The 2024 Oscars Drinking Game That's Better Than The Celebs' 6-Figure Swag Bags

Oscars statue with drinks
Oscars statue with drinks - Static Media / Shutterstock / Getty Images

It's finally time — Hollywood is pulling out all the stops to reward itself for the movies it released in 2023. Even though the actors' and writers' strikes brought the industry to a stand-still throughout the summer and fall, the stars will be out in force on Sunday night, basking in the glow of the "Barbenheimer" box-office phenomenon and a roster of first-time nominees.

Amongst all the glittering gowns and awkward red carpet greetings, however, one thing viewers won't be seeing (aside from Wolfgang Puck's famous banquet) is the six-figure swag bags gifted to the top nominees. These bags are just the latest iteration of a tradition that's been going on for years, courtesy of the Hollywood marketing agency Distinctive Assets. Per a press release, each "Everyone Wins" bag contains oodles of luxury skincare, several all-inclusive stays at opulent destinations like the Alps and the Caribbean, a private meeting with a so-called "mentalist to the stars," and, curiously, a blender.

While most people can only dream of this level of luxury, you can still make your Oscars evening entertaining and memorable by playing this drinking game. We already know it's going to be a big night for "Barbie" jokes and teary speeches, so grab a bottle of champagne and some tequila and get ready to enjoy your own Oscar buzz.

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Take A Sip Whenever...

Two martinis
Two martinis - Plateresca / Shutterstock
  1. "Oppenheimer" wins an award

  2. Jimmy Kimmel mentions Matt Damon

  3. The camera shows a celebrity who isn't smiling

  4. Ryan Gosling gets a standing ovation for his "I'm Just Ken" performance

  5. Someone mentions the length of "Killers of the Flower Moon" or "Oppenheimer"

  6. There's any mention of "Barbenheimer"

  7. Music cuts someone's speech short

  8. Elon Musk is name-checked

  9. The writers' and/or actors' strikes are mentioned

  10. Someone mentions a political or social cause

  11. Someone mentions ChatGPT or generative A.I.

  12. Someone makes a lewd joke about "Poor Things"

  13. A winner thanks their agent

  14. A winner thanks the Academy

  15. A winner congratulates their fellow nominees

  16. Someone makes a joke about Bradley Cooper's prosthetic nose in "Maestro"

  17. Someone wins their first Oscar

  18. A winner cries during their speech

  19. Someone makes a joke about Greta Gerwig's snub

  20. Someone in the audience wipes away tears

  21. Jimmy Kimmel apologizes for one of his jokes

  22. Someone calls Martin Scorsese "Marty"

  23. Someone mentions Taylor Swift

Down A Shot If...

Pouring a shot
Pouring a shot - Igor Normann / Shutterstock
  1. Margot Robbie wears pink

  2. Zendaya and Tom Holland attend the red carpet together

  3. Cillian Murphy wears a color other than black

  4. Nicolas Cage wears colored lenses while presenting

  5. A winner looks into the camera and addresses their kids watching at home

  6. Robert Downey Jr. smiles unironically

  7. Bad Bunny makes a joke while presenting

  8. Messi the dog makes a remote cameo from France

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