"I Slept With Her Psychiatrist": 16 Secrets People Will Never, Ever Share With Their Partners

Although relationships should be built on honesty, you might sometimes feel compelled to withhold certain information from your significant other for whatever reason. So, of course, I was intrigued when I saw this Reddit thread that asked people what the one secret they'll forever keep from their partner is. Here is what they shared:

1."When she was bathing the kids one night in February, I decided to install the surround sound speakers on the skinny table behind the couch. I slid out the sofa and the table to access the power strip (two lamps and a phone charger already) for the subwoofer and saw a rolled-up black shirt on the floor next to it. Closer inspection, and instead, it was a black snake rolled up in a ball, getting some warmth from the powerstrip. She's TERRIFIED of snakes. I ran out to the garage, grabbed a bucket and lid, picked up Mr. Sleepy, and put him (or her, I didn't have time to ask) in the bucket and quickly out into the garage. The next day was an unusually warm winter in the US Southeast, so I let it go in the field across the street. I'm guessing it got in from around one of the HVAC boots on the floor nearby."

"If I brought it up, I would have had to move in the middle of that night. If I bring it up now, I'll have to move tonight. Maybe one day, but I don't see us leaving here soon, so that secret will die with me."


2."My husband is a musician. Every time he releases a new track, I blast the song on repeat all day long on Sundays (the only day when he isn’t home) because he tracks the amount of listens he gets (I guess this is a feature of Spotify? Idk) So many times he’s like, 'Wow I get SO many more listens on Sundays I wonder why that is.' Hehe, guess you’ll never know, babe."

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3."On our first date, I went to pick her up. I got to her house and parked across the street. I messaged her an hour later, telling her I accidentally got too high smoking a joint on the way to her, so I slept in the car until it wore off. The secret: I actually got diarrhea."


4."When we play puzzle-oriented video games, I don’t speak up when I solve it in my head. She gets stressed with video games, and I love to play with her, but if I solve it faster every time, she won’t want to play as much. She’s new to it, and I want her to enjoy it with me."

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5."I created five Twitch accounts and log in on each of them when he streams. I also send him bits from each account. He is a small streamer and felt like he wasn’t having much luck."


6."I borrowed his expensive sunglasses out of the car for a lunch date and lost them. I returned to the restaurant and looked everywhere, but they were most likely picked up, given they were nice Ray-Bans. I hadn't told him yet, thinking I would bring it up at a good time, and our car was broken into that very night. He came in and told me after speaking with the police, 'AND they took my nice Ray-Bans!' I thought for four seconds calculating... and replied, 'THOSE SONS OF A ...' Nevertheless. I will never admit it."


7."I don't really know the Final Jeopardy answer every night. The question and answer is posted online before the show comes on. He's always so amazed by me. Tonight's answer is: Who is Mary Poppins?"

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8."Her brother cheats on his wife. She adores him."


9."The morning after our first date, I was driving her back to her car and put on the song 'American Pie' by Hoodie Allen. At that moment, she made a comment about me putting it on for her, and she's since said that me playing that song for her kinda confirmed for her that I was into her and it wasn't just a one-night stand or whatever. She doesn't bring it up constantly, but I'm never surprised when she does, and she loves it when I play it around her. I'll never tell her that the song had just recently come out, and I'd only heard it once, so I just really wanted to listen to it. I didn't put it on for her, and I didn't intend for her to take it any type of way, but I am so glad I put it on, and I'm glad she took it that way, which is why I'll never tell her."

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10."That I’ve been having dark thoughts again. I don’t want him to worry about me more than he already does. I know I will be okay, and it’s just a phase, but it’s hard to tell him since I don’t want to disappoint or scare him."


11."If I could do it all over again, I probably would choose someone else, or maybe just not marry at all."


12."The hotel I took her to at the end of our first date, I'd brought another girl to only a month before. The guy at the desk recognized me but was professional enough not to say anything."

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13."I’ve got another bank account that I regularly deposit money into. I've got a couple of grand in there as a bit of a slush fund or for any emergencies."


14."His mum told me to leave him right before she died. She was worried he would turn out like his father."


15."That my mom gave me a choice, 'Me or her.' I told her I wasn't going to make that choice. It took my mom a good two or three years to finally warm up to my wife. At the end of my mom's life, my wife and I got along fantastically. In the beginning, not so much."


16."That I slept with her psychiatrist before I met her. I accompany my girlfriend to her doctor's appointment for support. One time, she had a new doctor, and I recognized the doctor from college when she came out to greet my girlfriend. I don't know if the doctor saw or recognized me. I don't point out every girl I slept with when me and my girlfriend bump into them, but I answer honestly if she asks me directly. This one, though, I would lie about to avoid any unnecessary friction between her and her doctor."

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Is there a secret you would never tell your partner? If so, share it with me in the comments below!