14 Hilarious Fails From The Internet This Week That You Literally Just Need To See To Believe

Hello everybody, and welcome to the weekly post where I share funny fails from Twitter with you. Get ready to see some seriously awful Thanksgiving mishaps (that made me feel infinitely better about my own holiday), as well as whatever other fails I found this week that made me laugh. Enjoy!

1. This turkey:

Twitter: @TheWapplehouse

2. This turkey:

Twitter: @AignerIssues

3. This person's mom calling Lenny Kravitz "Kravis":

Lionsgate / Everett Collection / Via Twitter: @sassyblackdiva

4. The official Taylor Nation account misspelling "folklore" as "fokelore" (I checked, it's real):

Taylor Nation / instagram.com / Via Twitter: @tisivy

5. Sending a picture of your ceiling to your landlord and including a tapestry you had printed of Club Penguin banning you for this:

Twitter: @unholyseraphim

6. Wow, looks great! (Don't do this BTW, you will blow up your house):

Twitter: @clubmoss_

7. This attempt to make the Taylor Swift snickerdoodles:

Twitter: @ohyikesitschels

8. This mac 'n' cheese:

Twitter: @ayeejuju

9. I'd be more concerned about the "driver":

Twitter: @BenKentish

10. We've all at one point typed something into the search bar that we've meant to send in a text (and vice versa):

Twitter: @foldyrhands

11. Decanting Barefoot wine:

Twitter: @ludensee

12. Did they not have a kitchen sink? Maybe not! But why do this... like, imagine the fumes of the boiling vodka...

Twitter: @GoodReddit

13. This not-so-brilliant money-saving trick:

Twitter: @reverendmoney

14. And, finally, this guy's sister's knowledge of French history (this made me laugh):

Twitter: @bwags

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