15 Best Bakeries In Stockholm, According To Locals

pastries with Stockholm city backdrop
pastries with Stockholm city backdrop - Static Media/Shutterstock/Instagram

To get through the long winters, Scandinavia has a distinct bakery culture, full of deep-rooted fika traditions and loads of warm spices, like cinnamon and cardamom, and picturesque Stockholm is home to some of the best bakeries in the north. These shops are churning out loads of bullar and pastries, serving them in cozy, candle-lit atmospheres alongside deliciously brewed kaffe.

If you're visiting Stockholm, diving into the fika culture of having a coffee break with a sweet treat is an absolute must. While staple items, such as kanelbullar (cinnamon bun) and kardemummabullar (cardamom bun), are nearly always on the menu, you'll also find seasonal creations of lussekatter (saffron buns) and semlor (a sweet bun filled with frangipane and whipped cream). Each bakery puts its twist on these, adding a bit of unique flair to stand out amongst the others. After exploring all the neighborhoods in the city and gathering recommendations from locals, we've found these are the best bakeries in Stockholm to have that perfect morning bun and latté or an afternoon fika. A deeper dive into how we selected the best bakeries is at the end of the article.

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Lillebrors Bageri

bakery staff organizing buns and croissants
bakery staff organizing buns and croissants - lillebrorsbageri/Instagram

Situated in Stockholm's quaint neighborhood of Vasastan, Lillebrors Bageri is a small bakery with only a few seats outside on the sidewalk. But what it lacks in seating, it makes up for in buns, croissants, and bread. Whether you're in search of a delightfully soft kanelbullar twisted into the perfect knot or a krämbulle (a cream-filled sweet bun), you'll find it here. Do not overlook its almond croissant, which undergoes a Maillard-approved browning while baking, is loaded with slivered almonds, and has a surprisingly delightful addition of lemon zest.

There is always a flurry of bakers happily at work behind the counter, carefully twisting spiced rolls into their shape or piping cream into one pastry or another -- like a scene from Santa's workshop, if pastries were on everyone's wishlist. You can fill a box or bag with an assortment of treats to take away, which many people do. If you manage to go when there isn't a long line, consider yourself lucky and stock up because Lillebrors is one of the best bakeries in Stockholm.


Rörstrandsgatan 10, 113 40 Stockholm, SE

Café Pascal

tiled counter full of pastries in store
tiled counter full of pastries in store - cafepascal/Instagram

Café Pascal is a dreamy combination of minimal Scandinavian design, craft coffee exquisitely brewed, and a beautiful selection of house bakery items. The original two locations are in the trendy neighborhoods of Odenplan and Södermalm. Now, a third location near Kungsgatan, called Pascal Kaffebar, has opened up to appease the fan club. On display are tidy sandwiches with golden brown bread buns, knotted cardamom buns, beautifully adorned semlor, pistachio morning buns, and danishes with seasonal filling and laminated layers that will make you melt.

Café Pascal is the type of place you'll want to go and hang out all afternoon. It's generally busy but feels warm and welcoming, almost like a shared living room. There are window seats with tables just big enough to hold your morning bun and larger, shared tables with the day's newspaper at hand. In addition to the plenty of options from the bakery case, you'll find an incredible selection of single-origin coffees to choose from. Plan an afternoon fika here at one of the best bakeries in Stockholm.


+46 8 31 61 10

Multiple locations in Stockholm, SE

Stora Bageriet

woman working behind pastry case with sandwhiches
woman working behind pastry case with sandwhiches - stora_bageriet/Instagram

A city staple, the OG Stora Bageriet is centrally located near Kungsträdgården, while its new little sister is tucked away in the northern part of the city. Both serve up an array of delicious baked goods, from traditional to innovative. The Kungsträdgården location is more spacious and offers indoor seating, as well as outdoor tables for when the skies are clear.

Its brioche dough is a rich, golden pillow that you will devour in no time at all, so you might as well order a few. Stora Bageriet's spiraled morning buns are exquisitely layered and contain Ceylon cinnamon and grapefruit zest. The sourdough bread lineup is equally outstanding with rotating loaves, including a serious baguette, a nut and fruit loaf, and an intensely dark and dense Danish rye. With all there is to choose from, it's best to go for a proper fika and order a flat white with an assortment of afternoon bakes to try. Stora Bageriet is a local favorite and certainly one of the best bakeries in Stockholm. Once you go, you're sure to return.


+46 8 27 72 72

Multiple locations in Stockholm, SE

Svedjan Bageri

person holding tray of kanelbullar with pärlsocker
person holding tray of kanelbullar with pärlsocker - svedjanbagerisoder/Instagram

For years, Svedjan Bageri's pastries, fresh bread, and sandwiches could only be found at the family farm's in situ café farther north of Stockholm. Finally, though, all the goods and craft coffee are available right in Stockholm. Using all dairy from the family farm and flour from Warbro Kvarn to make an assortment of top-notch pastries, it quickly earned its place as one of the best bakeries in the city.

The space is plenty enough to meet a group of friends for a morning breakfast or an afternoon fika. The dazzling emerald green tiled counter draws your attention to the beautiful arrangement of pastries straight away. Carefully laminated croissants, kanelbullar sprinkled with pärlsocker (large, distinct white sugar granules), and rustic loaves of bread are a few of the classics. If you can catch its seasonal saffron buns filled with seaberry -- also known as sea buckthorn -- cream that tastes like citrus and vanilla, do not hesitate to order the treat glistening in sugar. Svedjan Bageri starts with great ingredients and has discerning taste and skill to create pastries with classic and original flavor profiles.

Brännkyrkagatan 93, 117 26 Stockholm, SE

S:t Paul Bageri

counter of bread and buns for sale
counter of bread and buns for sale - stpaulbageri/Instagram

With a few locations across the city, you can track down your S:t Paul Bageri's pastry of choice whether you're in the northern or southern part of the city. Either way, you're guaranteed to be greeted by a loaded bakery case with additional roller racks of buns fresh out of the oven and loaves lingering just behind. At S:t Paul's, you're likely going to have a hard time deciding because there is a lot to choose from.

There are many classics, from cardamom buns perfectly twisted and knotted up like presents to semlor offered in the late winter and early spring. But there are also so many additional noms oozing with creativity, like a croissant semlor and pain suisse with saffron. S:t Paul Bageri has sweeter offerings in the form of little pâtisserie delights like chocolate torte and chokladbollar (chocolatey oatmeal balls). It's also impossible to overlook its bread selection, which includes everything from seeded sandwich buns and Danish rye to traditional baguettes. We suggest ordering a cup of joe and pastry to cozy up in there and taking a loaf and a few other goodies when it's time to go.


+46 8 21 22 21

Multiple locations in Stockholm, SE

Robin Delselius Bageri

rack of bakery buns on four levels
rack of bakery buns on four levels - robindelseliusbageri/Instagram

South Stockholm neighborhood bakery Robin Delselius Bageri has been around since 2016. The owner's family was in the baking business as far back as the 1960s, so the recipes are decades old and passed down from generation to generation. With baking running in the family, the amount of thought and meticulousness that goes into the bakes here is not surprising. From delicate pâtisserie to seedy, rustic loaves of bread, its plentiful of delicious treats and pastries are well worth the visit.

There are exquisite pieces of chocolate hazelnut cake adorned with chocolate tuile, handcrafted chocolates, and the classic Swedish sponge cake prinsesstårta layered with jam, topped with whipped cream, and covered in a smooth, brightly colored layer of marzipan. Meanwhile, the buns come in all shapes, sweetness levels, and flavors, from chocolate hazelnut to cinnamon. Grab a loaf or two from the bread selection, which includes a lingonberry sourdough!


+46 8 408 016 15

Multiple locations in Stockholm, SE

Green Rabbit

tray of twisted cinnamon buns
tray of twisted cinnamon buns - grabthebaker/Instagram

Green Rabbit is a small corner bakery just north of downtown. The space is small but cute with black and white checkered tiles, distinct envy green details, and candlesticks burning on each table. While the pastry case has limited choices, it does hold quite a bit for its size.

A few standouts are the chocolate croissant shaped in a morning bun swirl with lemon and cola cream, semlor, and ham and cheese croissants. Green Rabbit is always changing the selections to include interesting and delightful seasonal bakes or baker's choice, so it's a nice surprise to see what you'll find. Besides the sweet buns and cakes, the bakery serves up a handful of various Scandinavian open-faced sandwiches called smørrebrød, which are typically savory and use buttered rye bread. The craftsmanship that goes into its rye bread is traditional, nuanced, and part of the soul of the bakery.


+46 8 20 46 26

Tegnérgatan 17, 111 40 Stockholm, SE

Bergstrands Bageri

pastry case with various buns
pastry case with various buns - bergstrandsbageri/Instagram

Only a block away from the Odenplan metro station, you'll find Bergstrands Bageri, a co-creation of Tobias and Sara Bergstrand. This homey little space is about as full as it could be, with a large assortment of rustic loaves, small sandwich buns, and a lot of sweets. In nicer weather, you can find a seat outside to enjoy your pick.

On the savory spectrum, it has a bundle of sandwich combinations, all on homemade buns. Think ham paired with house-made mustard, coppa with buffalo mozzarella and roasted hazelnuts, and vegetable medleys with soft cheese smeared on dark rye bread. On the sweet side, the seasonal semlor are an absolute must. Standing tall and proud on your plate, they have a rich and textured filling of marzipan, roasted almonds topped with meticulously piped whipped cream, and the bun lid balancing atop. Also absolutely delicious are the saffron donuts filled with vanilla cream or jam and the combination kardemummabullar with vanilla cream and a generous sprinkling of cardamom sugar.


+46 70 888 27 42

Frejgatan 46a, 113 26 Stockholm, SE


person holding to go brown bag in bakery
person holding to go brown bag in bakery - kometstockholm/Instagram

If you find yourself on the northwest side of town, definitely make your way to Komet. Its minimal black and white interior feels very city chic, but it's not just its design that stands out; its coffee and pastries are also distinguished amongst the plethora to be found across Stockholm. Though it's the new kid on the block, having opened its doors in 2021, it doesn't skip a beat. It truly has some of the best pastries and kaffe around.

Essentials include beautifully laminated croissants and pain au chocolat, kanelbullar with pärlsocker, and saffron pistachio buns presented in a dizzy twist. Whether you go in the morning or afternoon, try at least one of these pastries and wash it down with some caffeine. Looking for a taste of savoriness? Komet's vegetarian sandwiches on fresh baked focaccia and seeded buns are delicious. With fillings like butternut squash, ricotta, and pickles or a sweet hard-boiled egg, smoked salmon, and cheese combo, you cannot go wrong.


+46 735 30 99 55

Kungsholmsgatan 10, 112 27 Stockholm, SE


baskets of bread and buns by window
baskets of bread and buns by window - fabriquestenugnsbageri/Instagram

Fabrique is a quintessential Scandinavian bakery that blossomed into a chain and dotted across the city. Even though the bakery has expanded since its erection in 2008, it's deserving of a visit from you for an afternoon fika of wood-fired kanelbullar and coffee. The best part is no matter where you are in the city, you're likely to turn the corner and see one when the urge hits.

You'll be greeted by rustic sourdough loaves of all shapes and sizes, plenty of traditional braided buns with cinnamon, cardamom, and pärlsocker, and less common buns too, like walnut twists and blueberry buns. The snug and intimate atmosphere is replicated in all of the locations, with candlesticks burning in the window and distinct white tiles as the backdrop to all the bread and buns. Don't miss out on its saffron bun and chokladbollar.


+46 8 20 81 44

Multiple locations in Stockholm, SE

Söderbergs Bageri

sugar buns with whipped cream
sugar buns with whipped cream - soderbergsbageri/Instagram

A short subway ride will get you over to Söderbergs Bageri, on the southwest edge of the city. Here, you'll find baskets full of buns, long braided coffee cakes, muffins, loaves of sourdough, and perfect slices of prinsesstårta. The interior is tight, but patrons can utilize the nice outdoor seating for those Scandinavian summer days.

It has a wide variety of breads lined up behind the counter, from seedful boules to dark rye and sandwich buns. One of its highlights is the donuts, always pumped full of different creams or seasonal jams, coated in crystalline sugar and finished with some decorative element to hint at the flavor. Look out for the carrot cake donut, a popcorn-flavored donut with caramel mousse and caramel sauce, and the Söderbergs take on a semla donut filled with marzipan and oat cream. Also, be sure to order some of the traditional, hand-rolled rye crackers to go. They come in large round shapes and are topped with various seeds that nestle their way into the etchings made by the special roller. Break them apart and top them with a smear of butter or a thin slice of cured salmon.


+46 8 645 13 20

Cedergrensvägen 55, 126 36 Hägersten, SE

Rosendals Trädgård

plates of cookies and cakes
plates of cookies and cakes - rosendalstradgard/Instagram

Rosendals Trädgård is on the centrally located island of Djurgården, which you can easily access by a footbridge. Or, maybe the short ferry ride would be more fun; the ferry is part of Stockholm's public transport. Next door to some of Stockholm's most prominent museums, Rosendals Trädgård spans a large green space that bumps up against one of Sweden's national parks. Rosendals is a stunning place to visit in the warm months, complete with vegetable gardens, fruit trees, greenhouses, a garden café, and an artisan, wood-fired bakery.

The setting and quality of the bakery make this one of the best places to visit for an afternoon fika. The bakery was started in 1998, conceived around a large wood-fired oven that churns out rustic loaves of sourdough from heritage grains each day. There are plenty of sandwiches to choose from that incorporate produce from the farm when available. For those with a sweet tooth, delicious kanelbullar and kardemummabullar adjacent to slices of chocolate hazelnut cake, rustic cookies, and seasonal bakes like lussekatter -- a sweet bun thought to resemble a sleeping cat -- and semlor are up for grabs. Spend the afternoon strolling through the gardens after bread and coffee.


Rosendalsvägen 38, 115 21 Stockholm, SE

Mr. Cake

strawberry tartlets with Swedish flags on gray surface
strawberry tartlets with Swedish flags on gray surface - mrcake/Instagram

Mr. Cake specializes in ... cake, on top of other bakery items. The theme here is decadence. The larger space can accommodate more people than some of the other bakeries around town, so it's a good choice if you're gathering a large group over fika. Traditional buns, croissants, and pain au chocolat are on the menu next to some innovative creations, such as cinnamon buns that are halved and piped with cream -- a play on a semla.

Beyond the breaded realm, it makes delicate chocolates filled with mousse, exquisite layer cakes, and bite-size tarts for when you want to treat yourself. The sweets are perfect for enjoying with a cup of joe in the wintertime. Come summer, order a variety pack to go and walk to the park nearby, Humlegården, to enjoy your confectionery in the sun.


+46 8 400 171 90

Rådmansgatan 12, 114 25 Stockholm, SE

Brunkebergs Bageri

sugar buns with piped cream
sugar buns with piped cream - brunkebergsbageri/Instagram

Brunkebergs Bageri is situated on the edge of Vasaparken in Vasastan, making it the perfect place to grab a bun or chokladbollar before heading to the park to eat it. The bakery rides the line between bread and pâtisserie quite well.

The large, darkened loaves are perfect for a morning toast, sandwiches, or just thick cuts smeared with butter. Also, consider the mini squared-off sandwich buns, flaky croissants, and traditional kanelbullar, but not to be missed are the handmade dammsugare, which directly translates to vacuum cleaner. They are an iconic Swedish punsch-roll made from leftover cake and rum and wrapped up in bright green marzipan. The two-bite, cylindrical treat is dipped in chocolate on either end, making it highly memorable. Typically just found at the grocery store, it's a confection to indulge in at Brunkebergs Bageri.


+46 8 428 451 00

Dalagatan 9 J, 113 61 Stockholm, SE

Skeppsbro Bageri

full bakery counter in sun
full bakery counter in sun - skeppsbro_bageri/Instagram

Skeppsbro Bageri is set just off the water in the central old town known as Gamla Stan. When you inevitably end up on this little island to wander the narrow streets with the colored facades, you're going to need a fika break. Skeppsbro is the place to go.

It serves up sandwiches and smørrebrød on organic sourdough that has been cold-fermented, made from emmer and spelt grains that are ground onsite. You'll also likely find sourdough focaccia topped with seasonal produce. As for sweeter eats, it sells kouign-amann, croissants, and maritozzi (Italian buns stuffed with flavored whipped cream) along with all the Swedish favorites. Whether you go for lunch, grab a loaf to go, or sit down for a kanelbullar or a saffron bun, you're in for a treat. Skeppsbro is one of the best bakeries in Stockholm, and the view doesn't hurt either.


+46 8 503 895 50

Tullhus 1, Skeppsbron 21, 111 30 Stockholm, SE


loaves of bread and rolls on shelves
loaves of bread and rolls on shelves - skeppsbro_bageri/Instagram

Swedish bakery culture is ingrained in the country's history. Thanks to Sweden's favorite pastime of an afternoon fika with friends and colleagues, there are plenty of bakeries to choose from across the city. Narrowing in on the best bakeries in Stockholm wasn't easy, but after trying numerous kardemummabullar and semlor, as well as consulting locals, we think these are the best bakeries, and we think you'll agree.

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