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15 Summer Terms You Need to Know

June 14, 2012

Your A-Z guide to the season's hottest beauty buzzwords-stem cells, sulfates, stain makeup!-and straightforward definitions to match. Plus, we've got over 100 easy ways for you to transform your look for summer!

#1. Airbrush Makeup

Formerly only in the hands of professional makeup artists, airbrush makeup is now available to the masses in the form of new at-home air compressor systems that allow you to precisely apply liquid foundations, blushes, and bronzers. For PhotoShop-perfect skin that lasts, stock up on replacement formulations that contain cellulose fillers for longer wear.

Alexa Chung Balayage Highlights
Alexa Chung Balayage Highlights

#2. Balayage Highlights

Call it free-form highlights. Unlike traditional highlights, in which hair is folded in foil, the balayage process involves hand-painting peroxide-based dyes on the ends of hair to replicate grown-out sun-kissed locks.

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#3. Dry Shampoo

A long-time staple of hairstylists' prep kits, these powdered "shampoos" (available in aerosol and non-aerosol varieties) absorb oils for instantly fresher-looking locks. They can also be used to add texture and hold when creating extravagant updos.

#4. Gel Manicure

These salon-only manicures entail coating the nail with a pigmented gel formula and letting it harden for a few minutes under a UV lamp. No drying time after that, this nail look won't chip-really!-for up to three weeks.

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#5. Kohl Eyeliner

Favored by pros for lining the sensitive inner rim of the eyelid, kohl has been a key ingredient in eyeliners for millennia. Fans have ranged from Cleopatra (scientists concluded it was her product of choice) to pop-tart Katy Perry.

#6. Lowlights

Jennifer Aniston Lowlights
Jennifer Aniston Lowlights

Unlike highlights, which lighten select strands a few shades, lowlights darken sections of your hair to add contrast and depth to your mane. Women with finer hair can benefit from their volume-enhancing effect.

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#7. Probiotics

There's more to probiotics than Jamie Lee Curtis-approved yogurt. These healthy bacteria-that naturally occur in fermented foods and yogurt-improve digestion and boost immunity when ingested to help prevent yeast infections, eczema, and acne breakouts.

#8. Stain Makeup

A longer-lasting alternative to lipstick and blush, stains add color by temporarily saturating skin with water-based dyes (think food coloring but less potent). Cheek stains are often gel- or water-based, allowing for smoother application, and lip stains don't contain wax (unlike lipstick), allowing for kiss-proof pouts.

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#9. Stem Cells

When it comes to your beauty drawer, it's plant-based stem cells-not human ones-that you'll find. Stem cells harvested from botanitcals, like roses, apples, and grapes, stimulate the growth of your own skin cells to promote younger-looking skin.

#10. Sulfates

These chemical agents might make your cleanser foam, but they can also strip your skin's natural oils and cause fading for color-treated strands. Those with sensitive skin (or expensive dye-jobs) should consider sulfate-free beauty products.

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Tourmaline Hair Dryer
Tourmaline Hair Dryer

#11. Tourmaline

When used in hot tools, this natural crystal has a negative ionic charge that helps smooth hair cuticles and eliminate frizz. It also emits infrared heat when warmed, which cuts down styling time (meaning less hair damage).

#12. Epilator

This mechanical device works like a series of tiny tweezers and removes multiple body hairs by simultaneously pulling them out at the root. Fun fact: Epilation is the most common form of body hair removal in Eastern Europe.

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#13. Oscillating Makeup

These new vibrating mascara wands and powder applicators live up to their buzz by evenly distributing product over lashes and skin while stimulating glow-enhancing circulation.

#14. Ammonia-Free Hair Dyes

Ammonia-free dyes don't open up the hair fiber as much as ammonia-based options. Using them results in less damage and healthier, softer locks post-coloring.

#15. Kabuki Brush

Tokidoki Kabuki Brush
Tokidoki Kabuki Brush

Named after a style of Japanese theater famous for its heavy makeup, these brushes-you'll spot 'em by their short handles-are designed to easily sweep powder over the face for full coverage.

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