19 Mind-Boggling Photos That'll Have You Saying "Wait, That's Actually A Thing?"

You learn something new everyday...especially if you regularly peruse r/mildlyinteresting. Here are 19 photos that made me say, "Wow, I did not know that could happen:"

1."My water bottle shrank after putting it in the dishwasher."

skinny water bottle after being shrunk
u/Im-a-king / Via reddit.com

2."My phone sees orange coals as purple."

Pork chops in a skillet, a pot of milk, and side dishes of peas and carrots cooking on a stove
u/fadedtile / Via reddit.com

3."An emotional support Highland cow."

Person holding a leash of an emotional support animal that's a small cow
u/megmugg / Via reddit.com

4."I bought an energy drink online and they sent me a bag full of hair."

Hand holding a thank-you card and a bag with a single strand of hair from the Orka founders
u/normie-redditer / Via reddit.com

5."The door knob is higher at the doctor’s office to prevent kids from escaping."

  u/qbertking / Via reddit.com
u/qbertking / Via reddit.com

6."My TPN (nutrition pumped into my heart) has olive oil and egg in it."

closeup of the bag in the hospital
u/grudginglyadmitted / Via reddit.com

7."My dog's extra long whisker."

Siberian Husky puppy asleep on a chair with a hand pulling on a really long whisker to show how long it is
u/berglesauce / Via reddit.com

8."This rectangular reaction to a mosquito bite on my leg."

  u/minombreesmosquito / Via reddit.com
u/minombreesmosquito / Via reddit.com

9."Canadian cigarettes now have warnings on each individual cigarette."

  u/152centimetres / Via reddit.com
u/152centimetres / Via reddit.com

10."The robot barista at my work can print any image into the foam."

Hand holding a phone displaying a cat, next to a coffee with a similar cat face pattern on foam
u/froggytoboggy / Via reddit.com

11."The cafe I went to puts a teddy bear espresso ice cube into their iced lattes."

Gummy bears arranged atop a cold coffee, creating a whimsical bear sculpture
u/AshtonJupiter / Via reddit.com

12."Whoever made my hair clip didn't notice the fly in the acrylic."

tie dye hair clip with a fly glazed into it
u/tittybopper12 / Via reddit.com

13."My library has a section for teens only."

Sign indicating a space reserved for teens, thanking non-teens for respecting this
u/nylonstring / Via reddit.com

14."Opium poppy plant growing wild in downtown London."

A plant with large leaves and bulb-like structures among greenery
u/CrazyKZG / Via reddit.com

15."My Irish pub in Germany has a designated sink for vomiting."

A restroom with a humorous sign "GUINNESS RECYCLING" pointing to a throwup sink
u/MrFlow / Via reddit.com

16."Saw a digital license plate the other day."

Rear view of a Land Rover Defender at a traffic stop with personalized plate "KHI LAX"
u/CraterCrestu/CraterCrest / Via reddit.com

17."My veins spell out 'YO.'"

Person's raised hand showing a protruding vein
u/StaysiC / Via reddit.com

18."The female restrooms in this office require an access code."

the gendered bathrooms in the hallway with a code lock on the women's door
u/CallsOnTren / Via reddit.com

19.And finally, "In the UK we have beans and sausage pizza."

Heinz Beanz and Sausage Pizza packaging, showing the product with visible beans and sausage slices
u/IgnasP / Via reddit.com