18 Poor, Miserable Humans Who Just Had A Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Worse Week Than You

If you just had a terrible, awful, no-good week, just remember...

1.The person whose passenger seat might be ruined, but at least it smells amazing:

"I spilled Chicken Tinga all over my car"
u/stupidsexysnoo / Via

2.The person whose headphone is so close, yet so far:

a headphone on a train track
u/lostinthesauceband / Via

3.The person whose screwdriver antics really screwed up their day:

a screwdriver in a floorboard
u/hecticspaghett / Via

4.The person who experienced a tragic kitchen avalanche:

"My ENTIRE kitchen fell"

5.The person who created either the most disappointing tray of cookies ever or the ultimate cookie:

"Aw, shucks"
u/iwantschnacks / Via

6.The person who made sure no one will ever be comfortable again:

A cushion with a melted portion
u/roamingtorchwick / Via

7.The person whose sandwich is an affront to all things good and tasty:

"This is ridiculous."
u/drunkthrowawaylife / Via

8.The person who might want to throw on the heat right quick:

a car with snow inside of it
u/justconfusedinco / Via

9.The person who hasn't unlocked the path to their home yet:

"This is, well, was, the road to my house"
u/silv3rnite / Via

10.The person whose vacation is about to get seriously derailed:

a piece of luggage on the tarmac
u/weblockholmes / Via

11.The person who now must live out the rest of their days in the basement:

polished stairs
u/iamtaka_vg / Via

12.The person who committed the cardinal sin of slow cooking:

"Can you tell what's wrong with this picture?"
u/curiousbar348 / Via

13.The person whose car is doing the dang stanky leg:

"I hate winter"
u/-just_q- / Via

14.The person with the cleanest car this side of the mighty Mississipp':

"I left my window open in the car wash."
u/shankmyflank / Via

15.The person who is witnessing incredible acts of body contortion on their plane ride:

"How do you ever think this is a good idea?"
u/i-got-some-problems / Via

16.The person whose potatoes had a little extra cronch:

"There was a rock in my frozen potatoes"
u/tmcster / Via

17.The person whose sink shall sink no longer:

a broken sink
u/eeveemosby / Via

18.The person who, I hope, learned a very important milkshake lesson:

"Yes, I dropped it."