18 Signs That Are Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Funnier Than You'll Ever Be, Sorry

We had to take a break from rounding up the funniest signs of the week due to Thanksgiving, but we're back in it, babyyyy! Here they are, courtesy of r/funnysigns:

1."You know some people will still move right next door and then complain."

this property is a farm unless you can tolerate noise, odours, and outdoor sex, don't buy property next to a farm

2."What kind of questions are people asking?"

please don't ask any kind of personal questions, enjoy the food

3."Well well well..."

poster of a person peeing outside crossed out and then scissors about to cut two eggs

4." This has left a real hole in my life..."

donut panic we'll be right back written on a boarded up building

5."You gotta admit it's very catchy."

store with the sign, unnecessary necessities if you need it we don't sell it

6."I guess that's one way of looking at it?"

no senior citizen discounts you have had twice as long to get the money

7."Funny and useful."

why are you littering with the checklist including, i'm stupid, i don't care about my city mummy still cleans up after me

8."Bathroom got jokes."

employees must wash hands before returning to work if employee is not available feel free to wash your own hands


multiple notes left by a door that read don't let the cat out

10."In case of fire..."

in case of fire please leave the building before posting it on social media

11."Why correct phrasing is important..."

anxiety disorders now only $45

12."Graffiti wins again."

graffiti over a phone number for graffiti removal

13."That will surely get your point across."

sign reading big ass hole pointing to a pot hole in the road

14."Funny sign."

artisanal soap, not a fight club, ask for tyler

15."Escalator has refused to escalate."

sign in front of the broken escalator

16."Lesbian feta from the Greek island of Lesbos. ;)"


17."Adults just don't matter."

no baby on board feel free to drive into me

18."I have questions..."

please wait here until you are useful thank you

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