30 Bible Verses to Calm Anxieties and Offer Strength

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Call it anxiety or worry — we all experience it — some to a greater degree than others. In understanding our humanness, God, Jesus, disciple Paul, and others, share their nuggets of wisdom throughout the Bible about how to deal with anxiety. To help in your own struggles of stress and concern, we’ve handpicked a few of our favorite Bible verses about anxiety to read when you need guidance or to quell your mind of intrusive thoughts.

Many of these verses touch upon trust, faith, and encouragement, all of which are pillars of God’s great nature. So when the world feels all-consuming, and you can’t seem to catch your breath, lean on God and these Bible verses to help you get through. This can be done through daily prayer, meditation for anxiety, or trust in the Lord’s plan. Because He has one for you, even when you cannot see it. Navigating these mental health struggles can be difficult, but know that God is right alongside you every step of the way.

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If you believe you're experiencing an anxiety attack or are concerned about your health, please call 911. If you have anxiety, you may need to speak with a mental health professional. You can find help and learn more about anxiety by visiting the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

Matthew 10:19

“Whenever they hand you over, don’t worry about how to speak or what you will say because what you can say will be given to you at that moment.”

The Good News: Many people struggle with social anxiety related to interactions with others. This can manifest through questions such as, ‘Did I say the right thing?’ ‘Was I awkward?’ ‘Could they tell I was nervous?’ Trust that in those moments of anxiety, God will give you the right words to say. All you have to do is speak them with confidence.

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Jeremiah 17:8

“They will be like trees planted by the streams, whose roots reach down to the water. They won’t fear drought when it comes; their leaves will remain green. They won’t be stressed in the time of drought or fail to bear fruit.”

The Good News: Feel steadfast with your trust in the Lord. He will ground you, guide you, and lead you where you are meant to go. Let the stress roll off your back like the wind through the trees.

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2 Corinthians 12:10

“Therefore, I’m all right with weaknesses, insults, disasters, harassments, and stressful situations for the sake of Christ, because when I’m weak, then I’m strong.”

The Good News: Vulnerability is important. No one is invincible; it’s part of what makes us human. By recognizing that, your anxiety can become a tool rather than a hindrance. It’s your body’s way of saying, ‘Let’s approach this situation with caution.’ And what a gift it is to have a mind that is so in tune with the world.

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Deuteronomy 31:8

“But the Lord is the one who is marching before you! He is the one who will be with you! He won’t let you down. He won’t abandon you. So don’t be afraid or scared!”

The Good News: Even when you feel alone, know that God is walking right alongside you, ready to help, comfort, and support. Let Him be your shoulder to lean on in times of stress and loneliness.

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Hebrews 10:31

“It’s scary to fall into the hands of the living God!”

The Good News: Anxiety is often caused by the unknown, and while it may be scary to implement, the answer to your anxiety is to have faith. Lean into the unknown, and trust that God will catch you when you need Him.

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Jeremiah 29:11

“I know the plans I have in mind for you, declares the Lord; they are plans for peace, not disaster, to give you a future filled with hope.”

The Good News: The future can be scary but know that God has a plan for you — one that is filled with wonderful things that will bring you peace and joy. Carry that knowledge with you when worry starts to creep in.

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Philippians 1:20

“It is my expectation and hope that I won’t be put to shame in anything. Rather, I hope with daring courage that Christ’s greatness will be seen in my body, now as always, whether I live or die.”

The Good News: In times of uncertainty, all we can do is hope that with every step we take, God is both with us and in us, guiding us to where we need to be — whether that is a moment of great joy or a lesson to be learned.

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Matthew 11:28-30

“Come to me, all you who are struggling hard and carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest. Put on my yoke, and learn from me. I’m gentle and humble. And you will find rest for yourselves. My yoke is easy to bear, and my burden is light.”

The Good News: Often our worries extend beyond us. They encompass struggles of family and friends, such as a friend’s new relationship, a child’s big game, or a partner’s work presentation. But it is important in those moments to recognize what weight is yours to carry and what is not. While you can listen and support others during their times of worry, you must release yourself of their anxieties. Jesus will carry whatever burdens they cannot.

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2 Corinthians 2:4

“I wrote to you in tears, with a very troubled and anxious heart. I didn’t write to make you sad but so you would know the overwhelming love that I have for you.”

The Good News: The beauty of our anxiety is that it is often rooted in love. We worry for the ones we care about — a constant reminder of our ability to care for others.

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Psalm 23:4

"Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I fear no danger because you are with me. Your rod and your staff — they protect me."

The Good News: Even the hardest moments in your life will be made better by having God by your side. He will not let you down.

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Psalm 139:23

"Examine me, God! Look at my heart! Put me to the test! Know my anxious thoughts!"

The Good News: When you fully embrace God, He knows your whole being — everything you fear and worry about; He can then help you through your tough times.

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Psalm 55:22

"Cast your burden on the Lord — he will support you! God will never let the righteous be shaken!"

The Good News: When you have troubles in your life, pray to God to help you shoulder that load. He is there to lend support.

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Isaiah 40:31

"But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength; they will fly up on wings like eagles; they will run and not be tired; they will walk and not be weary."

The Good News: Those who have faith that the Lord watches over them shall have the strength to overcome fear.

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Isaiah 41:10

"Don't fear, because I am with you; don't be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will surely help you; I will hold you with my righteous strong hand."

The Good News: Even amid the anxious times in life, God is always beside you, ready to help.

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Psalm 94:19

"When my anxieties multiply, your comforting calms me down."

The Good News: The knowledge that the Lord is always watching will quell the anxieties plaguing your mind.

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John 14:1

"Don't be troubled. Trust in God. Trust also in me."

The Good News: Believe in yourself, just as you believe in God, for you have the power within yourself to overcome obstacles.

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Psalm 34:4

"I sought the Lord, and He answered me. He delivered me from all my fears."

The Good News: As long as you look to God for solace and believe in His presence, He will always deliver peace to an anxious mind and body.

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Isaiah 35:4

"Say to those who are panicking: 'Be strong! Don't fear! Here's your God, coming with vengeance; with divine retribution. God will come to save you.'"

The Good News: God will show up when you need Him. He will deliver you from your worries.

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Psalm 56:3

"Whenever I'm afraid, I put my trust in you."

The Good News: You can turn to God when you are anxious and know that He will be there for you no matter what.

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Matthew 6:27

"Who among you by worrying can add a single moment to your life?"

The Good News: Worrying about what could be can often take away from the present moment. So focus on what you can control — how you enjoy your life right now.

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1 Peter 5:7

"Throw all your anxiety onto him, because he cares about you."

The Good News: Not only does God not want you to worry, but He wants you to put your worries onto Him to deal with. He will take that burden away from you.

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Hebrews 13:6

"This is why we can confidently say, 'The Lord is my helper, and I won't be afraid. What can people do to me?'"

The Good News: What earthly troubles can hurt you when God is on your side? Your anxiety will never win against Him.

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2 Thessalonians 3:16

"May the Lord of peace himself give you peace always in every way. The Lord be with all of you."

The Good News: If you have God's peace in your heart, you need not be troubled or worried. You have God to count on in every situation.

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Philippians 4:6

"Don't be anxious about anything; rather, bring up all of your requests to God in your prayers and petitions, along with giving thanks."

The Good News: If you feel anxious, you must let God know about your troubles. He will guide you.

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Proverbs 12:25

"Anxiety leads to depression, but a good word encourages."

The Good News: Often, you worry about what lies ahead and whether you can achieve all you want. Faith in the Lord should take away those troubles. He knows what your path will be, and you have to trust in Him to get you there.

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Psalm 34:17

"When the righteous cry out, the Lord listens; he delivers them from all their troubles."

The Good News: You don't have to suffer alone or in silence. If you speak to the Lord, He will hear you and help.

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Matthew 6:34

"Therefore, stop worrying about tomorrow because tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

The Good News: When you're experiencing a tough time, it can be hard to see beyond that. But you should try to focus on the positive things around you, to help you see that your troubles are not all-consuming.

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Matthew 6:25

"Therefore, I say to you, 'Don't worry about your life, what you'll eat or what you'll drink, or about your body, what you'll wear. Isn't life more than food and the body more than clothes?'"

The Good News: Most of the things you worry about are small things. In the grand scheme of life, they are not worth your stress.

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Joshua 1:9

“I’ve commanded you to be brave and strong, haven’t I? Don’t be alarmed or terrified because the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

The Good News: We are all born with God's great gifts, and one of those gifts is strength. Everything you need to overcome your anxiety is already within you, all you have to do is be brave and harness your gifts.

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John 14:27

“Peace I leave with you. My peace I give you. I give to you not as the world gives. Don’t be troubled or afraid.”

The Good News: The world is not always peaceful. But a life with God will offer you calm whenever chaos becomes overwhelming.

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