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25 last-minute Father's Day gifts for every dad in 2024

You put off finding a present for Dad, huh? No worries because these last-minute Father's Day gift ideas will arrive by Sunday.

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We're just a couple days out! Snag these Father's Day gifts with super-fast shipping before it's too late. (Amazon, Storyworth, Zappos)

Dad is a pretty simple guy. That said, he doesn't really care about all the hoopla surrounding Father's Day. Even if that's true, it's your duty as his son, daughter or partner to make his Father's Day as special as possible — even if you waited until the eleventh hour to start coming up with gift ideas. So, don't waste another minute and shop straight from this list of last-minute Father's Day gifts to ensure he has something to open on Sunday.

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Just because you've missed the mark on personalized presents doesn't mean you have to settle for boring clichés (think: leather goods and whiskey stones). A lot of these Father’s Day gift ideas skew more practical than personal, but that’s only because Dad wouldn’t want you spending your hard-earned money on something he wouldn’t really use. There’s smarter-than-Dad (kidding) tech like a smart bird feeder and robotic pool cleaner, along with small-but-mighty gadgets that he can put to use when grilling, traveling or cleaning the car. But if you really want to give Dad a gift that keeps giving, consider signing him up for a monthly subscription to MasterClass (currently on sale for 50% off!), Storyworth or Foot Cardigan (if he loves funky socks as much as the next guy).

With picks ranging in price (as low as $7), shipping times and sentiment, you’re sure to find something for the man you love — whether he’s your own dad, the husband you turned into a father or the grandpa who spoiled you endlessly.

Shop the best last-minute Father's Day gifts by category:

Is he still on the Wordle train? There's no stopping him now, especially if you pick up this two to four-player game inspired by the daily puzzler. Instead of flying solo, he'll compete against others IRL to see who can guess the word in the fewest tries. 

$20 at Amazon

Encourage your little one (and their iPad-doting Dad) to step away from the screens and spend some time doodling in the pages of this book. Just follow the prompts — some will have Dad draw first (or vice versa), while others can be done simultaneously.

$9 at Amazon

He takes his snacking seriously — so much so that he’ll put this double-layered bowl to good use. Here’s how it works: Put olives, pistachios, wrapped candy or something else with a removable outer layer in the main bowl, then drop the scraps in the hidden compartment underneath.

$15 at Amazon
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$15 at Macy's$16 at Kohl's

Yahoo readers can't get enough of this top-selling slime. OK, it's not just any ol' goo — he can press it into cup holders, air vents and other hard-to-reach areas, then peel it away to remove crumbs, dust and other unwanted debris. 

$7 at Amazon

Whether he’s a first-time dad, proud uncle or newly-crowned grandpa, he knows just how important it is to start ‘em young. This alphabet book will introduce his future putting partner to legends like Arnold Palmer and Phil Mickelson, and maybe it’ll serve as inspiration for a life on the green. (Psst, take a peek at our gift guide for golfers for even more ideas.)

$16 at Amazon
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$20 at Books-A-Million (BAM!)

If he's prone to losing things, then it's high time he puts AirTags on everything. Pick up this sleek cardholder with a built-in compartment, so he can track down his wallet in the (un)likely event that he misplaces it. It doesn't come with an AirTag, but you can snag one for just $25 bringing the total to under $35. That's a steal! 

$10 at Amazon

You've got your Stanley cup, but Dad? He's more a Yeti kind of guy. This beloved tumbler is designed to be taken on the road — it fits in most cupholders, has a magnetic slider on the lid to keep drinks in, and is made with puncture and rust-resistant materials. 

$35 at Amazon
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$35 at REI$35 at L.L.Bean

When testing MagSafe battery packs, our tech editor said this one “makes the others look like slackers.” It’s easy to see why: This do-it-all charger can power up his iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods without any extra cables or cords. But in the rare event that he needs even more power, he can use the built-in lightning and USB-C cables to charge other stuff.

$45 at Amazon

At this rate, he has barbecue sauce pulsing through his veins. And while he loves Sweet Baby Ray’s as much as the next day, surprise (and delight) his tastebuds with this pack of four Japanese barbecue sauces. That’s right, they’re perfectly savory-sweet but have hints of umami, teriyaki, miso and yuzu.

$44 at Amazon

Oh, the places he’ll go! Tell him to hang this scratch-and-reveal poster in clear view, so he can keep his eye on the prize and remember all the natural wonders that he still has to check off his list. 

$29 at Amazon

Once you go digital, you’ll never go back. And if he’s going to wear his Apple Watch to weddings, nice dinners and more formal events, then get him this interchangeable leather band to make sure it looks the part. Pick between black and brown — or get him both, so he can match any outfit.

$46 at Amazon

Try as he might, he can’t adopt the “set it and forget it” mentality when it comes to his beard. This three-step system makes grooming a breeze — get rid of dirt and oil with the cleanser, prep the skin for shaving with a moisturizing lotion and hydrate the hair itself with a vitamin-packed oil.

$36 at Nordstrom
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$36 at Amazon$36 at Macy's

No matter if he’s hiking the trails or jet-setting across the globe, he’ll be able to enjoy the caffeinated comforts of home, aka a fresh cup of coffee. This on-the-go brewer makes an 8-ounce coffee or up to three concentrated shots similar to espresso. Pair it with a bag of his favorite coffee grounds, so he can put it to use stat.

$50 at Amazon
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$50 at REI$42 at Target

He needs one pair of headphones for his phone, and another to watch movies on the airplane … what gives? This small-but-mighty gadget will let him connect his Bluetooth headphones — AirPods, Bose QuietComfort, you name it — to any stereo or speaker, including the ones on the airplane. Splash out on the more advanced model, which lets him connect two pairs of headphones — his and his travel buddy’s. Our tech editor Rick Broida put this magical dongle to the test and said it “worked flawlessly.”

$55 at Amazon
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$55 at HSN$55 at Office Depot

Finding a way to relieve Dad's aches and pains? Now, you might just become his favorite. There are a million massage guns to choose from (Theragun, looking at you), but this affordable pick from Renpho earned our tech editor's stamp of approval. "Another Renpho product offering maximum bang for the buck (almost literally in this case)," he wrote, adding that its accompanying app is a nice touch, especially since it's full of guided massages and tips.

$130 at Amazon

How's his grill brush looking? If he's using a wire one, it's time to swap it for something safer (FYI, loose bristles can get lodged in food) like this firefighter-backed steamer. Just run the brush under water, then fire up the grill and wipe away buildup on the grates. After five to ten uses, pop the sponge in the dishwasher to make it look like new. 

$55 at Amazon

Nothing tops some well-intentioned quality time with dear old Dad. Hand him this voucher in person or send it via email, then leave it to him to pick from thousands of two-person activities. There's something for the thrill-seekers (shark diving in Hawaii), foodies (a taco tour in Austin) and everyone in between.

$169 at Tinggly

At what point do dads become novice bird watchers? I'll never know, but what I do know is that smart bird feeders are one of the most sought-after Father's Day gifts this year. This Amazon favorite takes photos and videos of the winged wonders that make a pit stop, plus it uses AI recognition to identify the exact specifics. He'll get a notification on his phone or iPad when it happens, so he won't miss a thing.  

$159 at Amazon

He’ll feel like he’s walking on clouds each and every time he slips on these light-as-a-feather sneakers. One happy shopper raved that they wear the bestselling kicks “twelve hours a day with no pain.” A tip: Several reviewers suggest going up half a size since they run on the smaller side. 

$140 at Zappos

Meet Dad’s new BFF. This little guy runs around the bottom of the pool vacuuming up dirt, debris or anything else that’s in its path. “I love my little underwater 'roomba,'" one five-star fan wrote, adding that it was "easy to use, easy to retrieve too."

Note: This may arrive just after Father's Day, so tell Dad something special's on the way.

$150 at Amazon

Perhaps, the best Father's Day gift you can give is a listening ear. Sign him up for a Storyworth subscription and each week, he'll be prompted to think back to past moments that shaped him, reflect on the present and make predictions about his future. His weekly writings and accompanying photos will be bound into a hardcover book when the year's up. It pays to wait: Save $10 now through June 16. 

$89 at Storyworth

Because you can certainly teach an old dog new tricks. Even if he’s read every history book imaginable, this monthly subscription will give him an even closer look at America’s past. Each month, he’ll get a realistic replication of an important document, letter or police report from the last 100-plus years or so.

$78 at Uncommon Goods

Dad’s funny from his head to his toes. Speaking of toes (like what I did there, don’t ya?), get him this monthly sock subscription so they’re appropriately dressed for even the silliest of occasions. Select the start date, size and quantity (save $6 if you get two pairs); Foot Cardigan does the rest.

$12 at Amazon

Give the gift of learning this Father's Day. For as little as $5 a month, he can take unlimited online classes taught by experts in their craft. You know what that means, don't you? In no time, he'll be cooking up a storm like Gordon Ramsey or writing thrillers that'll rival Dan Brown's (in his eyes, at least). 

$5 at MasterClass

Buying something specific to Dad’s hobby is always a bold move, which is why you turn to the pros for guidance. As far as anglers are concerned, Catch Co knows just the thing that’ll make their fish-loving heart skip a beat. Each month, they curate a box full of baits and lures (a minimum of five total) that he can use the next time he’s out on the water.

$23 at Amazon

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