15 Unfortunate But Incredibly Funny Fails From This Week That Make Me Glad People Share Their Pain For The Rest Of Us To Enjoy

Hello and welcome to the weekly post where I, Julia, curate the funniest fails from around the internet. Here are this week's best:

1. This hurt to read:

Twitter: @TweetXan_

2. This guy's misplaced self-confidence:

Twitter: @garlandrg

3. I need the thief to be serious:

Twitter: @bigbankrolI

4. Again, Thief, why?

Twitter: @thedigitaldash_

5. ANOTHER THIEF! But this one I kind of love. Obsessed with the outfit as well as the effort:

Twitter: @babyboybill

6. She was right:

Twitter: @superkeara

7. Failing at selfless Christmas shopping. I am feeling this struggle as we speak:

Twitter: @repuslayytion

8. I can only imagine what this child must have thought of her parents when they served her this cake:

Twitter: @sinefinevagi

9. This car break-down:

Twitter: @north0fnorth

10. This humbling moment:

Twitter: @citehchris

11. Whoever is in charge of sign placement in this store:

Twitter: @adamgreattweet

12. This dog's questionable-looking choice of cuisine:

Twitter: @keplyq

13. To be fair, this song rocks:

Twitter: @_claypot

14. Children seem to be making verrrryyyyyy humble Christmas lists this year:

Twitter: @dadmann_walking

15. And, finally, The Eye of Christmas. Somebody commented, "He sees you when you're sleeping," and I actually did laugh out loud:

Twitter: @featherandbone

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