19 Of The Most Unfortunate People Who Just Had A Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much Worse Week Than You

If you just had the absolute worst week, just remember...

1.The person who learned a valuable lesson about trunk space:

Rear view of a Kia vehicle on the road with brake lights on, other vehicles and traffic lights in the background

2.The person who had the best view in the house:

Audience view from balcony seats at a live theater performance, with focus on stage and silhouettes of attendees
u/alejandrocatalinado / Via reddit.com

3.The person who's going to have to pull a dang Sir Edmund Hillary maneuver to get that remote:

View from a high vantage point overlooking a path and grassy area with a remote control on the walkway
u/gtheci / Via reddit.com

4.The person who experienced true tragedy:

Exploded cupcakes on an oven floor with a metal tray and intact cupcakes above
u/peatrick39 / Via reddit.com

5.The person who gave their walkie talkie a nice, fresh coat of paint:

A person wearing a glove refills a small, transparent soap dispenser from a large can of liquid soap

6.The person whose gums shall itch no more:

Hand holding a squeezed tube of Cortizone-10 cream above a sink with a toothbrush to the side
u/788tiger / Via reddit.com

7.The person whose house got a stake through its heart:

A tree branch has fallen through a ceiling, damaging it and hanging above a cluttered clothes rack
u/crysis501 / Via reddit.com

8.The person who might have just received the most bent envelope of all time:

A cardboard envelope with a "DO NOT BEND" label rests on a table
u/moosecovite / Via reddit.com

9.The person with the world's saddest soup:

Bowl of soup with a spoon, slices of bread on a green tray, on a wooden table
u/averageblud / Via reddit.com

10.The person whose phone shall remain forever locked:

iPhone screen displaying "iPhone is disabled, try again in 61,509 minutes" with emergency call slider
u/deviantghost / Via reddit.com

11.The person who pulled the old "soy sauce instead of maple syrup" switcheroo:

person who mixed up soy sauce and syrup

12.The person whose fridge is currently spawning several new species:

A gallon of frozen milk expanding inside a fridge
u/bulamae / Via reddit.com

13.The person whose biscuits have been absolutely immolated:

Burnt round cake on a granite countertop
u/lukalover42069 / Via reddit.com

14.The person who had a friendly bird say hello during their work day:

Laptop screen displaying a variety of Pinterest pins with images and overlaid text
u/anonymoushorsey / Via reddit.com

15.The person whose bacon has been to hell and back:

A tray of burnt bacon strips on a kitchen counter
u/coolcoolnewell / Via reddit.com

16.The person whose sneeze is about to be absolutely biblical:

Cooking pot on stove with broccoli and spices, next to a carton of cooking cream
u/smalltownpickle / Via reddit.com

17.The person whose coffee had a little extra flavor:

A partially full coffee mug with a used teabag inside it, placed on a desk
u/randombitfry / Via reddit.com

18.The person whose computer experienced flight:

Damaged laptop with bent screen and keyboard, resting on a person's lap
u/franhoqx / Via reddit.com

19.And the person who's eating what many are calling "Italian oatmeal":

person who cooked breadcrumbs instead of oatmeal

Mama mia.