I'm Sorry To Say That These Ridiculously Self-Absorbed And Self-Serving People Are Definitely On Santa's Bad List, And Also Mine

1.This person, who didn't give a crap that his friend's grandma died because he didn't personally know them.

"But like bruh it's just someone"
[deleted] / Via

2.Literally every person who just threw their dogs' poop bags into the woods instead of waiting a minute or two and throwing it away, resulting in the deaths of two horses.

u/doubleGlitter56 / Via

3.These high school seniors who pulled a prank where they covered the entire floor of the school in soap without a single thought to all the janitors who would have to spend hours cleaning it.

People mopping a school

4.This person, who got pressed about a neighbor's Halloween decorations still being up and decided to demand they take them down, then sign the note from the whole neighborhood, when it was definitely just from them.

"And also no one wants to see bones during Christmas."
u/Cold_Zero_ / Via

5.The people who stole this woman's Christmas decor for themselves.

"Please return my Grinch"
u/Hupacmoneybags2 / Via

6.The people who literally stole grass from a communal square a neighborhood is building.

Patches of grass missing
u/nicbsc / Via

7.This person, who checked out with $300 worth of food in the EXPRESS line.

Arrow pointing to someone's groceries in the express lane
u/Far_Awayy / Via

8.The person who did a gender reveal and left their trash like this in a public park.

blue confetti all over the ground
u/TurtleDick22 / Via

9.These parents who hired a stranger to babysit their kid, then decided to ignore the time they said they'd be home and LITERALLY GHOST the babysitter with their child. Like, they literally put their phone on do not disturb after getting this message.

"Fuck Them Parents has notifications silenced"
u/poopfupa / Via

10.Anyone who leaves an airplane like this.

trash all over the floor of an airplane
u/DoftheG / Via

11.This awful bouncer, who decided learning about a stranger's husband's death was the perfect time to hit on her.

"inappropriate as fuck right???"
u/RealBishop / Via

12.And this security guard who thought it was appropriate to shoot his shot with a stranger, and stole her number from the front desk.

"Hi, got ur # when u checked in."
u/PunnyHighway9575 / Via

13.This entitled person, who demanded cashiers everywhere say "thank you for shopping" to customers at their crappy minimum wage job.

"i can literally count on one hand the number of times i've been thanked for spending my money at my local supermarket."
u/beerbellybegon / Via

14.This person, who got angry that a business would lock their doors AFTER closing.

"They will literally lock the doors right in your face if you show up 2 minutes after closing."
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15.This person, who still expected their ex to pay for their lavish lifestyle months after they broke up.

"I need advise."
u/boatoa / Via

16.This person, who thought it was fine to speed whenever they wanted and then expect never to get a ticket.

"I have a feeling this ticket is the first one of many to come"

17.This person, who expected their neighbors to...stop locking their own cars after 8 p.m.???

u/hosmtony / Via

18.This person, who complained no one would make room for them to sit with their kids at the movie theater, even though they didn't pay for seats next to each other.

"NOT freaking happy!"
u/smittyleafs / Via

19.This person, who expected to be seated before a couple with reservations.

"Tim do you know what a reservation is"
u/Ill_Earth8585 / Via

20.The person who still expected an advertised $75 reward for "finding" someone's cat when they did not, in fact, find their cat.

"You didn't find my cat... so no"
u/enoxl / Via

21.This person, who got angry that a European business would not accept an American card or Europe.

"I had to hit an ATM for Euros"
u/DutchBlob / Via

22.This person, who expected all her friends to CashApp her for her birthday.

"Anything is fine thanks"
u/nmeddaoui1 / Via

23.And finally, this isn't exactly inconsiderate, but I still think it's funny that this person managed to make her husband's grave about her.

"A gravestone commissioned by a widow to express her eternal and unbound love for her deceased husband."