22 Incredibly Cool Charts That Will Make Your Christmas So Much Better

1.First, if you want to binge the Christmas episodes of The Office, this chart has it covered (and not in Kevin's chili):

list of the holiday episodes
u/eddrriley / Via reddit.com

2.Wondering about Friends Christmas episodes, too? Well, here you go:

list of all the christmas episodes

3.This fascinating chart tells you what people in the Americas most eat on Christmas Day:

turkey in brazil, united states and canada, and tamales in mexico, columbia and costa rica and sucking pig in argentina
Chef's Pencil / Via chefspencil.com

4.And this chart tells you what's most popular to eat in Europe on Christmas Day:

cod and veal in italy, turkey in france, ireland, greece, suckling pig in spain, goose in germany and russia
Chef's Pencil / Via chefspencil.com

5.This chart explains how many lights you'll need for your tree, no matter how big it is:

tree height and lights needed for each
u/HereForTheFreeCheese / Via reddit.com

6.And this chart explains how to pick the perfect tree for you:

different trees labeled, where they come from, if they have an odor, and what the needle retention is
u/behrkon / Via reddit.com

7.Pluralizing your name for your Christmas card? Well, here's how to do it (tip #1: never use an apostrophe!):

  @butnotallatonce / Via reddit.com
@butnotallatonce / Via reddit.com

8.Speaking of Christmas cards, this chart lays out how to write a perfect one:

the different steps to writing a warm christmas card

9.This chart has a bunch of super useful self-care tips:

self care tips like set realistic goals, make plans and stick to them, give yourself permission to let it be a normal day
BlessingManifesting / Via reddit.com

10.And this chart says how you can turn down an invitation...goodness knows there can be a lot of them around the holidays:

be gracious, decline, and work through discomfort knowing you have a right to say no
u/falom / Via reddit.com

11.This chart with the most popular Christmas treats in European countries will make you hungry:

different desserts over the countries

12.And this chart has 25 famous Christmas songs that were composed by — surprise — Jewish songwriters:

list of the songs
u/Udzu / Via reddit.com

13.This funny chart tells you whether you actually need to get that person a Christmas gift:

questions leading to if you should just buy a card, not get anything, or absolutely get them something
College Humor / Via reddit.com

14.And if you do have to give a present, this chart has a bunch of brilliant clutter-free gift ideas:

gift baskets, homemade items, classes, and subscriptions

15.This chart is super cool...it tells you how — instead of tossing out your tree — you can repurpose it in the backyard for wildlife:

christmas tree for wildlife tips
u/deleted / Via reddit.com

16.And this chart explains how the very large and very intermingled cast of Love Actually is connected:

char of people and how they are connected
u/blankblank / Via reddit.com

17.This chart tells you how to say "Merry Christmas" in a bunch of different European languages:

the phrase in different languages

18.This chart will get you on your way to doing some holiday baking:

6 essential baking raitos
u/GreenThumbCottage / Via reddit.com

19.And this super interesting chart explains how Mele Kalikimaka became "Merry Christmas" in Hawaiian:

explanation of the evolution to saying mele kalikimaka
u/Gtapex / Via reddit.com

20.As promised, here are a couple more Christmas episode guides! First, for How I Met Your Mother:

  u/OlegThe / Via reddit.com
u/OlegThe / Via reddit.com

21.And here's one for a number of other shows:

30 rock, bobs burgers, scrubs, parks and rec

22.Lastly, here's an important thing to remember for those formal Christmas dinners:

dinner place setting with where your phone should go: below and slightly to the left of the bread plate

Just kidding! Gotta end on a joke, right? Merry Christmas, everybody!

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