14 Pieces Of Clothing That Make Me Deeply, DEEPLY Uncomfortable

Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you some of the most anxiety-inducing clothing and accessories I've seen on the internet. Please let me know if I'm a fool who just doesn't know fashion:

1.This ring with an actual glass eye in it:

Person holding a ring with an eye design, another person in the background
u/Brojuha / Via reddit.com

2.These tooth rings that are allegedly for vampire weddings:

Rings with teeth on them
u/ApkarLeTsar / Via reddit.com

3.This shirt with the most unsettling number of buttons and holes:

A shirt with buttons and a vertical row of stitched buttonholes, some of which are misaligned
u/phido / Via reddit.com

4.These knitted mittens that — while very impressive! — make me feel like I'm in The Shining:

Person holding a pair of gloves with a face knit into the design in front of their face
u/abaganoush / Via reddit.com

5.These rat slides:

Person wearing slippers shaped like realistic rodents on pavement
u/AXXXXXXXXA / Via reddit.com

6.This vintage rat purse:

Antique metal purse designed to resemble a rat with a clasp on top
u/abaganoush / Via reddit.com

7.These "Christmas" nails:

Christmas nail art
u/fishylittlefishstick / Via reddit.com

8.These nails that are capable of biting you:

Nails shaped like teeth
u/homomachine / Via reddit.com

9.This shoe bag — or, shall I say, "shag":

A unique high-heel shoe fashioned into a handbag with decorative patterns stands on a table
u/UnidentifiableSock / Via reddit.com

10.These military pumps:

A pair of lace-up heeled ankle boots on a tiled surface, with plant pots in the background
u/MuffMagician / Via reddit.com

11.This Jar Jar Binks bracelet:

Wrist wearing a watch with a 3D figure of Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars as the face
u/-rico / Via reddit.com

12.These shoes that say, "Why wear a sandal when you can LOOK like you're wearing a sandal":

Slip-on shoes made to look like feet wearing sandals
u/JacksonBillyMcBob / Via reddit.com

13.This crotch collar:

a crotch collar
u/Eldritchbrit / Via reddit.com

14.And these pants that pay strange homage to Steve Buscemi:

Printed pants with Steve Buscemi's face on them
u/Bmchris44 / Via reddit.com

H/T: r/hmmm, r/ATGBE, r/weird