15 Father’s Day Activities For the Dad Who “Doesn’t Want Anything”

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June 16 will be here before you know it, so now is the time to get a head start on all those Father's Day ideas. If you are rolling your eyes, stop right now. After all, how many times have you delayed getting Dad a gift only to realize that you've already maxed out on new grilling gear and his favorite tech appliances... and, shoot, maybe he wants another tie? Let's face it, it can be tricky to get the man who has everything something that still makes him feel special on Father's Day. But what all dads really want for the best Father's Day ever is to spend quality time with their families. Take a moment on Sunday to really celebrate the dad figure (uncle, grandfather, big brother, or do-it-all mom) with special activities that include the whole family, big and small.

Plan a classic Father's Day activities like 18 holes on his favorite course (or the putt-putt equivalent) or a truly epic BBQ showdown, or plan a lavish breakfast in bed followed by a family hike or spin in a vintage car you've rented for the day. Simple ideas can be meaningful as well, maybe it's time to wash the car together blasting his favorite 70s hits or go through old photos. And, if you accidentally put off the planning, we've got you covered on some last-minute activities as well. Below, we've rounded up 15 fun (and easy!) Father's Day ideas to try this year.

Bring Him Breakfast in Bed

Listen up—Mom isn't the only one who prefers to eat her pancakes in a pile of pillows. Spoil Dad this Father's Day by serving him his favorite breakfast in bed (even if it comes from the corner bodega). Just don't forget a cup of coffee—and a sentimental card!

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Play a Round of Golf

Golf and Dads go together, and we bet he'd love to hit the links with his family this Father's Day. Treat him to a round at a local fairway or make it an event the whole family (including pint-sized putters) can enjoy with a trip to a nearby mini golf course.

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Host a Neighborhood Block Party

Instead of celebrating small, invite the whole 'hood to a neighborly block party in celebration of all the Dads (and Dad figures) on your street. Each household can bring their guy's favorite dish for a menu that is sure to please all famished fathers in attendance.

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Listen to Live Music

If Dad is always telling you how bands were better back in his day, give him a chance to prove it with tickets to a live show in your area. From a Clapton cover band to a punk rock jam sesh, this Father's Day idea is sure to please the music fan in your life.

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Hike the Trails

Work up a sweat this Father's Day by hitting the trails for a little hike with Pops. If you're unsure of the best spots to trek in your area (or which boasts top-notch views), tap a resource like All Trails for an insider's guide to the surrounding options.

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Go Through Old Photos

Break out the photo albums and reminisce on the old times with your dad this Father's Day. Not only will it be a great way to bond, but you'll get a chance to ask him questions (or hear stories) about his past that may not otherwise come up in casual conversation.

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Tackle a Design DIY

We know a bit about the power of a good DIY project—and we also know that sometimes, four hands are better than two! If you or Dad have a home decor project you've been meaning to check off, Father's Day weekend may be the perfect time to tackle it together. Bonus: He can finally teach you his enviable painting technique.

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Take a Joy Ride

Want to make sure Dad really feels like a king this Father's Day? Rent him his dream car for a day and join him on an unforgettable joy ride. You can look for bespoke car rental agencies in your area or hit up a site like Turo, which helps gearheads rent out their rides to enthusiasts.

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Go to a Comedy Show

Listen—no one will ever top his Dad jokes. But if you think he'd appreciate a few (ahem, professional) laughs this Father's Day, snag the family tickets to a local comedy show. Who knows—Dad may just learn a thing or two.

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Hit Up a Local Brewery (Or Two)

Here's a Father's Day idea for your favorite cerevisaphile: a multi-stop tour of his favorite local breweries! This June, pencil in a weekend to hop from stop to stop to sample the suds your local brewers have to offer. You can even treat Dad to a few growlers along the way.

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Hold a Friendly Game of Pickup

When was the last time you and your dad had a showdown on the court? If he's the reason you love basketball or went to college on a football scholarship, pencil in a bit of friendly competition in honor of Father's Day. Not only is it a great way to get active together, but it can include the whole family.

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Head to the Beach

When it comes to holiday timing, Father's Day has it made—you just can't do better than a sunny weekend in June. Make the most of the warm temps (and a blissfully work-free weekend) and take the family to the beach in honor of Dad. Bonus points if you pack his favorite beach eats and remind him to reapply sunscreen.

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Battle It Out in a Food Competition

So you're both convinced you have the best smoked ribs in the family? Sounds like a Father's Day food showdown is in order. Challenge Dad to bring his best, then invite the rest of the family to weigh in via a blind tasting. It's all in good fun, though—honestly, when BBQ is on the menu, everyone wins.

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Check Off a Bucket List Experience

If Dad has been dying to explore a certain local town or road trip up the coast, June 18 could be the perfect day to do so. While this Father's Day idea will take an extra bit of planning, it'll be worthwhile once he finally gets to walk the Main Street or snag the lobster roll he's always going on about.

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Put Together a Charming Tribute

Every Dad (or Dad figure) deserves to know just how much he means to his family—and isn't that what Father's Day is all about? This year, go the extra mile to make sure he hears it from those that matter most by pulling together a thoughtful video tribute from his favorite people. Ask friends, family members, siblings, and cousins to send a quick video (or voice text) your way ahead of June 18, sharing a favorite memory or loving message for dear ol' Dad, then compile them together for you to watch together on Father's Day. Warning: May induce happy tears.

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