sitcom Up All Night. More recently, Rudolph has earned accolades, including an Emmy, for her portrayal of Vice President Kamala Harris on SNL. The mom of four previously shared some Leo wisdom with, "Recognizing that you can create your own happiness, especially when we're getting all these different messages about what happiness is, was a shift that made a big difference in my life. It's like emotional insurance. If I'm going to be at work and away from my kids and I'm working with people I love, then, OK, I'm going to make this day good. I'm in charge of making myself happy."

Leo Celebrities
Leo Celebrities

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10. Helen Mirren

At 75 years old, Dame Helen Mirren, born on July 26, couldn't be any more radiant and aspirational. The English actor has been at the entertaining game since she was a young woman invited to join the Royal Shakespeare Company before making West End stage debut in 1975. Exuding Leonine confidence, she took on erotic roles in films like Hussy and the Caligula. She would later achieve the triple crown of acting in the U.S. and the U.K., becoming the only person to do so in both countries. At the same time, Mirren also never fails to make an impression with her regal sense of style.

11. Sandra Bullock

Born on July 26, actor and producer Sandra Bullock has had a storied, multi-decade, clearly Leo-charged career that has landed her on highest-paid and most beautiful lists. Thanks to a supporting role in 1993's Demolition Man and her breakout role in 1994's Speed, Bullock quickly became rose to superstardom, garnering roles in rom-coms like While You Were Sleeping, Hope Floats, Practical Magic, Miss Congeniality, and one hit after the next. For her portrayal of Leigh Anne Tuohy in the biographical drama The Blind Side, she took home the Oscar for Best Actress. Bullock is also a mom of two, a proud philanthropist who supports the American Red Cross and other charities, and founder of the production company Fortis Films.

12. Monica Lewinsky

The activist, television personality, writer, and former White House intern, born on July 23, proves that Leos have a way of powering through life's challenges and turning a negative situation on its head. Following the devastating scandal that forced her into the spotlight in the late '90s, Lewinsky worked as a TV personality and even designed handbags. She later pursued her master's in psychology and returned to the public stage to speak out on bullying, calling for more compassionate internet interactions, and curbing public shaming. In 2018, she told InStyle in true Leo fashion, "Confidence doesn't live on an island by itself. It lives next door to courage. It's got to be present in certain experiences. It's having pride in yourself, in your accomplishments, which is not something that women, in particular, have been socialized to do. But I think that's changing."