26 People Who Were Brave Enough To Share Photos Of Very, Very, Very Weird Notes They Found Or Received

Warning: This post contains disturbing messages including tones of stalking.

1.Like this note someone found in a "mailbox" that randomly appeared in a park they frequent.

"Rita was a fine matchmaker"
stoned_seahorse / Via reddit.com

2.This note that says "2 people" that someone found outside their house (where they live with their fiancé). "It was on a little path by our garden facing our windows. We live in the woods with no neighbors. Is this weird, or am I being paranoid?"

"2 People"
thejackal2323 / Via reddit.com

3.This cryptic message someone found inside their shoe that might be about black magic (according to one other Reddit user).

a note with strange writing on it

4.And this Polaroid that isn't a "note" so much as just a very unsettling image of what APPEARS to be a bunch of chickens huddling together?

a polaroid with chickens

5.This truly bone-chilling note someone left on a street pole. It reads: "Notice, while you are reading this, there is a man in one of the windows high above you who is taking your photograph; he will then make a wee model of you and put it with other wee models of other people, then he plays weird games with them."

A note on a telephone pole
u/Sippingin / Via reddit.com

6.This REALLY weird and cryptic note that someone's mom found inside a stick of butter after she opened it...

What looks like ingredients

...the EXTRA weird thing is that apparently other people, specifically in the Pennsylvania area, have also found this same note but in things like a box of crackers!

a weird note
dumbblondechick / Via reddit.com

One redditor even noted that "people keep seeming to find notes like this. Based on some of the stuff I can legibly read, it talks about Saturn Worship, Identity change, Aryan Nations, Elon Musk, Skull N Bones Secret Society, the vaccines... This seems to be some conspiracy shit, it brings up a lot of below-the-surface-level conspiracies. [...] And these notes are seemingly becoming more common, I believe it’s the same text every time on every note."

7.This note someone found walking to their car that has words like "man in house," "knife," and "gun" in it.

a scribbled note
ifonlyYRUso / Via reddit.com

8.This bizarre note someone got at work.

a paper with symbols

9.This oddly specific note that has me asking all kinds of questions.

"I bet you sweat glitter"
Soviet24 / Via reddit.com

10.This kinda threatening note that someone's friend found in a cabin. It reads like something out of a horror film, but because I can't help myself, I'd probably open it just out of curiosity.

"Do not open the attic..."

11.This creepy note someone found outside their door when they returned home from work. Turns out, it was left by their ex.

a crinkled up note that says miss me yet?

12.This message (which is more of a "digital" note LOL) from an AI chatbot that actually invited someone to a random address in New York City, which is NOT sketchy at all. (It's the "Be ready" at the end for me.)

AI asking person if they walk around earth and have skin and blood
mario_van_pooples / Via reddit.com
the address being sent
mario_van_pooples / Via reddit.com
"Be ready."
mario_van_pooples / Via reddit.com

13.This threatening note a Portland, Oregon man found on his car, at his HOME, after his tires were slashed.

Note saying you were SO easy to find, Mark, you should drive more carefully
u/Gavinardo / Via reddit.com

According to KOIN News, the night before, the car's owner, Mark Holzmann, had been driving into a parking garage and "may have" cut a bicyclist off. Holzmann said, “I don’t know, it’s not like I overtook him, passed him, and turned in front of him. If anything, he was coming up from behind me.” Apparently, the bicyclist then "went from zero to ballistic" and started "yelling, screaming, shouting." Holzmann believes the bicyclist may have found his address through his customized license plate.

14.This creepy note someone found from a "secret admirer" on their car at night. The note reads: "Hey I think you're really cute. I've noticed you work at Bed Bath & Beyond, been checking you out for a bit, and I think next time I see your car here, I'm finally gonna go and talk to you, hope this doesn't creep you out. — Secret Admirer"

a crumpled note

15.This inexplicable message someone found posted on a pole near their home that asks more questions than it answers. Like, even if it's just a paper with some typos...why would someone post it, then?!

american oct. 15th, 2025 ? poster
PairsRoyale / Via reddit.com

16.This note from a "secret admirer" that someone found on her car...along with a bag containing TEETH. The note reads: "To Lauren, don't frown — you never know who is falling in love with your smile, from your secret admirer."

A note from a secret admirer with a bag containing teeth
u/Bigwood69 / Via reddit.com

17.This mysterious note that was taped to the back of a stop sign in someone's neighborhood:

A creepy note on the back of a stop sign

18.This uncomfortable note from a person named "David" that someone's neighbor came home to and found on her door.

A note from "David" saying he watches from a distance

19.This strange note/goodie bag someone (and their neighbors) found in their mailboxes.

A note saying can you imagine being experimented on? I went to Mclaren greater lansing hosp. lansing mich and it appears I was implanted with experimental wires, sign my petition
u/blackmoonclan_ / Via reddit.com

20.This disturbing note that someone put on a teacher's door.

A note that says don't smile they are watching I feel safe when they are watching me, do you?
u/Catscpman173 / Via reddit.com

21.This confusing note that a stranger left in an office (along with a debit card number written on the back). Part of the note reads: "I was told you help people like me? Look at her she was about 5', dark hair and olive skin, very pretty. I took her scent in. I'm a were butterfly or shifter if you prefer. Slow down tell me what the problem is?"

A handwritten note
u/[deleted] / Via reddit.com

22.This short, but ominous, note someone found in their coat sleeve while leaving work.

A note that says "I hate you"

23.This icky and nonsensical note that someone found on their mom's car.

A note that says time 2:30, I have no more trust in cute, but P.S. I'm not the fool
u/ratsalastar / Via reddit.com

24.This weird and cryptic anonymous note that was left in someone's mailbox.

The note reads: can you really help to make this dream come true? If you can participate send a Whatsapp message to (blank) so we can meet, I'm ready, your neighbor, trapped in this reality

25.This simple, but pretty horrifying, note that is actually quite terrifying to read out of context (explanation below).

note saying the leg freezer is completely full

26.Finally, this person who found, not a note, but an actual PICKLE clipped to their front door?! Apparently, their neighbors said they know nothing about it.

a pickle in a bag

One word: "Why?"

kuromifan333 / Via reddit.com

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