14 Best Fresh Fruit Delivery Companies, According To Reviews

Wooden box of mangoes
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Fresh fruit is one of life's great pleasures. Home delivery of life's greatest pleasures is one of the modern age's finest achievements. Put them together, and you get succulent fruit dropped off at your doorstep -- in short, heaven. It's no surprise, then, that the internet is awash in fruit delivery companies. Some specialize in tropical treats, some focus on one fruit in particular, and some offer strictly organic goodies. All of them are tempting -- but which ones are worth your money? That's what we're here to find out.

What makes a truly great fruit delivery company? The fruit, of course; it must be flavorful, fresh, and entirely free of spoilage. Packaging should be sturdy enough to weather the blows of shipping. Also, while delivered fruit is an indulgence, cost cannot go overlooked. We've examined a wealth of reviews from all over the internet and combined them with our own experiences to determine which fresh fruit companies are the absolute best. Now get ready -- we're here to celebrate the 14 best fruit delivery companies around.

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1. Misfits Market

Misfits Market bucket and fruit
Misfits Market bucket and fruit - Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Recent years have seen an explosion in food delivery companies that specialize in unbeautiful produce. None of these offerings are bad, spoiled, or rotten -- they're just cosmetically imperfect and thus left to rot. Sign up for one these services, the thinking goes, and you're helping to fight food waste and cut down on personal grocery trips.

Not every service manages to deliver on this lofty promise, but Misfits Market definitely does. First off, it offers as much as a whopping 40% off supermarket produce prices. This is a huge advantage, especially for anyone who needs to feed a sizable family. Most of its offerings are also organic, which is especially impressive, given the frugal prices. The shopping process is flexible and easy; pretty much anyone can figure out the website, and the three-day shopping window allows for adjustments as needed.

But how's the actual fruit? Pretty darn delicious. Reviewing for Taste of Home, Bryce Gruber absolutely raved over the succulent goodies she received, saying, "My family and I ate our way through fresh melon, bell peppers, a variety of salad greens and even the best organic blackberries I've ever tasted. For context, I have a bounty of blackberry bushes in my yard that I wait for the sun to ripen each year so I can store them in my best glass storage containers for daily grazing -- and the Misfits Market berries were somehow better." That's some seriously hefty praise. Misfits Market's fruit might be a little dinged up, but it's also delectable.

2. Miami Fruit

Miami Fruit delivery box
Miami Fruit delivery box - tomkimmerer/X, formerly known as Twitter

Miami Fruit promises to bring tropical goodness right to your door. Visions of bananas, papayas, and mamey are likely already dancing in your head. We're delighted to report that this delivery company lives up to those visions -- and then some. Miami Fruit's offerings do fluctuate, depending on the season; even the balmy tropics can't produce every type of fruit in every type of weather. But no matter the season, it always offers something that will catch the eye of even the most experienced fruit fan.

Purchasing one of Miami Fruit's Variety Boxes is an excellent way to try the company out. It will almost certainly contain some tropical standbys (bananas are pretty much always on offer) but also lesser-known options, like cacao, sapodillas, star apples, or tamarillos. You can also purchase boxes of one single fruit, freeze-dried and dehydrated fruits, and frozen fruit. There's no wrong option here; as reviewers point out, you're in for excellent quality (and diversity, if you opt for the Variety Box) no matter what.

Some reviewers note, however, that Miami Fruit deliveries don't come cheap. There's pretty much no way to purchase something from this company and not spend in the triple digits. This is in sharp contrast to the more frugal options on this list, but it should be noted that the company doesn't hide it -- the prices are clearly labeled on the website. It also makes a certain amount of sense; most of these fruits require very specific growing conditions and time-intensive care. If you're looking to scrimp and save, look elsewhere. But if you're all about exotic fruit, Miami Fruit is worth your hard-earned dollar.

3. Harry & David

Box of Harry & David pears
Box of Harry & David pears - Harry & David

Harry & David is the one fruit delivery company many people can name. There's a reason for that: This stalwart retailer has been keeping people supplied with gourmet foods for decades. Its gift baskets are legendary, overflowing with cured meats, fine cheeses, nut medleys, and luscious chocolates. But even amid this profusion, its fruit manages to stand out. Odds are, when you think of Harry & David, you think of elegantly gold-wrapped pears.

These pears -- and all the fruit sold by Harry & David -- live up to the hype. Reviewers praise them for their sweetness, juiciness, lovely color, and fragrance. Even in an era of abundant produce, there's still something special about receiving a box full of these beautifully presented fruits. Other options have also earned acclaim, especially the vibrant Honeybell oranges. Customers hail these Florida-grown beauties as vividly flavored, decadently juicy, and altogether delicious.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Harry & David, however, is its packaging. This company ships a lot of fragile food across vast distances, and it knows how to make sure your treats get where they're going intact. Fruit is securely packed, keeping it from dings and bruises. Reviewers note this means that gift baskets might not look exactly as they do on the website, but many will consider that a small price to pay for pristine produce.

4. Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods fruit display
Imperfect Foods fruit display - Dressember/Facebook

Imperfect Foods is another one of those food waste-fighting companies that specializes in ugly duckling produce. Conceivably, you could get just about everything you need from this company; it sells meat, cheese, packaged sweets, and even cosmetics right alongside apples and greens. But how's the fruit? Really gosh-darn good, according to reviews. Imperfect Foods' fruit is full of peak seasonal flavor and comes well-packaged, so you don't have to worry about burst grapes or split oranges. In fact, some customers report bracing themselves for dinged-up fruit that turned out to be not terribly different from what they might have picked up from the store.

Reviewers repeatedly highlight Imperfect Foods' ease of use. The website is clean, simple, and intuitive, and it's easy to adjust orders if you need to. Customer service is also helpful and clear. If a cancelation occurs on Imperfect Foods' end, the company is prompt with refunds and responsive in communication. Finally, if you ever decide to terminate your account, doing so is easy. That's really saying something; at this point, we all have experience with a delivery service that wouldn't take no for an answer. You also have the option of simply pausing deliveries if need be -- a much-appreciated grace note in our busy world.

5. The Fruit Company

The Fruit Company monthly box
The Fruit Company monthly box - The Fruit Company/Facebook

When an outfit calls itself The Fruit Company, it's setting some seriously high expectations. We're happy to report that The Fruit Company more than lives up to them, however -- it truly deserves to call itself by that bold and forthright name. The Fruit Company sells fruit in every possible form. Want some fresh goodies? It'll get ripe cherries, pears, oranges, pomegranates, and just about everything else to your door. How about dried fruit? Get ready for apricots, plums, apples, kiwis, and more, conveniently dehydrated for your snacking enjoyment. Want to treat yourself every single month? Check out The Fruit Company's monthly fruit clubs, which will supply you with everything from steadfast apples to eye-catching starfruit every four weeks. And, as reviews make clear, it's all delicious.

What makes this profusion of top-quality fruit even more impressive is its presentation. The Fruit Company offers its produce in a huge array of forms, from dazzlingly stacked gift towers to beautiful rosettes of dried fruit. Many companies on this list offer something similar, but what they send in the mail often looks different than what was on the website. Not so with The Fruit Company. Reviewers rave that its gifts come exactly as pictured, which means you can be 100% confident in whatever you're sending to a far-off loved one.

6. Hale Groves

Hale Groves Honeybell oranges
Hale Groves Honeybell oranges - Hale Groves/Facebook

As befits a company with Floridian roots, Hale Groves offers some of the very best citrus fruit around. We're not just talking about single grapefruits and tangerines here. Every fruit comes in a delightful array of varieties. If you want an orange, you can pick from tried-and-true navel oranges, sweet cara cara oranges, zesty temple oranges, and delightful Honeybell oranges. And then, of course, there are the non-citrus fruits. While they're not Hale Groves' focus, they're just as tasty. Availability depends on the season, but everything from plums to mangos are on offer, and in a variety of forms, including monthly fruit club deliveries and elegant gift boxes.

This can be a tad bit overwhelming -- but the good news is, you can't go wrong. According to reviewers, pretty much every kind of fruit sold by Hale Groves is a sweet and succulent treasure. The reviews don't just highlight the fruit's quality, though. Over and over again, Hale Groves' customers heap praise on the company's excellent packaging, customer service, and online interface. As one Trustpilot reviewer put it, "Everything always goes very smoothly throughout the entire process." Ordering perishable food -- especially stuff as fragile as fruit -- can be dicey, which makes this kind of dependability worth its weight in gold.

7. Tropical Fruit Box

Tropical Fruit Box shipment
Tropical Fruit Box shipment - Tropical Fruit Box/Facebook

The idea of tropical fruit delivered to your very own home is intoxicating, especially if you're in the depths of winter. Tropical Fruit Box makes good on this promise. This company serves up everything from pomelos to pineapples, and according to reviewers, they're all delicious (though availability can vary, depending on the season). Its Pinkglow pineapples are especially notable -- these unique pineapples are indeed pale pink inside, and they boast a uniquely sweet taste.

Customers have heaped praise on Tropical Fruit Box for its impressive variety and tip-top quality. Photo after photo captures just-opened boxes, bursting with gorgeous fruit of every shape and size. Damage isn't an issue; packaging is secure and sturdy. Somehow, Tropical Fruit Box also manages to deliver almost everything at the peak of ripeness. Given how different these fruits are from each other, that's a major accomplishment.

Tropical Fruit Box's customizability, which isn't a given for such operations, is another strong point in its favor. Rather than simply offering variety boxes, Tropical Fruit Box allows customers to build their own boxes by selecting specific fruits they're interested in. Reviewers describe the process of ordering as quick and easy, which makes the prospect of building your own box even more enticing. Tropical yumminess has never been so available.

8. Branch To Box

Branch to Box fruit shipment
Branch to Box fruit shipment - Branch to Box/Facebook

Branch to Box began as an office-specific fruit delivery company. (Yep, those exist -- where did you think the apples in your break room came from?) But now, it's started delivering to private homes. This is seriously good news; Branch to Box is a dependably outstanding fruit delivery company.

It's also one of the simplest to order from. As its website clearly and efficiently lays out, Branch to Box customers choose between several different sizes of box, which contain a medley of fruit. Bananas, apples, pears, and oranges appear to be staples of each box, though some seasonal variation does occur. While reviewers note you can shoot the company an email to indicate what sort of fruit you absolutely don't want, that's about the limit of Branch to Box's customization options.

This might seem like a mark against the company, especially when compared to the more customization-happy options on this list. Indeed, if you're the sort of person who wants that level of nitty-gritty control over the fruit you're getting, you should probably look elsewhere. But there's something to say for a company that offers a few simple and excellent options. Because they really are excellent: Review after review heaps glowing compliments on the company's fresh, tasty, and well-packaged fruit. Branch to Box pares things down to the essentials -- a medley of widely beloved fruit in a box -- and succeeds in the process.

9. US Citrus

US Citrus shipment box
US Citrus shipment box - Stacy Petty/Facebook

South Texas-based US Citrus is -- you guessed it -- the place for all things citrus. The company isn't just rooted in passion for these zesty, tangy, juicy fruits, though -- hard science is just as important to its operations. The company founder, Dr. Mani Skaria, is a research scientist, leading citrus pathologist, and innovator in the field of grafting techniques. This expertise is obvious in US Citrus' fruit delivery boxes; you might have had oranges, lemons, and limes before, but never like this.

US Citrus offers a few different box options. Some, like the Grande Box, combine Rio Red grapefruit and pineapple oranges. Others, like the Australian Finger Lime Box, only sell the eponymous fruit. As you can tell, US Citrus specializes in unique citrus cultivars you might not have heard of, and reviewers can't get enough of it; comment after comment raves about the fruits' quality. Serious cooks should pay particular attention, as goodies like finger limes and sour oranges have a huge variety of applications in the kitchen and tend to be difficult to get your hands on.

If customers have any complaint, it's that US Citrus' boxes are huge. When you order from this company, you need to prepare for a gigantic quantity of fruit; with the exception of the finger limes box, they're all at least 15 pounds. It should be noted, though, that this offers customers way more fruit for their buck than many competitors. Consider inviting a whole lot of friends over for a citrus-eating party, or have a plan for preservation before you order from US Citrus.

10. Melissa's Produce

Melissa's Produce hamper of apples
Melissa's Produce hamper of apples - Melissa's Produce/Facebook

Melissa's Produce offers way more than just produce -- you can stock your whole kitchen with its massive variety of products. But its fruit is still one of its greatest strengths. This is never more obvious than in its Exotic Fruit Club box. Each monthly box is absolutely packed with delicious treats, many of which you might never have heard of before. Seasonality will affect whatever you get in your box, but some options include cherimoya, goldenberries, feijoas, and chestnuts. Reviewers love its incredible selection, sterling quality, and sturdy packaging.

Melissa's Produce also offers a wide assortment of fruit-centric gift baskets. These baskets are well put together, thoughtfully arranged, and attractive to the eye -- but the most impressive thing about them is, without question, their high-quality fruit. As BostInno reviewer Jessica Dennis put it, " We're not talking supermarket quality basket, we are talking high-end, quality produce -- that's what Melissa's does. Melissa's is an actual produce company, not just a gift basket company, and these people know their kumquats from their clementines!"

What if you're in the mood for a single fruit -- perhaps something rare, like a Pinkglow pineapple or a Buddha's hand citron? You're in luck; Melissa's sells those, too. If you so desire, you can fill your digital cart up with the wildest assemblage of fruit you've ever seen and get it delivered to your door ASAP. And if reviews are anything to go by, it'll all be of lofty quality.

11. Frog Hollow Farm

Frog Hollow Farm fruit box
Frog Hollow Farm fruit box - Frog Hollow Farm

Frog Hollow Farm advertises "legendary fruit" on its website. This is a pretty serious boast, but the company more than lives up to it. Reviewers praise its bounty for being entirely organic, lovingly packed, and, above all, mouthwateringly tasty. This California farm turns out utterly luscious fruit, and lots of it; Frog Hollow Farm grows apples, kiwis, chestnuts, blueberries, pears, apricots, and blood oranges, among other fruits. While this spread isn't as exotic as what certain other companies on this list offer, it's consistently delicious. That counts for a whole lot.

Frog Hollow Farm is also distinguished by its enormous variety of delivery options. Reviewers have given the Fruit of the Month Club particularly high marks, and it's no mystery why; each shipment brings a surprise medley of seasonal fruits at the absolute peak of flavor directly into your kitchen. That's just the beginning of the company's offerings, however. You can also pre-order upcoming seasons' fruit in a range of volumes, purchase multiple deliveries of the same fruit through the Gotta Have My Plums, Apricots, etc. clubs, explore the wide world of peach varieties through the Battle of the Peaches club, and sample a little of everything the farm has to offer through the Farm Box Membership. That's a whole lot of fruit, offered in a whole lot of forms, and at a number of price points. Everyone can find something to love from Frog Hollow Farm, no matter their personal fruit preferences.

12. Pittman & Davis

Pittman & Davis Cara Cara oranges
Pittman & Davis Cara Cara oranges - Pittman & Davis

Many fruit delivery companies seek to dazzle customers through jazzy marketing campaigns, little-known edibles, and towering gift baskets bursting with tons of non-fruit goodies. This isn't a bad approach -- plenty of companies earn a spot on this list because they execute that so well, in fact. But there's something to say for simple fruit, presented at the height of flavor. Pittman & Davis is the premiere example.

This steadfast company offers a range of popular fruit in a mouthwatering number of varieties. If citrus is your thing, for instance, you can choose from Honeybell oranges, Rio Ruby grapefruits, Sol Zest Mandarins, and more. Into pears? Take a look at the Starkrimson, King Comice, Lil' Princess, and D'Anjou varieties. Pittman & Davis isn't totally averse to fancier, not-entirely-fruit offerings -- a pear and Havarti cheese gift, for example, brings dairy into the mix. But even these options stay focused on excellent fruit flavor above all.

This has earned Pittman & Davis a cascade of superlative reviews. Customers have no shortage of compliments for everything from the company's packaging to its range of options. One Trustpilot user even declared ordering from Pittman & Davis to be "yearly the least stressful gifting I do." Over and over again, one thing is made clear: Pittman & Davis is a quality company.

13. Amazing Clubs

Amazing Clubs box of fruit
Amazing Clubs box of fruit - Amazing Clubs

Amazing Clubs' Fruit of the Month Club is, well, amazing. This is impressive on its own, but especially within the company's context; Amazing Clubs offers virtually every single kind of gourmet club in existence. A cursory glance at its website reveals a Hot Sauce Club, a Candle Club, a Beer Club, a Flower Club, a Necktie Club, a Salsa Club, a Popcorn Club, and even a Teddy Bear Club. You might assume this plenitude indicates mediocrity -- how could one company excel at everything from neckties to salsa? But reviewers have made it clear the Fruit of the Month Club, at least, is a triumph.

This Fruit of the Month Club brings two types of fruit to your door per month. By and large, none of its selections are too exotic: Previous selections include nectarines, apples, pomegranates, pears, and mangos. Occasionally, something as offbeat as gooseberries shows up, but largely, this is fruit you've heard of. The quality and presentation are what set it apart. Reviewers rave that this fruit is picked at the peak of flavor and carefully packaged to avoid damage. Notably, each shipment comes with a wealth of information on the fruit itself, who grew it, and some other relevant tidbits. Many reviewers specifically praise it as an excellent gift, either to receive or to purchase for someone else. This could be just the thing to please that hard-to-shop-for loved one in your life.

14. Farm Fresh To You

Farm Fresh To You fruits
Farm Fresh To You fruits - Farm Fresh To You

Farm Fresh To You keeps things simple: organic produce, delivered by box. Said boxes come in a number of different styles, including the Fruit Only box, Traditional CSA, and Snack Pack. More specific options are also available, though what you can get depends on the season. This straightforward approach allows the company to concentrate on what really matters: growing and shipping truly excellent produce. One bite of this fruit makes it clear that it's succeeding.

Reviewers can't get enough of this company's homegrown treats. A Healthy Shelf's rave is emblematic of this praise: "I also kept a few fresh strawberries to the side for snacking. They were sweet, delicate, and satisfying on their own, delivering a burst of flavor once the skin had been pierced." Customers also praise the boxes' customizability, efficient shipping, and variety of fruit. Sadly, Farm Fresh To You doesn't ship outside of California. Those in the Golden State should count themselves lucky and consider putting in an order ASAP.


A variety of different fruit
A variety of different fruit - Aluxum/Getty Images

To come up with this list of fantastic fruit delivery companies, we combed the internet for reviews. Some came from established publications, some came from places like Trustpilot and YouTube, and some came from social media. We looked for companies with the most consistently positive reviews and then took a closer look to learn what these delivery outfits specifically excelled at in such a crowded marketplace. Further investigation of each company revealed information about packaging, customization options, and fruit variety, which all played a role in this list. Finally, we combined the public's opinions on these companies with our own when we had personal experience with the company in question.

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