The 14 Biggest Wedding Fails of All Time

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The Biggest Wedding Fails of All TimeImgur

All weddings are glorious and beautiful. Truly! All of them! But whether you spend years or months or days planning yours, something is bound to go wrong. Sometimes, though, those things end up making the day even more perfect than you could've hoped for. With that, I give you a few of the most glorious, viral wedding and proposal "fails" of all time.

The Silliest "Make a Silly Face!" Face of All Time

With every wedding comes the requisite "make a silly face, y'all!" bridesmaid pic. One unnamed member of this particular bridal party not only took the requisite funny pic thing to the next level (as captured by photographer Justine Sidella), but she also made a meme of it and posted it to Reddit. Coolest. Bridesmaid. Ever.

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This Third-Wheeling BFF...

This photo shoot (by Lindsay Berger with Country Roads Photography) somehow manages to capture both the love this couple has for each other and combine it with the very real anxiety of how your life changes when you get married. Right? Right???

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...Who Turned Out to Be a Third-Wheeling Best Man

By the way, the letters on their shoes are Photoshopped. Funnest idea ever, no?

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This Groom's Makeshift Wedding Suit

After Delta allegedly lost his wedding day suit en route to Iceland (where he and his new wife were having a celebration abroad), this dude's insane story ended up on Imgur. His outfit was eventually found in Germany (?!), and the airline apologized. But hey, having to wear undergarments on his wedding day was worth it for the picture alone, don't you think?

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This Bride and Groom Who Got "Upstaged" at Their Wedding

Do you remember this story? It went INSANELY viral back in 2015. The Internet was enraged that someone might attempt to steal a couple's spotlight at their own wedding. It turns out, the proposal in question was from the best man to the bride's sister, and the newlyweds knew it was going to happen all along. Congrats, guys?!

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When Prince George Was Cry-Shamed at His Aunt Pippa's Wedding

It's unclear what exactly prompted the crying, but goodness, the pictures of Kate Middleton scolding him are cute. It seems like George, then 3, held his own throughout the entire ceremony, but by the end, broke the heck down in front of a bunch of cameras. Yes, this qualifies as a "wedding fail" in Royals World.

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This Butterfingers Fiancé

This couple's story blew up in the fall of 2017 when this sweet, sweet man planned a delightful proposal, got down on one knee, and asked the love of his life to marry him... on a slotted, old bridge. He dropped the $3,000 ring into the river below, which spurned a very sad, very viral video (and, later, a re-do on Jimmy Kimmel, so it's fine).

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This HILARIOUS Fake Proposal!!!

"I set a trap for my girlfriend in my sock drawer on laundry day, she fell for it," Brandon Griffin captioned this photo. Turns out, he knew his girlfriend would think it was hilarious. The two were expecting their first child at the time and had a good laugh about it all (while the internet was aghast for a hot sec).


When Diana Forgot Prince Charles's Name at Their Wedding

Yeah, so she called him "Philip Charles Arthur George" instead of his name, which is "Charles Philip." Listen, it happens! I mean, at my wedding, I — yeah, no, I called my husband by his correct name. But I'm sure it happens!! It must!

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This Invite That'll Forever Upset Grammar Nerds

Imagine putting all time, energy, and money you have into wedding invites (as people sometimes do), and getting back a gorgeous, expensive batch of invitations... with the worst and most famous grammar error of all time!!!! If you're not seeing it, here's a hint: It's definitely THERE.

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This Horse and His Big-Ass Smile

Everything about this picture is great, from the beautiful bride to the flawless makeup to the hugely smiling horse whose name is Cricket. Yeah, Cricket and his smile went so viral, he was described as "practically stealing [his owner's] thunder."

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This "First Look" Pajama Prank

I am forevermore obsessed with the idea of turning the tables so that a groom has to take six hours to get ready for his wedding, and his bride rolls up for their first pictures together that day wearing some comfy AF pajamas. For example, these guys (who were shot by Molly McElenney)!

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This More Recent Wedding Engagement

Again, the Internet was up in arms about someone having the balls to propose at another person's wedding. That said, these gorgeous ugly-crying pictures — shot by Ross Dance Photography — went viral, and the bride was very much in on the plan.

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Ross Dance Photography

This Drone Proposal Gone Very Wrong

Not much is known about what happened here, other than that a person who planned to propose to his partner did not know how to operate his drone. In his own words, "just as I got down on my knee, the drone crashed to the ground, missing all the action." He's not lying — you see one of his knees at the most pivotal moment... and that's it.:)

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