13 Best Spots To Drink Wine In Paris

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What's better than sipping a cold glass of Sancerre on the sidewalk of a corner bistro in buzzy Paris? Honestly, not much. Paris has a dream of a wine scene offering a treasure trove of options, from unexpected appellations to trending bottles that are hard to get your hands on. Whether you're just looking for a glass at a pre-dinner res, interested in small plates to pair with a bottle, or hoping to stand and sip while talking volatile acidity with the shop owner, Paris has it all.

After numerous trips to Paris spent sipping glasses across arrondissements and chatting with other sommeliers, I've compiled this list as a jumping-off point for any curious visitor; check the end of the article for more information on my methodology. From casual bars to trendy joints to classic bistros, these are some of the best spots to drink wine in Paris.

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Giclette wine glass under light
Giclette wine glass under light - giclettekeller / Instagram

Giclette is a sweet and casual little nook in the 11th with a smart selection of bottles, glass pours, and bistro snacks. A creation of Guillaume Dupré, the vibe is fun and friendly with a hot list of wines to choose from, including some real gems that rotate through the tap, like Brand Bros., Judith Beck, and more. You can grab a glass of effervescent bubbles on tap for as little as €6, or look to the surprisingly extensive bottle collection, where you'll find names like L'Anglore, Anne Paillet, and Sylvain Bock. For a small corkage fee, sip your bottle of choice on-site.

Consider ordering some tip-top snacks from duo Karori Endo and Mika Inaba while you're here. Their refreshing little set includes inari, maki, oysters, a selection of cheeses, and luxurious charcuterie. While Giclette doesn't take reservations, its generous hours seven days a week allow you to walk in before, after, or in between your visits to L'Orangerie and Palais de Tokyo. I highly recommend you wander by during the lunch hour and grab a glass of wine with the set menu. Good vibes, good wine, good food.

+33 1 43 38 20 52

13 Rue Keller, 75011 Paris, France

Septime La Cave

wine bottle selection with prices
wine bottle selection with prices - septimeparis / Instagram

If you didn't make your res for Septime the restaurant six months in advance, don't fret. Turn the corner and find yourself in the delightful Septime la Cave, where you can enjoy a glass or two. Open every day starting at four until late, it's a crammed, candlelit spot where you'll find some of the best bottles around.

The staff is friendly and helpful, and can direct you to the current skin-contact wine by the glass, or help you zone in on a trousseau from a Jura producer you've never heard of. If you're looking to snag a bottle for your dinner party, this is a great selection to peruse. You'll find a lot of classic names here like Ganevat, Mosse, and Radikon, along with ample opportunities to discover new producers or dabble in lesser-known appellations. Need some snacks with your vin? The spot's perfectly simple list of offerings includes a plate of saucisson, cornichons, and beurre. When someone comes around to refill your glass, you may also be asked if you want to put in a pizza order with the rest of the mingling wine drinkers from Louie Louie around the corner. Do.

+33 1 43 67 14 87

3 Rue Basfroi, 75011 Paris, France

Chambre Noire

three wine bottles on bar
three wine bottles on bar - chambrenoireparis / Instagram

Chambre Noire has been front and center of the hip natural wine scene for a few years now. Found in an airy yet warm space in Ménilmontant, it's full of bottles from floor to ceiling, cozy tables, and a tiny, bustling open kitchen. It's a younger crowd, so if you want to fit in, wear those new '90s jeans you just bought, or something along those lines. Regardless of what you're wearing, though, you'll enjoy the fun vibe. The energy and people overflow onto the sidewalk well into the night.

Oliver Lomeli curates a dreamy selection of bottles for purchase here. You can choose from household names or have them pour you something new and curious from Marto, Kindeli, or whatever they're splashing from the fridge. Wondering why you should drink natural wine, that current darling of the scene? You'll get your answer here. Guest chefs rotate in and out of the kitchen, making a handful of signature dishes from their home restaurants to pair with the wine. Get in on this and order a few things for dinner or late-night bites. It's closed Sunday through Monday, though, so plan accordingly. Take note: A little sister concept, Centre Culturel, recently opened up on Bd de la Villette.

+33 1 47 00 00 00

4 Bd Jules Ferry, 75011 Paris, France

Aux Deux Amis

Aux Deux Amis red awning
Aux Deux Amis red awning - auxdeuxamis / Instagram

If you haven't explored much of the Paris natural wine scene and are wondering where to start, head over to Aux Deux Amis and become quickly smitten. This iconic Paris bistro is buzzing with energy pretty much perpetually. Casual, but with an extensive wine list and a playful, ever-evolving menu, this lively gathering place is the vision of David Loyola. It's the type of place where you really feel like you've dived head-first into that Parisian life, glass in hand.

Between glass pours and bottles, you'll find names like Brutal, Matassa, Foillard, and many more. This is a fun place to have the staff pour you something they love right now; you might just find you love it too, and will likely discover some other new gems along the way. When it comes to the food menu, the casual theme continues in the best of ways. A la carte morsels like tuna tartare, bone marrow, croquettes, and jambon and beurre will keep you fed and happy.

+33 1 58 30 38 13

45 Rue Oberkampf, 75011 Paris, France


wine bottles and seasonal produce
wine bottles and seasonal produce - jonesrestaurantparis / Instagram

Jones has been around for a while. The space is hip and cheery without being overdone, and its personality and menu change every few years when new chefs take hold of the kitchen. The wine list, compiled by Damien Lacour, has also evolved into a fun and classic selection that will excite any wine enthusiast. With Alsatian and Rhône numbers for as little as €6 a glass, you can generously explore appellations and grapes throughout the evening. Need a little direction? Ask and you will receive.

We highly recommend you book a table for one of the two dinner seatings and dive into both the wine and food menu, currently under Italian influence thanks to chef Riccardo Ferrante. Expect to find items like arancini, radicchio and citrus salads, handmade pasta in innovative sauces, and a series of glorious anchovies. Open Monday through Saturday, you can also visit Jones at lunch.

+33 9 80 75 32 08

43 Rue Godefroy Cavaignac, 75011 Paris, France

Early June

sunny window with wine bottles
sunny window with wine bottles - earlyjuneparis / Instagram

Early June is a new sweetheart of the 10th and a must-visit. The space is just tight enough to feel intimate, with an open kitchen at the center of the main room. Rotating guest chefs -- the spot's main premise -- bring vastly different menus to guests over the year. Genius? We think so. Its natural wine list isn't overly ambitious, but it offers just enough variety whether you're looking for a glass pour or a bottle. An ice bucket sits on top of the chef's counter, with the evening's bottles chilled and floating within it. I recommended starting with bubbles, because why not? Proceed to work your way through the glass pours throughout the rest of the evening.

The food menu changes dramatically, depending on who's cooking. Guest chefs who have come through include Susan Kim and Adam Purcell. You can be sure that whatever comes out of the kitchen, there will always be a good wine to pair it with. The one tough thing about Early June is that everyone wants in, so expect a wait unless you're going with a crowd and can make a reservation in advance. Get your name on the list -- the food and wine are some of the best in Paris.

+33 1 42 85 40 74

19 Rue Jean Poulmarch, 75010 Paris, France

Le Comptoir Des Caves Legrand

wine bottle window display
wine bottle window display - caveslegrand / Instagram

Something of a Paris institution, Le Comptoir des Caves Legrand is a place for a formal tasting, a source of beautifully plated meals, and a bottle shop, all under one roof. This is where to go if you're looking for some really classic names, including those spendy and hard-to-find types of champagne. It's also a great spot for beginners who are curious about French wine. What's more, it's in the grand setting of the Galerie Vivienne in the 2nd arrondissement, and it wears the 19th century architecture like a glove.

Arnaud Tronche heads the prestigious wine program, curating a list that will impress the wine connoisseur and wow the novice. If you're bottle shopping, take advantage of one of the sommeliers on staff and ask them to direct you. They're very helpful, and if you have time to do a deep dive into the collection, they'll engage in conversations about terroir, vintages, and more. We believe stopping in for a cold glass of Sancerre or a Burgundy post-museum visit caps a day off perfectly.

+33 1 42 60 07 12

1 Rue de la Banque, 75002 Paris, France

La Cave Du Daron

wine bottle window display
wine bottle window display - lecavedudaron / Instagram

The quaint creation of Frédéric Malpart, Le Cave du Daron is an unassuming bottle shop stuffed to the brim with an array of wines that will make you swoon. The little bar feels perfectly Parisian with bottles up to the ceiling and full cases to navigate on the floor. This is a natural wine mecca where you're sure to find something you've never seen before that will rocket to the top of your to-drink list. Expect names like Yann Bertrand, Domaine Rostaing Tayard, and Celler Frisach. You'll also find an abundant selection of bottles in the €20 price range.

This isn't just a bottle shop, though. Grab a stool at the bar and chat with the owner or bartender of the night while you nibble a selection of cheeses and charcuterie. Take advantage of both sides of this spot by lingering amongst the boxes while you sip your gamay and pick the brain of whoever is on that evening. You'll inevitably soak up new wine knowledge in this setting, even without trying.

+33 1 48 06 26 81

140 Ave Parmentier, 75011 Paris, France

Le Bistrot Paul Bert

waiter holding two vegetarian plates
waiter holding two vegetarian plates - bistrotpaulbert / Instagram

Is there a more classic bistro than Le Bistrot Paul Bert? I think not. The short, cute street it calls home features a handful of great eateries and shops, but this spot takes the cake. If you're new to Paris or just really want to experience the city at its most magical, this is the place to go. You'll find white-draped tablecloths for dinner, mirrors and sconces on the wall, and a glossy bar that becomes quaintly cluttered with more and more glassware as the night goes on. Even before you open the wine list, you'll be charmed.

Said wine list is exclusively French, with everything from bubbles by Pierre Gerbais to trendy glou glou bottles. Ideally, your company will throw down for a bottle or two, as this ensures you'll have a broader selection to choose from. Whatever you choose, you'll get to pair it with the kind of French dishes everyone needs to try at least once, like tartare, scallops, and frites. Le Bistrot Paul Bert is closed on Sunday and Monday and guaranteed to be busy every other day, so reservations are a must. Whether you go for a long lunch or a bustling dinner, you're sure to bookmark this spot for a repeat visit.

+33 1 43 72 24 01

18 Rue Paul Bert, 75011 Paris, France

Au Petit Rozey

sausage links and wine bottles
sausage links and wine bottles - aupetitrozey / Instagram

Nestled on the edge of the Montmartre neighborhood, Au Petit Rozey is a young wine bar with an old soul. The space really takes you back in time with its stone walls, aged wooden beams, and collection of saucisson hanging from the ceiling. Stéphane Rozey has curated a large selection of French wines to choose from, many of which are natural wines. There's also a handful of additional wines in the mix from neighboring Italy and other countries. If something catches your eye right off the bat, by all means, taste away. But, if you're unsure what to order and need a little direction, this is one of the best wine bars to ask for recommendations within. You're sure to be guided to something that tickles your palate.

Feeling snacky? Au Petit Rozey delivers on this front as well. Charcuterie boards with pâté, seemingly every variety of saucisson you can imagine, salami, and a series of artisanal cheeses are available, along with vegetable-forward shared plates. Come for the wine, dabble in the charcuterie, and stay for the beats pumping out of the record player. Au Petit Rozey has it all, making it one of the best places to drink wine in Paris.

+33 1 42 46 44 45

43 Rue Lemercier, 75017 Paris, France


DJ inside dimly lit bar
DJ inside dimly lit bar - stereoparis / Instagram

If vinyl and wine is your recipe for a perfect night out, Stéréo is a must. Notably, it has more of a polished, upscale vibe than many other vinyl-spinning bars. If you're looking to order some of the small plates and wine, it's best to book a seat. The wine list is expansive, containing numerous renditions of chardonnay, Jura gems, and funky foreign pet-nats. It also includes short descriptions, encouraging the curious drinker. If you're not sure which direction to take, the staff is eager to help.

A showy menu of shared plates features Italian capocollo, unique Comté cheese, a glorified croque monsieur, seasonal vegetable creations, and a handful of other dishes that come and go. This is a place you can stay within well into the dinner hour, happily filling up on small plates and sampling different wines. You'll likely do just that, in fact -- the candlelit, music-filled ambiance has a way of sucking you in.

+33 1 42 81 13 87

43 Rue Notre Dame de Lorette, 75009 Paris, France

Bar Etna

Bar Etna interior
Bar Etna interior - etna_baravin / Instagram

Located just across the river in the 6th, Bar Etna is a cute and casual ode to 1950s Sicily nestled in the streets of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. While the warm-toned wood and corduroy upholstery definitely feel of the era, the wine list branches far beyond it. Etna is a great pre or post-dinner stop; you're sure to find a quality glass for €10. Explore the nightly pours, of which there's always a generous amount. If you find yourself staying late -- sucked in by the visiting DJ, perhaps -- get a whole bottle.

You'll find things like Mariotti's Smarazen, juicy gamays, gems from Slovenia and the Czech Republic, and fizzy Loire renditions from Sebastien Bobinet, Emeline Calvez, and Bruno Richard. The food menu is just as good, but with slightly more allegiance to Italy. Small plates of burrata and tomatoes, shiny anchovies, and loose piles of prosciutto are on offer. Vinergons occasionally stop in to chat and pour their wines, which adds another dimension to the bar.

+33 1 46 34 84 52

33 Rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris, France

Bar Principal

Bar Principal outdoor seating
Bar Principal outdoor seating - barprincipalparis / Instagram

A lively and beloved bar in the 11th, Bar Principal is a dream on a warm summer night when the crowds spill onto the sidewalk and everyone has a wine glass in hand. This bar sits next door to its successful Brazilian steakhouse counterpart, Brutos, which it plays well off of as the more casual, come-and-go spot. The wine list is French-heavy, starring multiple must-drink natural wine producers from Loire and Beaujolais. You'll also find clutch bottles from northeastern Italy and northern Spain. Despite having a smaller selection than other spots across the city, Bar Principal still boasts an impressive diversity of options. You're sure to find something you're into, whether it's yeasty bubbles, glou glou gamay, or a heady skin-maceration wine.

The food menu is unmistakably influenced by Brutos, with a bit of French flair interjected here and there. It will more than satisfy all your snacking needs with shareable plates like tapioca cheese balls, seasonal gnocchi dishes, crispy fried polenta, and burnished carnivore options. If your group is in search of craft cocktails in addition to wine, this is also a great spot.

+33 1 48 06 98 97

5 Rue du Général Renault, 75011 Paris, France


wine pouring into glass
wine pouring into glass - barmalini/Shutterstock

To compile this list, I chatted with local food and wine professionals and visited a handful of wine bars, caves, and restaurants across Paris. While at these spots, I sampled glasses of wine, browsed their lists, and sampled many small plates. I also made sure to consider and incorporate a wide range of options into this list, encompassing daytime and late night places and multiple price points. After careful consideration of these many factors, I assembled what I believe to be a great introduction to the Paris wine scene.

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