2 Teens Were Stranded on Their Way to Prom Until an Officer Stepped in: 'Amazing to Be Able to Help'

"You can't beat that," Cpl. Tyler Rintamaki says

<p>Dunn County Sheriff

Dunn County Sheriff's Office

Danica Mindt and Ian Gloria

For many, going to prom is like the cherry on top of the high school social scene, meaning attendance is so sweet that it's worth any hassle — even becoming stranded on the side of the road with car problems, as two North Dakota teens recently found out.

But luckily for Danica Mindt and Ian Gloria, juniors at Killdeer High School, an officer stepped in to assist, serving as impromptu chaperone.

“It's amazing to be able to help a couple kids get to their prom and get to their photos,” Cpl. Tyler Rintamaki of the Dunn County Sheriff's Office tells PEOPLE, adding that it’s also nice “to be part of that and to have that positive interaction with law enforcement.”

“You can't beat that. It really is a memorable experience for not only them, but as far as for myself and for my colleagues,” he says.

In an interview, Rintamaki recalled how he first stumbled upon the students on April 6.

<p>Dunn County Sheriff's Office</p> Cprl. Tyler Rintamaki

Dunn County Sheriff's Office

Cprl. Tyler Rintamaki

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“I was actually training the gentleman with me, the other deputy, we were actually on our way back to the office to do some training paperwork and that's when we happened to come upon them parked on the opposite side of the road, facing the wrong direction,“ he says.

The teens, who had been on the verge of calling 911, told him they were headed to prom, Rintamaki says. And the clock was ticking — “their photos were in I think it was a half hour.”

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That’s when Rintamaki came up with a spontaneous solution.

“I was like, ‘Well, we can just take photos for you. We can take photos here in front of the police car,’ “ he says. 

The roadside photoshoot captured Mindt showing off her dress — and flexing — between the sheriffs’ vehicles.

<p>Dunn County Sheriff's Office</p> Danica Mindt

Dunn County Sheriff's Office

Danica Mindt

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Ten minutes later, Rintamaki took the teens to the prom in squad car style, complete with flashing lights (for effect).

“I asked her if she wanted lights when we got there, and she said yes,” Rintamaki says of Mindt.

The corporal says the good deed had a special significance, just for him: Rintamaki missed his own prom back in high school, so this was a do-over of sorts.

“I may have gone to prom, but I was just in a different uniform,” he says.

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