13 Best Sushi Spots In New Jersey, According To A Local

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If you don't think of New Jersey as a particularly foodie state, you're quite mistaken -- and missing out on some delicious eats. Yes, New Jersey is near mega foodie hubs like Manhattan and Philadelphia but don't count out the Garden State. While New Jersey can be sectored into North Jersey and South Jersey (and, to some, "Central Jersey," though most people disregard its existence), we wanted to take a look at numerous sushi spots across the entire state to determine which ones are truly the best.

Being located on the East Coast means that every tuna roll, sashimi, and crab roll at these sushi restaurants should be fresh, so, as a local, I set out to find the best of the best sushi restaurants in Jersey, with no fake seafood included. I came up with this list through a combination of personal experience living in the state, recommendations from other New Jerseyeans, as well as research online to make sure we conducted a thorough investigation. Large nationwide chains were excluded, so this is a list of pretty local sushi spots in New Jersey that you should check out.

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Kura Revolving Sushi Bar In Multiple Locations

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Kura Revolving Sushi Bar makes waves as a unique and desirable sushi experience you can't really get anywhere else in Jersey. While this business operates locations in some other states, it's not on such a national recognition level that it earns preclusion from this list. Currently, there are Kura locations in New Jersey: Fort Lee, Jersey City, and Edison. South Jersey folks, though it might be a little bit of a drive to get to some of these cities, we recommend you do. Kura Revolving Sushi Bar is more than worth the trek.

The menu here is extensive and covers a breadth of sushi varieties, sides, soups, noodles, and desserts. The website also clearly outlines each menu item's allergens, which is much appreciated for folks with gluten, nut, or shellfish allergies. You also won't find any crab with a k (krab) on this menu, as everything is real fish and shellfish. Kura presents all the sushi rolls beautifully, and we're particularly fond of the aesthetic of the hand-rolled rolls, like the spicy scallop hand roll. You can find pretty much anything your sushi-loving heart desires here.


Three locations in New Jersey

Sagami Japanese Restaurant In Collingswood

Sagami sushi plate
Sagami sushi plate - @big_dawgsgottaeat/Instagram

Also included in our best restaurants in South Jersey roundup, Sagami Japanese Restaurant in Collingswood, New Jersey, is well regarded and renowned. Despite a low-key online presence, you know it's good because of the accolades it receives (and its overall reputation). Firstly, it's been around since 1974, so it must be doing something right to retain a prime spot in the Collingswood downtown strip. Furthermore, Sagami's chef, Shigeru Fukuyoshi, was a James Beard Award semifinalist in 2023 for Best Chef.

Indulge in Chef Fukuyoshi's creations, like the out-of-this-world starters (warm gyoza and kushikatsu skewers are great picks), high-quality entrées, and melt-in-your-mouth udon. But we can't forget the star of the show and the reason for the restaurant landing on this list: the delicious sushi. North Jerseyeans, Sagami is worthy of a drive down south.


(856) 854-977337 Crescent Blvd, Collingswood, NJ 08108

Nami Nori In Montclair

Nami Nori plate
Nami Nori plate - Nami Nori

Originally exclusive to NYC but now in Montclair, the upscale sushi establishment Nami Nori boasts a light and airy decor style that matches the sushi. You'll feel nothing but refreshed coming to this place. Every food item is presented beautifully, from the individual sushi pieces resting gracefully on small wooden holders with toppings daintily placed on top, to the Valentine's Day special of matcha-dipped strawberries that look more like an art piece than dessert.

Montclair is a gorgeous North Jersey town right outside NYC, so we think you should make a reservation (highly recommended) at Nami Nori and then get to town about an hour before your reservation. That will give you time to enjoy strolling around scenic Montclair before sitting down for an unforgettable sushi dinner. The restaurant is also BYOB, so keep that in mind before going.


(201) 292-1445

378 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair, NJ 07042

Shumi Omakase In Multiple Locations

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sushi lined up - @shumi.omakase/Instagram

You don't want to miss the omakase that executive chef David Seo crafts brings night after night to the New Jersey food scene. The former chef at Nobu and Sushi Samba in NYC currently brings his culinary vision to two New Jersey towns: Ridgewood and Leonia. The menu at Shumi Omakase is a carefully curated masterpiece of thoughtful entrées including Shumi Temaki (o-toro and uni hand-rolled and topped with miso, caramelized A5 Wagyu, and scallion ponzu sauce), and a daily chef's tasting menu that's dependent on the fresh catch of the day.

No matter what you order, you'll experience that, as Shumi noted in an Instagram post, "every bite is a work of art." And the restaurant means that in both the delicate balance of flavors and the visuals of the food itself. We recommend you make a reservation before coming here to avoid a long wait.


Two locations in New Jersey

Elite Five Sushi & Grill In Princeton

sushi on white plate
sushi on white plate - @elitefives/Instagram

Having the word elite in your restaurant name does not automatically mean elite food. But in the case of Elite Five Sushi & Grill in Princeton lives up to its name in every way. If you're looking for a nice dinner spot in Princeton that'll leave you saying, "Wow, how have I not been here before?" then you've picked the right place. We also love that this restaurant's non-sushi offerings rival the sushi ones in taste, making this the perfect place to visit if you crave a Hawaii Dream roll but your dinner company isn't so big into sushi.

For the sushi aficionados, we'll highlight a couple of crowd favorites. The Hawaii Dream roll that we just mentioned consists of spicy crab, shrimp, avocado, mango, and rice, wrapped in seaweed and topped with eel sauce. If you want a different iteration of spicy, go for the Ice & Fire roll, which combines yellowtail tartare, avocado, pepper tuna, and jalapeno, with grated wasabi and white sturgeon caviar on top.


(609) 252-0698

277 Witherspoon St, Princeton, NJ 08540

Kenko Sushi In Lincoln Park

sushi in to-go box
sushi in to-go box - @kenkosushinj/Instagram

Kenko Sushi does Japanese fusion food right, with the perfect amount of spunk, playfulness, and attention to detail we love. According to its site, some of the most popular sushi rolls at Kenko Sushi in Lincoln Park are the, well, Lincoln Park, featuring shrimp tempura, crab, avocado, and spicy tuna, with teriyaki sauce and spicy mayo on top; as well as the beautifully plated Hamachi Dream, with spicy yellowtail, cucumber, scallions, masago, and spicy mayo.

And if you're wondering whether Kenko Sushi offers solid takeout as well, you'd be in luck. The restaurant prioritizes making sure the to-go sushi is of the same quality as a dine-in meal, and we need to give the restaurant lots of props for that. There won't be any weird, soggy, takeout sushi here, just the fresh stuff.


261 Comly Rd, #3 Lincoln Park, NJ 07035

Sushi Ocean View In Ocean View

restaurant outdoor seating
restaurant outdoor seating - Sushi Ocean View/Facebook

While this sushi spot may be located in a quiet place just before the Sea Isle City bridge, don't let that fool you into thinking you should drive past this spot. Sushi Ocean View packs on the charm, and though not as popular as Kuro in Atlantic City or Nami Nori in Montclair, it serves up some tasty sushi you won't want to miss.

Though the Jersey Shore food scene is better known for pizza, the area's proximity to the water also means great seafood. Sushi Ocean View's menu covers all of your classic sushi rolls and entrées, including everything from sashimi to tempura to udon. Stop by and try one of the lunch specials, or pop in for a casual but fun dinner.


(609) 624-8886

556 Sea Isle Blvd #C, Ocean View, NJ 08230

Sakura Japanese Steakhouse In Multiple Locations

sushi with yellow sauce
sushi with yellow sauce - Sakura Japanese Steakhouse Ocean City / Facebook

Sakura Japanese Steakhouse has been around since 1988, and the modest-sized chain features two New Jersey establishments -- in Mays Landing and Sicklerville. Both serve classic sushi options, hibachi, various meat-based entrées, and more.

These restaurants are a sushi lovers' dream, with an entire section of the menu dedicated to spicy sushi, lots of different sushi deals, including a sushi boat (16 pieces of sushi), and many specialty rolls. Some intriguing specialty rolls include the Top Secret roll (fried shrimp, spicy crab, cream cheese, and a "special sauce"), the deep-fried Golden Philly roll (a Philly roll topped with spicy mayo and eel sauce), and the deep-fried Mt. Fuji roll (spicy tuna and cream cheese wrapped in soy paper and topped with spicy mayo, shredded potato, and that ubiquitous special sauce).


Two locations in New Jersey

Yokohama Japanese Restaurant In Maple Shade

sushi with cucumbers
sushi with cucumbers - Yokohama Sushi and Hibachi/Facebook

Yokohama Japanese Restaurant brings sushi and other Japanese delights to Maple Shade. Open every day from lunchtime to late (10 p.m. or 11 p.m. depending on the day), Yokohama Japanese Restaurant rates as a must-try thanks to its delicious sushi (a prerequisite to even getting on this list) and impressive drink menu. Many other sushi spots on this list are BYOB and don't have a liquor license. Indulge in drinks like a Pomegranate Martini, the Yokohama Ginger Gimlet, or the Lychee Sake-tini.

Once you have your drink, it's time to get down to business and order some top-tier sushi items. Many of the specialty sushi roll options feature such ingredients as crushed peanuts, spicy sauces, and tobiko (eel). The double spicy roll exemplifies this perfectly, containing crab meat, eel, cucumber, avocado, and tobiko, with spicy tuna, peanut powder, and spicy salmon all on top. It's a feast for the eyes and stomach, and delicious all around.


(856) 608-8812

Kingsway Plaza 300 S Lenola Rd, Maple Shade, NJ 08052

Yozu Sushi & Hibachi Japanese Restaurant In Cape May

outside of Yozu restaurant
outside of Yozu restaurant - Yozu/Facebook

Cape May got even better somehow when Yozu Sushi & Hibachi Japanese Restaurant opened there. A quick peek at the website shows you many photos of attractive sushi dishes, as well as other scrumptious Japanese food items. But don't just take the website's word for it; go there yourself to try it. Yozu Sushi is a more underrated spot but locals consider it a hidden gem, and we're almost sorry to be putting it on blast in this list.

But this place deserves its flowers. The interior is fun and whimsical, and you can order everything from lunch bento boxes to sashimi and fusion entrées to Yozu signature rolls. And you can get any of these items for pickup or delivery if you're not feeling like sitting down inside. So, during the summertime, select the items you desire, order them for pickup, and then drive over to the beach and enjoy a fun sushi picnic right on the shore.


(609) 898-8888

3845 Bayshore Rd, Cape May, NJ 08204

IKKO Hibachi Steakhouse And Sushi Bar In Brick Township

sushi with flower
sushi with flower - @ikko_brick/Instagram

IKKO Hibachi Steakhouse and Sushi Bar is bringing things back up to North Jersey in Brick, and this restaurant, established in 2005, is delicious. What makes this place stand out among so many Jersey sushi restaurant options? Its uniqueness, which the restaurant prides itself on. Though not super-prestigious or exclusive, that's part of what makes it enjoyable; you can enjoy some quality and creative sushi without feeling like you spent an arm and a leg to do so.

Some of the more unique offerings on the menu include the bar-b-q squid, the sumo roll (eel and avocado wrapped inside out with spicy, crunchy salmon on top), and the chicken roll (chicken, crab meat, carrots, mushrooms, asparagus, and cheese with breadcrumbs that's then deep-fried). Try some of the offerings at IKKO Hibachi Steakhouse and Sushi Bar for yourself to see if you agree with us including it on this list.


(732) 477-6022

107 Brick Plaza, Brick Township, NJ 08723

Naoki Sushi Dining In Lawrenceville

sushi with ginger
sushi with ginger - @naoki_sushidining/Instagram

Lawrenceville boasts one of our favorite sushi spots in the state: Naoki Sushi Dining. Enjoy an elevated dining experience here that you'll probably never forget; yes, it's that good. Beyond the food being tasty, the interior design is gorgeous and will make you feel like everything presented to you is as intentional as the lighting.

Speaking of what's being presented to you, let's highlight some menu favorites. For a tasty starter, try the ever-elegant Uni Cup, which includes Hokkaido UNI, Salmon roe, and caviar. Though you can choose your own eating experience here, we recommend going for one of the prix-fixe, seven-course Omakase dining experiences. Make your reservation ahead of time too, otherwise, you likely won't be able to get in.


(609) 483-3232

2649 Main St, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648

Kuro In Atlantic City

sushi and cocktail
sushi and cocktail - @hardrockhcac/Instagram

A casino restaurant pick rounds off this list, which might either surprise you completely or not at all if you know what restaurant we're talking about. Yes, Kuro in the Atlantic City Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is not only an Atlantic City favorite but a sushi favorite in the whole state, period.

Described as a "Japanese craft kitchen," Kuro offers upscale sushi and Japanese food options to patrons and even has quality cocktail and dessert menu options (though what else would you expect from a restaurant in a casino, right?). If gambling isn't your thing and you just want a nice meal away from home, Kuro is an excellent choice. The ambiance is elegant, and though the patrons might not be the dressiest because of the proximity to the beach, it's still a fun dinner out -- with excellent food  -- that you won't soon forget.


(609) 449-1000

1000 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401


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To come up with this list of best sushi restaurants in New Jersey, I relied on a combination of my direct knowledge from living and eating in New Jersey my whole life, getting recommendations from other fellow New Jerseyans about their beloved sushi spots, as well as extensive research online to make sure I didn't miss any wonderful sushi spots that deserved to be highlighted.

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