The 15 Best New Christmas Movies in 2022 to Watch and Celebrate the Holiday Season

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As we start heading into the holiday season, many traditions come to mind. For some, it could be making the ultimate ugly Christmas sweater. For others, it could be finding the perfect Christmas tree decorations. But we think most would agree when we say one universal tradition is to enjoy a Christmas movie marathon.

Every year, new titles are added to the Christmas film canon. Fans of the genre may know that many of the flicks come from Hallmark's growing list and Lifetime's never-ending selection. But streaming sites seem to be coming for the longstanding channels this year, like Netflix's Falling For Christmas starring Lindsay Lohan or HBO Max's Holiday Harmony. Classic movies are also getting sequels, including A Christmas Story Christmas, out now.

While you may already have your Christmas movie lineup prepared, you might want to check out the 15 best new Christmas movies of 2022 just in case any of them catch your eye. They not only will warm your heart, but get you into the spirit of the holidays like your well-loved favorites. Check them out down below:

best new christmas movies 2022 the noel diary
Justin Hartley and Barrett Doss star in The Noel Diary.Netflix

Falling For Christmas

In the holiday rom-com Falling For Christmas, Lindsay Lohan portrays engaged heiress Sierra Belmont who has an accident while on the ski slopes. When she wakes up, she suffers from amnesia and is placed in the care of a lodge owner named Jake Russell (played by Chord Overstreet). Sierra can't help but be intrigued by his looks and his young daughter.


Christmas With You

Lucifer star Aimee Garcia and Scooby-Doo actor Freddie Prinze Jr. star in Christmas With You about a burnt-out female pop star looking to find inspiration for the perfect holiday song. When she decides to grant a young girl's wish and meet her in her small town, she never expects to find love along the way.


The Noel Diary

Former This Is Us cast member Justin Hartley portrays a novelist in The Noel Diary, who needs to head home and handle affairs for his estranged mother's estate. While there, he stumbles upon an old diary with mentions of his past, along with a young woman looking to find her birth mother. As the two look to uncover long-lost secrets, will they end up together in the future?


Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

In Netflix's animated telling of the Charles Dickens classic, The Girl on the Train star Luke Evans voices the character of Ebenezer Scrooge, an old man who really isn't into the holiday. As such, the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future appear to show him how he can change his life before time runs out.


Haul Out the Holly

Part of Hallmark's annual "Countdown to Christmas" movie lineup, Haul Out the Holly features Lacey Chabert playing a woman who heads home for the holiday season ... except her parents won't be in town for Christmas. Although she's home alone, her parents' HOA decide they want her to participate in the town's seasonal festivities — and they won't take no for an answer.

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A Holiday Spectacular

Starring the New York City Rockettes, this Hallmark film explores the story of a 1950s Philadelphia heiress who decides to pause her plans to have a high-profile wedding. Instead, she heads to New York in order to pursue her chances of starring in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

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A Christmas Story Christmas

In the sequel to the 1984 classic A Christmas Story, Peter Billingsley steps back into the role of Ralphie but this time around, he's all grown-up. In the HBO Max holiday movie, he takes his family back to his childhood home to give them the holiday he fondly remembers. Along the way, he meets old friends, grieves the death of his father and tries to celebrate memories he holds dear.

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Holiday Harmony

Annelise Cepero portrays songwriter Gail, who has gotten a shot at fame in an iHeartRadio Christmas Eve musical performance. The only issue? She gets stuck in small town Harmony Springs, Oklahoma, where the kids in the town perform their own musical of sorts. When handsome local man Jeremy (Jeremy Sumpter) convinces her to stay and help out, will she risk missing out on her dream or fall in love?

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A Christmas Mystery

A century ago, Santa's Christmas bells were seen by a young kid in Pleasant Bay, Oregon and with it brought luck and abundance. But this time around, a group of new kids discover the same Christmas bells are missing just a few days before the holiday. Now, it's up to them to figure out the mystery all before December 25 rolls around.

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A Hollywood Christmas

Jessica (Jessika Van) is a young filmmaker who has built a reputation for creating Christmas movies. But when network executive Christopher (Josh Swickard) decides to stop the production for her latest film, Jessica's assistant realizes her boss is essentially living out the premise of a Christmas rom-com. In between all the classic nuances movies, she still needs to finish her project. But she may fall in love as well ...

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Santa Camp

Christmas movies don't need to be fictional stories celebrating the holidays — documentaries work here, too. This film follows a group of people who belong to the New England Santa Society. Every summer, they trek to New Hampshire to learn how to become the ultimate Santa.

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Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas

The Voice star Blake Shelton returns to executive produce the fifth installment of his Hallmark Christmas movie series, Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas. ICYMI: The franchise was originally inspired by Dorothy Shackleford's book and his song of the same name. The 2022 iteration of Time for Him for Come Home for Christmas follows a woman who unexpectedly receives a voicemail from an unknown number just a few days before Christmas. Upon listening to the message, she becomes intrigued by the story of a man seeking another chance to be with the one person he loves most.

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Something From Tiffany's

Zoey Deutch and Kendrick Sampson appear in the romantic comedy Something From Tiffany's (out December 9) in which a woman unexpectedly has her life turned upside down in the strangest of ways. How so? She somehow ends up with an engagement ring that she's not supposed to have. But the turn of events might have just been a blessing in disguise because it leads her to true love.


Violent Night

Christmas movie lovers, prepare yourselves for this R-rated darker version of a holiday comedy. Stranger Things star David Harbour plays Santa Claus who must become a hero when he learns a wealthy family has been kidnapped by a group of mercenaries. While not the film folks might expect to watch during the holiday season, it's definitely one to put on.

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In this modern take of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, Ryan Reynolds plays Scrooge in a musical version of the story. The film also stars Will Ferrell as the ghost of Christmas present, who starts examining his own life while trying to help others.

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