17 Very, Very, Very Infuriating Pictures That Made Me Really, Really, Really Angry

Feeling feisty? What you're about to see probably won't help! Here are 17 photos from r/mildlyinfuriating that will put you in a rage spiral:

1."This was at the gym during the busiest time of day."

Handwritten note on gym equipment requesting patience for 4-6 minute breaks between powerlifting sets

2."Our neighbor was not happy that we mowed one row into his lawn, so he decided to spray grass killer to make a point."

A neatly mowed lawn with a distinct, straight lighter strip running down the middle between houses

3."The school lunch system is disgraceful."

Several plates of nachos with a generous amount of cheese sauce

4."This lady, who insisted on being the only person standing at the concert."

Audience member stands in a theater during a performance, obstructing the view

5."The text from my daughter's landlord while we're attending her college graduation."

Text message exchange with a humorous misunderstanding about graduating and parking permits

6."My wife tells me we need to buy water because we don't have any."

A cluttered dresser with numerous water bottles, some assorted items, and clothing items in the background

7."My kid lost points on his extra credit assignment because it was 'bent.'"

A bent poster board

8."My neighbor sprayed herbicide on my back lot to make himself a parking lot."

Car parked awkwardly on roadside with front wheels on the pavement and rear on grass

9."I spent 10 minutes getting checked in by security, and this is my visitor badge."

Silhouetted figure on a visitor badge held by a person's hand

10."How I found out that my family was going on vacation."

A screenshot of a text conversation where someone shares photos of a hotel room they booked

11."Just paid $145 in application fees to be told I'm too poor to rent."

The image shows a letter declining an application due to inadequate income/assets, referencing a consumer report and investigation

12."I keep a pack of gum on my cubicle at work. Tried to grab a piece and I discover this... I hate my coworkers."

Handwritten note saying "Thanks for the last piece of gum" on top of an empty Trident gum pack

13."When jean seams make this move around your leg."

Photo of a person's leg wearing jeans and a black sneaker, viewed from above

14."I was running in lane one at the track, and this dude showed up and decided this was the perfect location to lie down."

Child lying on a track field, with a comedic pose suggesting a sudden halt in motion

15."Corporate life micromanaging."

A screenshot of a text conversation about being late from lunch with blurred name

16."Thanks, I love being pelted with pebbles."

A pickup truck bed overflowing with a pile of materials on a street

17.And finally, "They called it a soup..."

Bowl of soup with a spoon, next to sliced bread on a green tray