"You'll Always Wish You Started Sooner": Older People Are Sharing Little Things That Get Way More Drastic With Age

"You'll Always Wish You Started Sooner": Older People Are Sharing Little Things That Get Way More Drastic With Age

On family vacations when I was younger, I would bask in the heat of the sun while my mother would always lather up in sunscreen, wear a wide-brimmed hat, and sit under an umbrella. I didn't understand it at the time. But now that she's in her 60s and her skin is still flawless, I totally get it. I was too young to realize that my sun-worshipping would probably catch up with me later. Well, redditor u/SuckMySalami asked, "People in their 40s, what's something people in their 20s don't realize is going to affect them when they age?" Here's what they said.

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1."Physical activity is crucial. Just because you aren't overweight does not mean you don't need regular exercise. The benefits go far beyond weight loss. Exercise maintains the health of your bones, joints, and internal organ systems. It could even help with slowing down the aging process itself."

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2."Start using sun protection in your 20s or your skin may noticeably be affected in your 40s."

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3."If you’re a woman, probably perimenopause. We collectively think of menopause as being the 'big deal,' not realizing it’s a process and not realizing it’s an issue that (often) starts in our 40s."


4."Not wearing ear protection at concerts. Can confirm having tinnitus sucks."

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5."It's been proven that if you keep exercising, you lose much less muscle mass as you age. In your 40s, it may not be so bad, but you'll notice muscle loss in your 60s, 70s, and 80s if you don't keep up exercise while you're young."


6."Even if you had perfect eyesight up until your 40s, be prepared for the possibility that you will have to begin wearing glasses."

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7."Some people are just made of titanium, and others aren't. And there's no way to know who is made of what. My friend's dad was a drug addict who is very healthy at 74. But I had a friend who was a healthy runner, and he had a heart attack at 35. Just because one person can binge drink and be healthy at 80 doesn't mean everyone can, and you won't know until it's too late."


8."Your hangovers get way, way more severe."

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9."Saving for retirement. You'll always wish you had started sooner. There's a quote: 'The best time to start saving for retirement was ten years ago; the second best time is today.' For years, I told myself that I couldn't afford to save for retirement. The truth was I absolutely could, but I chose to spend that money on cheap food and nights out at the bar with friends. That being said, I don't regret making those choices when I was younger, but the point is there was always a little money here or there I could have been saving (and HAD I put that money into a retirement or brokerage account, I'd be in REALLY good shape right now)."

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10."People come and go. The longer you're around, the more come and the more go. If you don't develop some kind of thick skin, you're in for a rough ride."


11."Time. Nobody tells you how fast life gets once you enter the world of 'work.' You're moving at the same speed in high school as a rickety train on wooden tracks. The years just seem to crawl by. Once you reach college, you've just stepped onto a diesel-powered train. The first two years are slow, then speed noticeably picks up. Once you start in the workforce, you've stepped onto the high-speed Shinkansen. You look out the window, and the scenery is sometimes a blur. Where did ten years of life go? Where did 20 years go?"

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12."Caring so much about what other people think of you was never worth it. You stop caring so much as you age because you've just had enough. It's very relaxing."


13."Not putting in the work to maintain relationships. Having friends in your 20s is accidental. But having friends in your 40s and later is a part-time job."

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14."That knee injury you think you recovered from will come back to haunt you."


15."Neglecting your dental health. Trust me, deciding to stop going to the dentist because your family no longer forces you to won't end well. That was not a smart choice I made way back when, and it affected me for years after. Honestly, it could have been much worse for me."

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16."Your online life is leaving a traceable trail, and you should probably be much more protective of what information you publicly share."


17."Emotional damage from childhood doesn't go away. In fact, it comes back with a vengeance."

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18."The importance of who you have children with. Are you buying a house? You can get out of it eventually. Marriage? You can get a divorce. Are you moving in together? You can always move out. But who do you have kids with? You're tied to that person you parent with forever. It is the most 'for better or worse' situation; people just breeze into it without thinking. Ahh, to be young and full of hormones again."

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19."The physical consequences of sitting down for eight hours per day. I can barely tie my shoes."

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20."If you're a woman especially, your bone density changes. Start a good weight routine to protect them."

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What's something that affected you more as you got older than you didn't realize in your younger years? Tell us in the comments or add it to this anonymous form.