14 Discontinued Costco Products We May Never Eat Again

Costco store with foods
Costco store with foods - Static Media/Shutterstock/Facebook

Costco giveth and Costco taketh away. Since opening its warehouse doors in 1983, Costco has stocked its shelves and food courts with a wide range of products, many of which have become beloved classics -- like its $1.50 hot dog and drink combo. However, the wholesale club has also discontinued its fair share of items, leaving nothing but a distant memory of said products in the minds, hearts, and stomachs of loyal customers.

There are several reasons why the store might not carry a particular product any more. Supplier issues, space constraints, economic considerations, and product performance are just a few reasons why Costco may discontinue an item. In addition, Costco isn't afraid to axe a product that is poorly reviewed by customers. Still, despite these reasons, it's always sad to see a fan-favorite disappear forever. With that in mind, here are some discontinued Costco items that you may never again see on store shelves or in the food court.

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All-American Chocolate Cake

Kirkland All American Chocolate Cake
Kirkland All American Chocolate Cake - Jami Gold/X, formerly known as Twitter

Nothing on this list represents Costco more than its All-American Chocolate Cake. This fudgy monstrosity, which weighed in at upwards of 7 pounds, could have easily fed 20 or more people, making it the go-to cake for birthday parties, holiday get-togethers, and more. It was also a chocolate lover's dream, consisting of a brownie batter-like frosting smeared over a chocolate sponge cake and chocolate shaving garnish. It was a beloved customer favorite, up until Costco discontinued the All-American Chocolate Cake in 2020.

Although Costco never stated exactly why it removed the All-American Chocolate Cake from stores, several factors may be behind the wholesale club's decision. For one, the COVID-19 pandemic meant fewer celebrations requiring a 7-pound chocolate cake. Additionally, baking-related product sales jumped up 24% during the pandemic, meaning more people were turning to at-home baking for the times they actually needed a cake (via Packaged Facts). Lastly, Costco, like other supermarket chains, experienced supply chain issues during the pandemic, which meant cutting inventory and making room for highly sought-after items. Others suspect that Costco never brought back the cake after the pandemic because it wasn't as much of a top-seller as previously thought, which left the brand to discontinue it in favor of more popular products.


Costco churro on white paper
Costco churro on white paper - Big J Reviews/YouTube

Churros have long been a staple on Costco's food court menu. Although the treat took a brief hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic, Costco reintroduced the cinnamon sugar delight in 2021. Fans around the world rejoiced as the new dessert was 20% larger than the previous offering and boasted an even fluffier interior. However, not all customers were happy with the change, as the bigger size brought a higher price tag. Instead of $1, shoppers had to fork over $1.49 to try this treat. Still, the sheer size of the churro kept bringing customers back for more. That is until Costco decided to take the item off its menu in 2024.

Rumors about the change from the churro to another food court sweet started circling around Reddit in late December 2023. Unfortunately for fans of the twisted cinnamon churro, that rumor was true. Costco started quietly pulling the churro from its menu nationwide and replacing it with a giant chocolate chip cookie. Naturally, this move has prompted backlash from fans who both disliked the new cookie and the company's decision to discontinue the churros.

Combo Pizza

Costco combo pizza
Costco combo pizza - olli/X, formerly known as Twitter

Besides Costco's $1.50 hot dog combo, the best deal at the food court is arguably either the $1.99 pizza slice or the $9.95 18-inch pie. While customers can choose between cheese or pepperoni for their pie, there was a time when they had another choice. At one point, Costco offered a combo pizza option topped with pepperoni, sausage, and a mix of veggies. Despite being a fan-favorite item, Costco discontinued the combo pizza in 2020 for reasons unknown.

Whether operational considerations were at play or a change in customer preferences, Costco has kept the combo pizza off its menu ever since. Undoubtedly, this has sparked online petitions and social media outreach urging the wholesale club to bring the beloved offering back. While such an outcry isn't likely to sway the company, rumors have been swirling lately that the pizza may return in some capacity. In a now-deleted Reddit post, a user claiming to be a Costco employee shared a photo of a company memo revealing the debut of a new take-and-bake combo pizza that was to be sold in the store's deli sections. The Redditor also shared that these new pizzas were going to hit stores soon, but it's clear that this rumor may be no more than false hope. No combo pizzas have been spotted yet.

BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich

Costco BBQ beef brisket sandwich
Costco BBQ beef brisket sandwich - K O/YouTube

Costco brought barbecue to its food courts in the form of a BBQ beef brisket sandwich. And by all accounts, it was pretty good. The sandwich, served in a white cardboard ring, featured smokey brisket coated in tangy barbecue sauce and coleslaw sandwiched between a pillowy bun. Given the size of the sandwich and its $4.99 price tag, it was a big hit with customers.

Although the item was only ever offered at select locations, Costco completely removed it from the food court by the spring of 2020. As to why the wholesale club stopped selling the item, no reason was ever given; however, certain factors may be behind the decision. One Reddit user shared that the sandwiches were harder to prep than "making 50 chocolate nut-covered ice cream bars in a row." Therefore, accounting for the cost of food and labor, Costco may have felt the sandwich wasn't worth the effort. Others believe that the product may have been a seasonal item geared towards attracting customers into stores.

Hand-Dipped Ice Cream Bars

Costco hand dipped ice cream bars
Costco hand dipped ice cream bars - Costco's Hand Dipped Ice Cream Bar/Facebook

Once upon a time, Costco offered hand-dipped ice cream bars at its food courts nationwide. These delicious ice cream bars were covered in chocolate and rolled in roasted almonds. Plus, at only $1.50 per bar, they were a great treat for both your taste buds and your wallet. However, like so many other legendary products, Costco discontinued the ice cream bars in 2013. Though, these frozen treats remain a distant memory in the hearts of shoppers everywhere.

Although Costco has never officially stated why it removed the hand-dipped ice cream bars, news sources have speculated that the rising cost of dairy and almonds played a major role in Costco's decision to pull the item. Since the removal of the ice cream bars, fans have taken to the internet to lament their anger and frustrations. User even started a Facebook page entitled, "Bring Back Costco Ice Cream Bars." Fans also started an online petition urging Costco to bring back the item. Unfortunately, neither of these efforts has worked since the ice cream bars remain absent from food court menus.

Polish Dogs

Costco Polish Dog
Costco Polish Dog - Save The Costco Polish Hot Dog/Facebook

It's no secret that Costco's hot dog sales are downright impressive. For just $1.50, customers can enjoy an all-beef hot dog and 20-ounce fountain drink, making it the best deal at the food court. While that price has stood the test of time, the options within the combo have certainly changed. At one time, customers could have opted for a Polish sausage instead of the all-beef hot dog. While similar to a regular hot dog, a Polish dog is made with a thicker, more kielbasa-like sausage.

In 2018, Costco discontinued the Polish dog from its food court. Unlike other items on this list, the wholesale club actually gave a reason as to why it axed the product. On its customer service page, the brand cites that in an effort to "simplify [its] menu and make room for healthier options," it had to remove the Polish dog. Unfortunately, this explanation has not gone over well with customers who still bemoan the loss of the celebrated dog. Though, Costco locations in Canada still offer the Polish dog, which means it may be time to renew your passport.

Hot Turkey And Provolone Sandwich

Costco Hot Turkey and Provolone Sandwich
Costco Hot Turkey and Provolone Sandwich - Eric Broder Van Dyke/Shutterstock

The hot turkey and provolone sandwich was once a beloved item in Costco's food courts. The sandwich, which featured sliced turkey breast, fresh tomato, and red onion served on a grilled bun dripping with mayo and pesto spread, was a staple item for many shoppers. But, as with many other items on this list, Costco removed the sandwich from its food court menus during the COVID-19 pandemic. Why the wholesale club has yet to bring the sandwich back remains a mystery.

Costco never explicitly stated why it hasn't brought back the hot turkey and provolone sandwich, which is odd given the item's popularity. From TikTok to Reddit, fans of the sandwich have taken to social media to express their frustrations and hopefully sway Costco's decision. Unfortunately, if one Redditor is correct in saying the sandwich wasn't "cost effective nor labor effective," then the wholesale retailer is unlikely to put it back on the menu. However, news broke in February 2024 that Costco was adding a new turkey and Swiss sandwich to its menu. But, it just isn't the same as the original sandwich.

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels

Costco Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel
Costco Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel - Viktory Panchenko/Shutterstock

Before the beloved churro, Costco had another cinnamon treat on its food court menu: the cinnamon sugar pretzel. These soft twists featured a thick layer of cinnamon and powdered sugar, making them the perfect mix of savory and sweet. Although the cinnamon sugar pretzels were a fan-favorite item, Costco pulled them from the menu more than 10 years ago.

The story behind what happened to the Costco cinnamon sugar pretzel has never been spelled out. However, speculation points towards cost being a major factor. It seems the pretzels may not have been cost effective to make, which inevitably put them on the chopping block. In addition, the cinnamon sugar pretzels were replaced by the churro, so Costco may have been trying to make room  for new options on its menu. Instead of offering two cinnamon treats at the food court, the retailer most likely decided to remove the pretzels. While the store's decision didn't sit well with some customers at first, the churros would go on to become another beloved favorite. So, maybe Costco made the right decision after all.

Açai Bowl

Costco acai bowl
Costco acai bowl - Costco's Hand Dipped Ice Cream Bar/Facebook

In 2018, Costco added another type of treat to its food court. But this one was different than the others because it offered a more nutrient-dense option for customers. The açai bowls were made with fresh fruit, granola, and banana chips. The bowls sold for $4.99 each and were not particularly well-liked by many Costco-goers. Fans specifically had problems with the açai base, which some folks found to be very artificial tasting. Others were quick to poke fun at the high sugar content of the bowl (around 30 grams), which seemingly backtracked on the promise of something healthy.

Given the backlash by fans, the açai bowls only lasted on the food court menu for two years before they were officially discontinued in 2020. Still, despite the negative reviews, the bowls had some fans who genuinely enjoyed the flavor of this fruit-forward offering and wanted it to be put back on the menu.

Kirkland Take-And-Bake Pizza

Costco Take and Bake Pizza
Costco Take and Bake Pizza - True North Due South/YouTube

Why order a hot pizza from the food court only to have it get cold by the time you get home? Take-and-bake pizza solves this dilemma. Instead of an 18-inch pie or individual slice, Costco shoppers could, at one point, grab a pizza from the deli section and make it at home. Costco's take-and-bake pizzas, which were sold under the Kirkland brand, came in either cheese or pepperoni and offered the convenience of a frozen pizza but the fresh taste of a made-to-order pie. While Costco discontinued the take-and-bake pizza several years ago for unknown reasons, there may have been a few factors behind its decision.

It appears Costco's take-and-bake pizzas were not as well-liked as their food court cousins -- at least on social media. Commenters on one Reddit post comparing both versions were clear to note that the individual slices were far superior to the take-and-bake pies. One user even said the latter was for "people you do not like but have to give something to." If the negative reviews are true, then the take-and-bake pizzas were probably not selling well, which led Costco to discontinue them. However, rumors have been circulating that Costco may be offering its combo pizza as a take-and-bake option in its deli section, which means these pizzas may make a comeback sometime soon.

Kirkland Signature Turkey Burgers

Kirkland Signature Turkey Burgers
Kirkland Signature Turkey Burgers - Kirkland Signature

Turkey burgers are a great alternative to beef burgers, which is why Costco began selling the turkey variety in its stores under the Kirkland banner of products. By all accounts, the Kirkland Signature turkey burgers were well-received by customers who loved the taste and flavor of them. Plus, they contained only four ingredients, making them a great option for shoppers looking for a less-processed patty. Unfortunately, Costco discontinued the item, which sparked outrage amongst shoppers -- some of whom even started a online petition begging for the burgers' return.

Why Costco discontinued the Kirkland Signature turkey burgers is unknown. However, it's most likely because they were replaced by another product: the Columbus seasoned turkey burgers. While that may seem like disappointing news to some, others are actually pleased by the new product. One Reddit user even shared that the Columbus burgers were "by far the best turkey burger on the market."

Kirkland Fruit & Nut Medley

Kirkland Signature fruit and nut medley
Kirkland Signature fruit and nut medley - Kirkland Signature

Costco is known for offering products in massive quantities, and its Kirkland Signature fruit and nut medley was no exception. This Kirkland item, weighing in at 3 pounds, featured an array of peanuts, walnuts, almonds, apples, kiwis, pineapples, and more. The item was so well-liked by customers that it inspired a Reddit post in 2024 reflecting on the once-delicious offering. One user stated how they could easily "crush like half a bag" of the medley in a single gaming session. Another user quipped that they were "heading to Congress tomorrow morning to begin lobbying" for Costco to bring the item back.

No reason was officially given when Costco discontinued the dried fruit and nut mix in 2014. However, speculation points towards Costco's pricing system as the issue. Agricultural products, such as those found in the medley, typically have massive swings in prices due to several reasons, including supply chain issues or climate conditions. Since Costco strives to keep prices as low as possible for customers, perhaps it was just too costly to keep offering the fruit and nut medley on its shelves.

Kirkland Signature American Cheese

Kirkland Signature American cheese
Kirkland Signature American cheese - Kirkland Signature

Burgers and American cheese are to summer as grilled cheese and tomato soup are to winter. With that in mind, Costco wanted to make the grilling season easy for customers by offering its take on American cheese. Costco's American cheese, sold under the Kirkland brand, came in a whopping 5-pound package with 120 individual slices. Not only was this package a great deal for customers who love to grill, but it also somehow avoided the plastic taste most other American cheese brands have.

Unfortunately, Costco discontinued the Kirkland Signature American Cheese in 2019 -- most likely due to declining sales. Shoppers have been moving away from American cheese in recent years; Costco may have caught wind of the market trend and decided to discontinue this massive pack of cheese altogether. And plus, who really needs to keep a 120-pack of cheese sliced on-hand at any given time?

Kirkland Signature Light Beer

Kirkland Signature Light Beer
Kirkland Signature Light Beer - Kirkland Light Beer Is Amazing/Facebook

Costco truly does offer something for everyone, including in the alcohol section. At one point, it offered its store-brand light beer to customers. The 48-pack of beer costed a mere $22 (plus tax). Each can had a 4.2% ABV and around 105 calories per serving. Unfortunately, that is where all the positives of this product stop. Kirkland Signature's light beer was poor, to say the least. One reviewer on Beer Advocate said that the beverage tasted "like battery acid," while another reviewer on RateBeer shared that the beer "actually smells like a urine soaked diaper sitting on a piping-hot radiator."

Given all the negative reviews of the product, it isn't surprising that Costco discontinued the Kirkland Light Beer in 2018. Although Costco never stated it out loud, it's clear that the brand took note of all the scathing reviews and removed this product from its shelves. Fortunately, Costco offers a wide range of beers from different breweries that taste and smell much better.

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