27 Pictures Of Things That Were In Your Parents' House In The '90s, And That You Probably Haven't Thought About In 20 Years

1.Burgundy and Hunter Green bedsheets, pillow sheets, and matching duvet that your parents had on their bed:

Folded sheets
Folded sheets
Packaged sheets
Packaged sheets

Lotus Road Vintage / Via etsy.com, funkyfloralco / Via etsy.com

2.A tapestry blanket that decorated the couch or the bed in the guest bedroom:

a tapestry blanket

3.The rarely-used Campbell's Soup thermos that you saw every time you opened the kitchen cabinet:

A Campbell's Soup thermos

4.And Mrs. Dash, which you also saw every time you opened the kitchen cabinet, and also never saw anyone use (it was the '90s so every family had one of these because everyone was ~avoiding~ salt!).

Mrs. Dash blend
ewjxn / Via youtube.com

5.Softsoap hand soap with the animals on the packaging that was in every bathroom:

Close-up of a Softsoap Hand Soap with a panda bear and alligator on the packaging
u/toothlessfluff / Via reddit.com

6.And a window valance in the bathroom — which got gross because of the humidity with time:

a woman in her bathroom
Jena Ardell / Getty Images

7.A Rubbermaid laundry basket that your parents had since before you were born and was indestructible:

a laundry basket

8.Country Goose kitchen decorations, like this cookie jar that sat front and center on the counter:

Close-up of a goose cookie jar

9.And, of course, the matching Country Goose glasses:

Country Goose glasses

10.Decorative olive oil and vinegar bottles infused with random things that your mom decorated the kitchen with but NEVER used:

Close-up of decorative oil and vinegar bottles against a verdant outdoor background
Hmproudlove / Getty Images

11.Either a fridge magnet, a print, or resin 3D wall piece of the cherub angels in the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo:

Fine Art Photographic / Corbis via Getty Images

12.Wall-to-wall carpet in either gray, taupe, or some dusty pastel color:

A living room
H. Armstrong Roberts / Getty Images

13.A "fancy" acrylic or ceramic tissue box (which was usually placed in a guest bathroom or in your parents' bedroom):

a tissue box

14.Glade Potpourri Spray...

Close-up of three sprays

15....and Carpet & Room deodorizer that smelled like a sickly old perfume and chemicals:

Close-up of the Carpet & Room spray

16.A decorative potpourri bowl somewhere in the house that had been there forever and didn't even smell like anything anymore:

Close-up of a potpourri tin bowl
© Daniela White Images / Getty Images

17.Sponge-painted walls that either you or your mom did that came out with varying results:

Closeup of cloud paint
Corri Seizinger / Getty Images/iStockphoto

18.Decorative Border wallpaper in basically every room:

Wallpaper samples

19.Fake ferns that were placed on high shelves or upper kitchen cabinets and just collected dust:

Close-up of fake plant

20.Gel candles that were usually in the bathroom and were NEVER lit and did nothing but collect dust that could NEVER be cleaned off:

Close-up of four gel candles with underwater themes
u/alex-yr / Via reddit.com

21.And Home Interiors candles that smelled sugary and came in what looked like jelly jars:

Closeup of a candle

22.One or two pieces of celestial decor and accessories that found their way into your parents' home because it was all the rage:

Close-up of a starburst sun-face metallic creation

23.Halogen torchiere floor lamps that would heat up so hot, you couldn't even touch the upper part of it:

Close-up of a halogen torchiere lamp
u/vtgelecdude2003 / Via reddit.com

24.Large CD towers that displayed your parents' collection:

Close-up of a large CD tower partially filled with CDs

25.The ~fancy~ TV armoire in the living room or family room so that when guests came over, you could hide the TV set (but your family never actually did):

Close-up of a blonde wood closed armoire
Close-up of a blonde wood closed armoire
Close-up of an empty blonde wood armoire with no TV
Close-up of an empty blonde wood armoire with no TV


26.Giant computer desks that took up a lot of space and came with all sorts of cubbies:

A desk

27.And lastly, the extra long handset cord that was attached to the wall phone in the kitchen and that you could almost go anywhere in the house with:

a phone cord

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